Greetings Readers,

I'm Dr. Ronald Chevalier, acclaimed author of science fiction novels and novellas such as Cyborg Harpies, Brain Cream, and the all-new novel Brutus & Balzaak. Welcome to my official internet website.

Celestially Yours,

07.23.08 | Dr. Ronald Chevalier Is Now On Friendster!

Dr. Ronald Chevalier has recently discovered the joys of networking socially via the world wide web! He can now be found on Friendster, as well as such lesser known networking sites as Myspace and Facebook.


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07.15.08 | Cyborg Harpies Audio Excerpt

We’ve just posted a new audio excerpt from Cyborg Harpies, The 8th Chronicle, narrated by the talented wordsmith himself, Dr. Ronald Chevalier.  Click on the banner to your right for the audio excerpt!

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07.10.08 | The Art of Relaxating by Dr. Ronald Chevalier

We’ve posted an all new video from Dr. Ronald Chevalier, divulging one of the secrets to his creative success, the Art of Relaxating. Enjoy!


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