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Bondage: binding


After you know about ropes and knots, we continue these articles on bondage showing you how they can be used for binding your sub. As in the rest of the information on bondage on the site, we will not cover all possibilities for binding, but we will give you some practical ways for the most common bindings.

Remember that too tight a binding can restrict circulation, resulting in numbness, cold and purple limbs, and pinching and pressing the nerves. If continued, it can result on permanent damage for your sub. Be sure that you can slide at least one finger between the rope and your sub’s skin. Read Safety: Bondage

We will teach how to:


Binding the ankles, slightly crossed

This bondage is for binding the ankles, leaving the legs crossed in an elegant way, with one foot over the other, and the knees together.

It shouldn’t be used for the arms, because what avoids the sub uncrossing the legs and loosening the bindings are the protruding heels. As there is no similar structure on the hands, this kind of binding on the wrists should be dangerously tight for being secure.

This binding takes about 7ft 1/2 (2, 20 m), with a 5/16 (8mm) rope, coiling 3 times.




Begin by laying the middle of the rope against your subs ankles…




…coil the rope around the legs three or four times (or may be more, for aesthetic reasons)…




..and, when you coiled enough, finish with a square knot.

Remember checking that you can slide at least a finger between the ropes and the skin (and that your sub can’t slide the heel of the upper leg over the lower one).


Published: 04/26/05



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