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Aml Ameen (pronounced Am-el) was born the 30th July 1985 in London, England.

Growing up as a child Aml Ameen loved to perform. He began his career at the age of 7 when he attended the Barbara Speake Stage School in West London where he showed a passion and, more importantly, a talent for dancing singing and acting, Although he had the love for all three mediums, it was to be the latter that would secure him his first TV role in 123 Hullbaloo with Floella Benjimin.

With his acting career taking off, the young Aml took a particular interest in old movies like It's A Wonderful Life and Fred Astaire movies, but it was watching the children's classic Home Alone that truly birthed and cemented his dreams of becoming a successful actor.

Whilst still at school he spent many years honing his performance skills, including tap dancing, singing and acting techniques.  His first theatre job was playing the young Sammy Davis Jnr (age 11) in the West End production of Jolson, starring Brian Connelly.  He went on to a leading role in the West End musical Oliver and had many other stage performances including touring with his own choreographed dance, inspired by the 1930's tap duo Nicholas Brothers, and performing with Michael Jackson at the 1996 Brit Awards with Jarvis Cocker.

Upon leaving school Aml's focus completely shifted to acting and he gained a small role in ITV drama The Bill as a racially bullied teenager, returning a year later to play a villain.  He also played roles in BBC's Eastenders and Holby City and appeared in several short films.

But it would be the role of Trife in the low-budget feature film called Kidulthood that changed the course of his career.

Auditioning against hundreds of actors and non-actors, Aml won the role of Trife, the film's leading man. His highly acclaimed performance and the film's raved reviews saw Aml receive a nomination for Best Newcomer at the 2006 Screen Nation Awards and earned him a spot in The Times newspaper list for best new actors of the year.

Kidulthood was released in cinemas March 2006, at the very same time Aml's new found and ever-growing fanbase would be able to see him every week on ITV when he returned to The Bill for the third time as young rouge police officer Lewis Hardy, determined to change the community and fight for the underdog. Charming, street wise and hopeful, the character Lewis Hardy captured the hearts of the nation. Never one to play it safe, Aml left The Bill in July 2007 in one of the greatest exit stories The Bill has done in recent times, leaving the show a living hero. This performance won Aml Best Actor at the 2007 Screen Nation Awards

He has several new projects being released including: Disconnected (BBC), Fallout (Channel 4) and Gunrush (ITV).
With an Arabic first name meaning Hope, Aml Ameen has proved that he has what it takes to go all the way.  This young actor has a very bright future ahead of him in the world of entertainment.


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