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The following information is dedicated to those soldiers that served and fought in the Southern Coast campaign against the British, Spanish and Creek military forces during the period known as the War of 1812.  Although it is focused on the soldiers from the Mississippi Territory other units will be mentioned.  This is a growing web site any additions to the information would be appreciated.  Write to



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Mississippi  Territory- Basically the area westward from the Chattahoochee River (Alabama, Georgia) to the Mississippi River (Mississippi, Louisiana), Southward from the Tennesse River Valley (Alabama, Tennessee) to the Gulf of Mexico.  Bordered by Spanish Territory on the southeast on the Perdido River (Alabama, Florida).  The heart of Spanish power in this area was the old city of Pensacola, Florida.



Counties mentioned below are those that existed during the period 1812-1815.  Some were much larger than they are today.  Also, many counties mentioned are now in the States of Alabama or Mississippi.





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Lt Drury M. Allen's Company of Mounted Gunmen, Lt Drury M. Allen commanding.


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Captain Boyle's Company of Mounted Spies, Captain Thomas H. Boyle commanding.


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Captain Bradberry's Company of Mounted Spies, Captain James Bradberry commanding.


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Captain Calvitt's Company of Mounted Infantry, Captain Alexander Calvitt commanding.


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Captain Cassity's Company of Mounted Spies, Captain Hugh Cassity commanding.


    NEW! Muster Roll


Captain Foster's Company of Mounted Infantry, Captain Arthur Foster commanding.


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Captain Wilkin's Rifle Company, Natchez Volunteer Riflemen, Captain James C. Wilkin's commanding.


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Major Swayze's Detachment of Mississippi Militia, Major Nathan Swayze commanding.


Captain John A. Allen's Company of Mississippi Militia, Captain John A. Allen commanding.


1st Regiment Mississippi Militia, Amite County, Lt. Colonel Neilson's Detachment of Mississippi Militia. 

  Lt. Colonel David Neilson commanding


Captain David T. W. Cook's Company

Captain John Joor's Company

Captain William A. Lucas' Company

Captain Nathan H. Luse's Company

Captain Samuel K. Sorsby's Company

Captain Francis Wood's Company



Captain Green's Company of Mississippi Militia (15th Regiment?), Captain James Green commanding.



1st Lt. James McDowell

2nd Lt. David M. Calliahan

3rd Lt. Thomas F. McCaleb

3rd Lt. Joshua Rundell



7th Regiment (Perkin's Battalion) of Mississippi Militia, Madison County, Alabama, Lt. Colonel Peter Perkins commanding.


Captain Joseph Acklen's Company

Captain Peter Barnett's Company

Captain Samuel Bullen's Company

Captain James Burleson's Company

Captain Thomas Eldridge's Company

Captain James Grafton's Company

Captain Jonathan Gray's Company

Captain James Hamilton's Company

Captain William Johnston's Company

Captain Elisha F. King's Company

Captain James Neelley's Company

Captain John T. Rather's Company

Captain Abraham Robert's Company



13th Regiment (Nixon's) of Mississippi Militia, Marion County, Lt. Colonel George Henry Nixon commanding.


Captain John Bond's Company

Lieutenant William Bond's Company

Captain David Cleveland's Company

Captain Moses Collin's Company

Captain Francis B. Lenoir's Company

Captain James McGowen's Company

Captain James Phillips' Company

Captain Henry Quin's Company

Captain Harmon M. Runnel's Company

Captain William Smith's Company

Captain William Spencer's Company



14th Regiment (McBoy's) of Mississippi Militia, Mobile County, Alabama, Major Diego McBoy commanding.


Captain Benj. Dubroca's Company

Captain Michael McKinsey's Company

Captain Samuel H. Garrow's Company

Captain Chas. Lalande's Company



15th Regiment (Johnson's) of Mississippi Militia, Clark County Alabama.


Captain Mott Lovelace's Company

1st Lt. Samuel Easley

2nd Lt. James Daffin

3rd Lt. James Green



16th Regiment (Burrus') of Mississippi Militia, Madison County, Lt. Colonel Charles Burrus commanding.


Captain Samuel A. Allen's Company

Captain Daniel Atkins' Company

Captain William Crawford's Company

Captain William Evan's Compnay

Captain Griffith's Company

Captain Greaf Johnston's Company

Captain Wm. Moseley's Company



Military units formed from the order of the Governor of the Mississippi Territory, David Holmes on June 14, 1812  to Colonel James Caller, Tombigbee-Alabama settlements and Major John Bowyer, Fort Stoddart.


Posted on an advanced point of the Frontier.

        2nd Regiment U.S. Troops, Fort Stoddart, Major John Bowyer, one company.

        Mounted Militia, Colonel Caller, one party.


Detail one major, six captains, six lieutenants, six ensigns, 360 privates, with competent number of noncommissioned officers to be held in readiness from the below militia regiments.

        6th Regiment, Washington County

        8th Regiment, Baldwin County

        9th Regiment, Wayne County

        12th Regiment, Green County



Militia units formed from the declaration of war from the Governor of the Mississippi Territory, David Holmes on July 14, 1812.  (Six Months)



Colonel Claiborne's Regiment of Mississippi Militia, Sept. 6, 1812 to February 13, 1813.


The 1st Detachment of Mississippi Militia in service to the United States, under the command of Brigadier-General of Militia Ferdinand L. Claiborne.  Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  Total- about 900 men.


1st Regiment, Amite County, one company.

2nd Regiment, Wilkinson County, one company.

3rd Regiment, Adams County, three companies, including volunteer companies of Captains Becket and Painboeuff.

4th Regiment, Jefferson County, parts of a company.

5th Regiment, Claiborne County, parts of a company.

7th Regiment, Baldwin County?, one company.

10th Regiment, Warren County, parts of a company.

11th Regiment, Franklin County, parts of a company.

13th Regiment, Marion County, parts of a company.



Carson's Battalion of Mississippi Militia, formed under orders of the Governor, 1812, Colonel Joseph Carson, Commanding.  Mobile region.



Carson's Regiment of Mississippi Militia.  Colonel Joseph Carson, Commanding.  Mobile region.


Captain Peter Cartwright's Company

Captain Charles H. Devereux's Company

Captain Josiah D. Lister's Company

Captain Reuben Saffold's Company

Captain Josiah Watts' Company



Natchez Volunteer Company, legally exempt from military duty, assigned to patrol duty, by order of the Governor, 1812.  Natchez region.



Militia units formed after the six months enlistment of 1812



1st Regiment Mississippi Infantry United States Volunteers (Carson's), organized at Baton Rouge beginning in January, 1813 with the reenlisting members of the 1st Detachment of Mississippi Militia in service to the United States.  Under the command of  Colonel Cowles Mead and later Colonel Joseph Carson.


Captain Gerard C. Brandon's Company

Captain Samuel Dale's Company

Captain Benjamin Dent's Company

Captain Philip A. Engle's Company

Captain L. V. Foelckel's Company

Captain William Henry's Company

Captain William Jack's Company (at Fort Mims)

Captain Chas. G. Johnson's Company

Captain Randal Jones' Company

Captain Jos. P. Kennedy's Company

Captain William C. Mead's Company

Captain Hatton Middleton's Company  (at Fort Mims)

Captain Hans Morrison's Company

Captain Lewis Paimboiuf's Company

Captain Thos. Posey's Company

Captain John Neilson's Company

Captain James Foster's Company

Captain Abraham M. Scott's Company

Captain Benj. S. Smoot's Company

Captain Archelaus Well's Company "Well's Dragoons"



Militia units formed after Fort Mims Massacre, August 30th, 1813.



Nixon's Regiment of Mississippi Militia in service to the United States, formed by order of the Governor, December 1813.  Nine companies of infantry and two mounted rifle companies.  Under the command of Lt. Colonel George H. Nixon, of Marion County.


One company below is from Colonel Nielson's Militia Regiment (1st Regiment, Amite County)


Captain Samuel Batchelder's company

Captain John Bond's company (Marion County)

Captain Parmenas Briscoe company (Amite County)

Captain Washington Darden's company

Captain Jeremiah Down's company (Amite County)

Captain Godfrey Glassburn's company

Captain John Lowry's company

Captain Daniel McGahey's company

Captain Issac Rapalje's company, (Washington)

Captain William Spencer's company (Marion County)

Captain James Thompson company

Captain Robert Twilley's company

Captain Ethan A.Wood's company



Mississippi Dragoons (Hind's Battalion of Cavalry, Mississippi Militia), this cavalry battalion was organized at Liberty, Natchez District in September, 1813, Lt. Colonel Thomas Hinds commanding. 


    NEW! Muster Roll


Adams Troop, formed 1803, Captain James Kempe.

Amite Troop, Captain Dunn

Jefferson Troop (this was Captain Thomas Hinds Troops until he was promoted to Major)

Madison (Ala.) Troop, Captain J. G. Richardson,

Captain John Doherty's Company

Captain Samuel Gerald's Company

Captain John J. W. Ross' Company

Captain Jedediah Smith's Company



Major Samuel Dale's Battalion of Mississippi Militia, Major Samuel Dale commanding, formed sometime after November 1813.


Captain Evan Austill's Company



Major Smoot's Battalion of Mississippi Militia, Major Benj. S. Smoot commanding, formed sometime around December, 1813.


Captain William Bate's Company

Captain Samuel Dale's Company

Captain John Jones' Company

Captain Josiah D. Lister's Company "Lister's Guard"



Lt. Colonel Pushmataha's Choctaw Battalion, raised in Neshoba County, early October, 1813.


Captain Mingo Hopaii's Company, 51 men

1st Lt. Slim King's Company, 22 men

Captain Edmond Flosum's Company, 40 men

Captain Thluko's Company, 12 men



Mississippi Territory Militia Organization, as of 1814


Brigadier General Ferdinand Lee Claiborne

Adjutant-General Andrew Marschalk

Aide-de-Camp to the Governor Joseph Sessions

Aide-de-Camp to the Governor Thomas Percy

Aide-de-Camp to the Governor John Haines

Aide-de-Camp to the Governor Charles K. Blanchard

Aide-de-Camp to General Claiborne John Wood

1st Regiment, Amite County, Lt. Col. David Nielson

2nd Regiment, Wilkinson County, Lt. Col. Samuel Stocket

3rd Regiment, Adams County, Lt. Col David Fleming

4th Regiment, Jefferson County, Lt. Col. David Carradine

5th Regiment, Claiborne County, Lt. Col Raymond Robinson

6th Regiment, Washington County (Ala.), Lt. Col. James Caller

7th Regiment, Madison County (Ala.), Lt. Col. Peter Perkins

8th Regiment, Baldwin County (Ala.), Lt. Col. James Powell

9th Regiment, Wayne County, Lt. Col. James Patton

10th Regiment, Warren County, Lt. Col. Henry Manadere

11th Regiment, Franklin County, Lt. Col. Robert Witherspoon

12th Regiment, Greene County, Lt. Col. Josiah Skinner

13th Regiment, Marion County, Lt. Col. George H. Nixon

14th Regiment, Mobile County (Ala.), Lt. Col. John Hinson

15th Regiment, Clarke County (Ala.), Lt. Col. Reuben Saffold

16th Regiment, Madison County, Lt. Col. Charles Burrus

17th Regiment, Jackson County, Lt. Col. William Bates

18th Regiment, Hancock County, Lt. Col Jordon Morgan



Mississippi Militia Formed 1814-1815


6th Regiment of Mississippi Militia (Washington County, Alabama)


Captain Bailey Heard

1st Lt. Alexander McLeod

2nd Lt. Ralph Sterrett

3rd Lt. Robert D. Potter



18th Regiment of Mississippi Militia, Captain Joseph Vellio's Company (Handcock County)


Captain Joseph Veillo

Lt. James Carragan

1st Lt. Duncan McCall, Quartermaster


Choctaw Detachment of Warriors in the service of the United States, March 1 to May 29th 1814.


Lt. Colonel Pushmataha

Lt. Colonel Humming Bird

Major Louis Leflore

1st Lt. and Quartermaster John Pitchlyn Jr.

Quartermaster-Sergeant Samuel Long

Extra Interpreter Middleton Mackey



U. S. Army Regulars Serving in the Mississippi Territory (made up of Mississippi Territory men)


1st Light Dragoons, U. S. Regulars, 2 troops.


1st Artillery Battalion, U. S. Regulars


2nd Infantry Regiment, U. S. Regulars 1799 Fort Stoddard, Alabama, Captain Shaumburg commanding; 1804 Fort Stoddard Captain Schuylar commanding, Lt. Edmund P. Gaines, Lt. Rueben Chamberlain, Paymaster, 80 men; 1814 Fort Bowyer Alabama, Major Lawrence Commanding, 5 companies.


3rd Infantry Regiment, U. S. Regulars, posted at New Orleans before 1813, recruited at Cantonment Washington, Adams County, Mississippi  in 1813, Colonel Gilbert C. Russell, commanding.


7th Infantry Regiment, U. S. Regulars, recruited in Kentucky,  Major Henry B. Petere commanding.


24th Infantry Regiment, U. S. Regulars, recruited in Eastern Tennessee


39th Infantry Regiment, U. S. Regulars, recruited in Eastern Tennessee, Col. Thomas H. Benton commanding.


44th Infantry Regiment, U. S. Regulars, Lt. Col. Ross commanding.





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