WWE Monday Night RAW Results 6/23/08 (Draft Edition)
    Submitted by Joshua Payne on Tuesday, June 24, 2008 at 12:44 AM EST

    WWE Monday Night RAW June 23, 2008
    Draft Edition

    Show opens with fireworks. JR introduces us to the AT&T; center with Jerry the King Lawler. Superstars will compete in matches to determine who gets the draft picks. Michael Cole and Mick Foley are introduced Mick says by the end of the night he may be doing commentary with good ol' JR. Adamle and Tazz are introduced.

    Password for the night is Night of Champions.

    Lillian introduces the first draft pick match of the night.

    HHH vs. Mark Henry

    Game starts things off with a headlock and is taken down by a huge shoulder block from Henry. H comes back with rights but is over powered with head butts and rights from Henry. Henry just used a crotch chop to taunt HHH it was hilarious. H tries to fight back again with right hands. Again Henry comes out on top with a big clothesline. Henry has dominated the match thus far and things are looking good for a smackdown draft pick. Henry comes off the ropes and drops a big elbow onto Triple H for a two count. Mark Henry uses a Vader Bomb for a two count until H gets his foot on the rope. Henry drags HHH out to the middle for two more near falls. Mark puts Trips in a chin lock trying to squeeze out a submission. Triple H comes back a live with clotheslines to the back of the head and back to rights. Knee to faced and triple H finally knocks Henry off his feet with the jumping Knee attack. Trips looks pedigree but is reversed into a world’s strongest slam for a two count. Henry looks for the big splash but HHH moves and follows with a Pedigree.

    Raw get the first draft pick: Rey Mysterio
    That is a good pickup for Raw

    Rey comes out and shakes HHH’s Hand


    McMoney time once again. Kelly Kelly comes out to help McMahon give away the first 100,000.Crystal is the first winner. Vince tells Crystal she had the wrong password even though she had the right one.

    Rey talks with HHH and Cena in the locker room. Cena and Trips have a talk in the back over how their match has now become personal.

    Second Match Finlay and Hornswaggle vs. Santino and Carlito

    Smackdown or Raw will win a draft pick with this match

    Hornswaggle starts with Santino and hits a stunner and tags in Finlay. Finlay is blindsided by a clothesline and takes over Santino on the outside. Carlito comes around to help his partner but is hit with a flying Hornswaggle. Carlito gets the tag and takes over on Finlay. Quick tag back to Santino who catches the boots in the corner. Finlay tries to use the shelalee but Santino takes it away and the ref catches him. Finlay hits the Celtic Cross and tags Hornswaggle who hits the tadpole splash. Winner is smackdown

    Smackdown Draft: Jeff Hardy

    McMoney time. Vince invites Randy Orton out to help give away the money. Randy says he was forced to be in person due to the draft. He says when he comes back if not drafted he will be the champion again upon his return. He tells Vince no offense but he doesn’t feel like giving away any money.
    Vince makes a main event of Edge vs. John Cena
    He makes the call to Samira who has the password for 100,000

    Hardcore Holly and Cody Rhodes vs. Chavez and
    Bam Neely

    Ted Dibiase Jr. is on commentary with King and Adamle

    Bam and Rhodes start off and Bam and Chavo take the upper hand keeping Rhodes into their own corner. Rhodes is pummeled and chavo hits a belly to back suplex to be reversed and Rhodes connects with a dropkick to turn the tide. Hardcore gets the tag to hit a high back body drop and the kick to the midsection. Chavo comes off the top with a cross body and holly tries to reverse but is unable. Rhodes comes in and knocks bam Neely out of the ring. Cody tries to throw Bam out and is successful goes for chavo but chavo skins the cat and head scissors Cody out of the ring. Chavo goes for the head scissors on Holly but is caught in the Alabama Slamma. Raw gets another big win.

    Raw Draft: CM Punk

    Chris Jericho is out for an interview. He talks about how Shawn Michaels has lied to his peers and friends for years and years. A video package of Shawn and former friends and partners in the past and the point that Michaels tur4ned on them. Janetty. Diesel, Hogan, Cena, and Batista. Jericho is back live and says Michaels is all about lies and says he doesn’t want the crowd’s cheers. Jericho says no one in the crowd is like him and the only person like him is Lance Cade. Cade is on the Titantron. Cade talks about being in the Shawn Michaels wrestling academy. Cade says he wouldn’t’ give Michaels the chance to turn his back on him. Cade says he appreciates Jericho for being honest and a straight shooter. Jericho says he would love to defend the IC title against Michaels at Night of Champions. But that is not going to happen because HBK is out of commission. Michael’s music hits and runs into the ring to tackle Jericho and deliver rights and lefts. The two roll out of the ring fighting a long the floor. Michaels is thrown face first into the announcer’s table and has reinjured his eye. Jericho looks at the damage and smiles as he walks away from the wreckage.

    Miz and Morrison vs. The hardy Boys

    Vickie guerrero comes out and states that she has rebooked the match with the way the draft has gone. This is why Jeff is able to fight for smackdown’s draft pick.

    Matt and Miz start things off. They exchange lockups and wrestling moves until the Miz begins to strike with rights and knees. Hardy connects with a huge clothesline and tags in Jeff. Poetry in Motion on Miz and Jeff attacks Morrison. Comes back to the Miz and hits the big slingshot dropkick in the corner. Miz kicks out at two and is trying to get back on top. Morrison catches Jeff in the back with a knee and then the duo connect with the slingshot elbow into the big back breaker. Morrison continues the punishment until Jeff is able to pull through and hit the whisper in the wind. Jeff has taken a lot of damage over the match and needs to make a tag. Jeff tags in Matt and Miz tags in Morrison. Matt hits clotheslines and comes in with a bulldog on Morrison and clothesline on Miz at the same time. Matt comes off the top with the elbow to the back of the head on Morrison followed up by the side effect. Matt hits the top rope but is caught by Morrison. Matt tosses Morrison off the top and comes off the second rope with the leg drop. Miz interrupts the count and Morrison rolls up matt hardy with a handful of tights for the three count.

    ECW draft: Matt Hardy

    McMoney. Vince introduces the nature boy to help give away this 100,000
    Donna gets the password and 100,000 and a woooo for good measure

    Announcers only draft pick match.
    Melina and Mickey James vs. Victoria and Natalia. Natalia dominates the beginning with power. A big power slam on Melina for a two count and a tag to Victoria. Victoria continues the punishment on Melina until a reversal and Melina hits a Lou thesz press for a two count. Victoria comes back on the attack and lushes Melina off the top rope onto the floor. Melina is holding her leg and can’t get up to her feet. The match must end quickly Victoria comes out and Mickie attacks the ref calls for the bell. The referee says the match resulted in a double disqualification and both raw and smackdown will receive a draft pick.

    Smackdown Draft: Jim Ross

    Raw Draft: Michael Cole

    WOW! Jim Ross and Mick Foley are on smackdown

    Edge vs. Cena
    Match begins with a couple of lockups. Cena overpowers Edge to begin the match. Cena looks for a face buster but is tossed across the ring and receives a big boot to the face. Edge begins to take over the match. Forearm shots and edge hits a big power slam for a two count. Edge continues to pummel Cena with clotheslines and ground and pounds. . Cena gets a near fall on edge. Another big boot the face from edge. Edge receives a near fall both competitors come off the ropes and Edge and Cena connect with a double clothesline. Cena catches Edge with the suplex into the five-knuckle shuffle. . Cena goes for the FU but is reversed into an attempt at the reverse face buster from edge but is reversed into another attempt at the FU and edge counters into the impaler ddt for a two count. Edge goes for the spear to be reversed by Cena over the top rope. The two fight on the outside and Cena lifts Edge for the FU. Cena begins to carry Edge in the fireman's carry back into the ring but edge fights out. Edge falls back to the floor as Cena enters the ring before the ten count. Batista comes out from behind Edge and attacks. Edge is thrown back into the ring to be hit with a clothesline. Edge escapes up the ramp.

    Raw Draft: Batista

    MVP vs. Tommy Dreamer

    Adamle says ECW has been shutout thus far and Tazz says mike we got matt hardy haha

    Dreamer comes out and is accompanies by Colin. Mvp starts off with the big boot to the face of Dreamer. MVP with forearms and elbows. Dreamer is covering up in the corner as MVP throws rights and lefts. Dreamer dodges a flying MVP in the corner and follows up with a bulldog. Dreamer goes for the tree of woe in the corner. Mvp reverses and hits the big boot to the face in the corner for the three count.

    Smackdown Draft::Umaga

    Adamle calls Umaga the Samoan bulldog jeez

    Umaga comes down and destroys Dreamer and Delaney

    JBL vs. Kofi Kingston

    Jbl starts off with forearms and haymakers in the corner on Kofi. Kofi is taken down with a shoulder block and comes back with a back elbow. Kofi hits a big forearm shot and the boom boom boom double leg drop. Jbl comes back with a boot to the face of Kofi. Jbl puts Kofi into a Cobra Clutch. Kofi fights out with rights and comes back looking for a crossbody. But is caught with a fall away slam. Jbl continues the punishment and puts Kofi in a bearhug to wear and slow down Kofi. JBL keeps the bear hug tight but is caught with elbows and forced to release. Kofi flies high ad goes for the ten punch. Kofi hits a standing dropkick for a two count. Kofi heads up top but jbl side steps the crossbody and Jbl hits the clothesline from hell for the three count.

    Raw Draft: Kane

    15 man battle royal 5 from ECW 5 from Smackdown 5 from Raw

    Raw’s team consist s of Kane, CM Punk, John Cena, Batista, and Triple H
    ECW team consist of Matt Hardy, Shelton Benjamin, Miz and Morrison, and Chavo Guerrero
    Smackdown Team The Big Show, Edge, Khali, Jeff Hardy, and MVP

    The match begins and all teams are fighting in the ring trying not to get thrown out of the ring over the top. Matt and Edge are going at it in one corner. ECW and Raw team to take out the Great Khali now they are looking at the Big Show. Show cleans out everyone except the game who he nails with a side slam. Batista is clothes lined by Show and Cena and Morrison receive Chops across the chest. Kane has Chavo over his head but chavo rakes the eyes to stay in the match. Kane and Show are going at it s Miz tries to eliminate Edge. Hanging with his feet only and edge kicks the Miz off and rolls back into the ring. Mvp throws out Punk but he hangs on to the top rope to swing back into the ring. Chavo Guerrero and Shelton are eliminated early in the match soon after Khali. Big Show eliminated Punk during the commercial break along with Miz and Morrison. ECW is down to Matt Hardy only who squares off with his brother Jeff. Jeff eliminates Matt with the Mule Kick off the apron. ECW is eliminated from the battle royal. MVP and Jeff Hardy are eliminated by Raw Members soon after this. Edge and Batista both go for spears in the match and collide heads, which busted Batista wide open. Batista comes back to spear edge across the ring. Edge is out from this spear the duration of the match. Big Show takes out Kane and the wounded Batista. Cena and Trips work together to try and eliminate Show. Show connects with a double suplex on the two raw wrestlers. Cena and H back on their feet connect with a double shoulder block to get the big man against the ropes. The two lift the legs of show to hoist him over the top rope and onto the floor. Edge pushes Cena into The game knocking triple H out of the match. As Cena tries to recollect himself Edge grabs him from behind and eliminates him. The winner of the Battle royal is Edge and smackdown.

    Smackdown Draft: Mr. Kennedy
    Smackdown Draft: Triple H

    McMoney. Vince is giving away 500,000. Michael answers and Ass Vince tells Michael he is a winner something falls from the rafters. This catches vince off guard but he is ok. Then something else falls near the ramp,Vince then falls as the stage he is standing on collapses. He makes his way to his feet only for the money sign to fall on top of him. The wrestlers run down to help Vince. All the wrestlers attempt to move the money sign off the top of Vince. Triple H and John Cena are shouting and trying their best to help vince. The paramedics come down to remove Vince before the rest of the set falls. HHH is telling the paramedics to hurry before the rest falls down on him. Vince wakes up as he is being moved and is asking what happened and shouting for Paul (Trips). Triple H tells Vince that he is there and everything is fine. The show fades off as Vince is being moved out from the rubble.

    A Wrestling (Reporter) God

    Joshua Payne

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