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Need For Speed Carbon

Gather your crew, blast down city streets and confront rival gangs in Need for Speed™ Carbon. Make a joke of your rival's lap times with a searing display of speed and drift. But watch your back as other gangs try to muscle in and crash your party. Then test your mettle as you take on-the-edge racing to the mountains in a high-octane duel with the rival boss to own the city and win sweet new rides. It all ends, one way or another, on the twisted and unforgiving hairpins of the Canyon.

Features may vary by handset.
  • Survive the Canyon-Raise the stakes in the ultimate test of skill and nerve, where one wrong turn could cost you more than the race.
  • Dominate the City-Race for control of the city by defeating rival crews on their own turf, then take on their bosses in life-or-death duels in the Canyon.
  • Build Your Crew-Gain new members by proving your racing prowess and then use their skills in the garage and on the road to help you fine-tune your cars and keep you out in front.
  • Expand Your Fleet-Claim bragging rights and unlock sweet new rides when you outclass other city crews.


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