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Latest update adds 1080p native support, Live Arcade upgrades and much, much more!

From late afternoon on October 30th Xbox 360 owners will be able to download a free system update that adds more than 85 excellent new features and enhancements to the console.

Naturally the update will be distributed via Xbox Live. It doesn’t require a disc-drive, though, and it’s available to all Xbox 360 gamers – Gold or Silver members – just as long as you have a broadband connection. Here’s a peek at some of what’s included:

Xbox 360

Improved HD Display and Playback

Native 1080p support is finally here, meaning that 360 gamers can enjoy game and video content in the very best high-definition picture quality. The new update also allows users to stream WMV files from a PC running Windows Media Player 11 or Windows Media Connect and play video files from data CDs, DVDs and storage devices like USB flash drives and the Xbox 360 memory unit.

Arcade gets Livelier

Live Arcade has been upgraded allowing for automatic downloads, more useful sorting options, enhanced Friends Leaderboards, an expanded Achievements View and the speedier listing of all those cool Arcade games you’ve been collecting.

XNA support

Users of our XNA Game Studio Express software can now test the games they’ve created using their 360s. It’s like high-definition gaming punk rock or something!

More reasons to go Gold

How does exclusive and early access to all the free Marketplace content sound? Demos, trailers, Gamerpics and more will now be available to Gold members up to a full week ahead of general release. Yes please!

Of course all of the above is just a tiny, tantalising glimpse at what’s in the update. The full content list can be found at xbox.com/live, where you’ll also see details of how and exactly when to download this awesome update. Well, that’s just 85+ more reasons why the Xbox 360 is the best console on the planet!

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