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Supreme Court of Virginia

court picture Contact Information

Contact information for the clerk's office.

court picture Calendar

Schedule of when the court is in session and holding Writ Panels.

courtbuilding 2008 Virginia State of the Judiciary Address

Presented by Hon. Leroy Rountree Hassell, Sr., Chief Justice.

courtbuilding Appeals Granted

Appeals granted by the Supreme Court of Virginia. Appeals are removed from this list after decisions are issued by the court. See also the related link: Supreme Court Case Information (which allows retrieval of information about cases, including appeals refused by the court).

court picture Argument Docket

Docket of cases to be heard by the court. The docket for a session is posted approximately two weeks before the session.

court picture Opinions

Opinions are issued by the Court on the Friday of session week (and posted here the same day). The opinions are in PDF format and can be searched using the Opinion Search.

court picture Amendments to the Rules of Court

Amendments recently made to the Rules of Court. Note: The full Rules of Court are not available on this site, but a searchable Rules of the Supreme Court database is maintained on the Legislative Information site.

court picture Advisory Committee on Rules of Court

The Advisory Committee on Rules of Court is a committee of the Judicial Council of Virginia. The Advisory Committee receives proposals for new Rules of Court and for amendments to existing Rules of Court. The Advisory Committee reports on certain proposals through publication in Virginia Lawyers Weekly and via this website in order to solicit comments from the public and the Bar.

Compulsory Counterclaims Report | Electronic Discovery (discovery of electronically stored information)

court picture Counsel in Cases Decided

Counsel for the cases decided in the most recently issued opinions.

court picture Certificate of Good Standing

Procedures For a Certificate of Good Standing From the Clerk of the Supreme Court.

court picture Commission On Virginia Courts In The 21st Century: To Benefit All, To Exclude None (Futures Commission)

The work of the Commission will be to look 10-15 years into the future and make recommendations that will position the Supreme Court of Virginia to address the coming challenges of providing for the fair and efficient administration of justice for all Virginians.

court picture Historical Commission

The Commission was established to ensure the preservation and dissemination of the Supreme Court of Virginia’s rich judicial heritage.