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Bondage: tips


We’ll give you some ideas for binding your sub, using the knots and bindings recommended in this section.

This is not all you can do, of course, just the bindings we commonly use.

Remember reading the articles on Safety: Bondage and following the advice we give there and your common sense, for a safe, sane and consensual game that you both can enjoy.

The tips are for:

Tying with spread limbs

For tying your sub with spread limbs, for instance, when you tie your sub standing, or spread-eagled, you could use the following knots:



For tying vertically, or when you don’t need tightening the ropes after binding, you could use a French bowline on the wrist or ankle, and a buntline hitch for securing the other end to some object.

Caution: these, as most knots, cannot be untied while under tension. You must have a way for unloading (taking your sub’s weight from) them for unbinding




For tying spread-eagled on a bed, or the like, or any time you want to tense the rope after binding, use the French bowline on the limb, and, after passing the rope around the object, use a prusik over the length of rope tied to your sub’s limb.



     Published: 06/29/05






If you don't plan using too much tension (you will have just one loop around the limb) you could use a cuff based on the prusik.


It is faster to make...




...and faster too tighten.


After positioning and when under tension, it will not tighten further around the limb, and as you need both hands for loosening it, it is going to be very difficult for the sub to get free.



     Published: 12/06/06



Tying upright





An easy way of binding your sub tensed upright is making him or her stand on a box, low bench, or the like, tie her limbs with the ropes hanging loosely (with a French bowline on the wrists and a buntline hitch over the vertical rope on top, as shown in the previous illustrations)…


..and then, helping him or her to step down from it, until standing on the floor.

Do not remove the box forcibly, because it would give a tug, which can damage his or her arms.

Be sure the length of the rope is enough for letting him or her rest at least the toes on the floor.

Keep the box at hand, for using it again when unbinding, as you will not be able to untie the knots tensioned by the body’s weight.


Published: 06/29/05




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