Hori brings Soulcalibur IV arcade sticks to North America

By Spencer . June 9, 2008 . 10:24am

scivbox.jpgSome Soulcalibur vets may feel more comfortable with a joystick and Hori has a solution for them with two sturdy looking Soulcalibur IV sticks. The PlayStation 3 version looks improved over the previously released Real Arcade Pro Stick 3. However, the Xbox 360 stick is just a paint job of the Fighting Stick EX 2 model and not the revised Real Arcade Pro EX. I’m guessing Hori made this decision because of a pricing issue. The revised Real Arcade Pro Stick 3 costs twice as much as the older Fighting Stick EX 2 model.




Neither stick has Star Wars characters on them (licensing issues!), but Hilde, the sole new character internally developed by Namco Bandai, is on both of them. Amazon is charging an extra $10 for the Xbox 360 arcade stick pictured above. It’s $59.99. The PlayStation 3 stick is only $49.99. Interestingly, Hori has not announced plans to sell either of these in Japan.



Images courtesy of Hori.

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4 Responses to “Hori brings Soulcalibur IV arcade sticks to North America”

Gringo2K8 Says:

Interesting indeed, but I’d rather go for the Real Arcade Pro EX.
As it’ll also be ALOT used for SFIV once that’s one comes out :D

Jaxel Says:

The PS3 FS3 and the 360 EX2 (which is what these two sticks are), are the two worst sticks that Hori has ever made. Avoid at all costs.

QBasic Says:

The PS3 stick seems rather unpractical…

Groovy Says:

I would like to know if I should import it or it will come to the EU soon… I don’t know if amazon.com imports to the EU (and with a good shipping price)… or I can buy only in amazon.de =/ but it hasn’t anything and ebay isn’t the best place for sticks right now ._.

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