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The Summer Bundle Pack is one of our most generous offers and this year is no exception. Here's what you get:

*Dig For Fire - a tribute to PIXIES (CD)
*Gigantic - a tribute to Kim Deal (CD)
*Songs For Film & TV (our exclusive CD sampler)
*Free 7" Vinyl Single
*Free Cure tribute promo pin
*Free mp3 from our first label release "Transistor"
*Priority Mail Shipping Included in the Price

Yes, this is a GREAT DEAL!!! So don't miss out.
As always, it's only available for a limited time so order now!


Everybody Hurts / Imagine
$0.99 per track

Our first digital split single is a good one. Hell, a great one we dare say. Indie darlings Elk City cover R.E.M.'s "Everybody Hurts" and Steve Rizzo (Kristin Hersh) covers John Lennons classic "Imagaine". Both tracks are fantastic. Renee LoBue's vocals on Everybody Hurts are beautiful and heart-breaking, and Sean Eden's guitar work has never sounded better. On "Imagine" Steve Rizzo has created a rich, faithful cover but has made it his own. This exclusive digital split single is only available on iTunes.

1. Everybody Hurts
2. Imagine

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Gigantic - A Tribute to Kim Deal
CD-LP (13 songs)

How can we not conceptualize a tribute to one of the most influential and certainly one of the coolest rock chicks of all time? This tribute was a pure labor of love for the label and features indie-rockers from all over the globe covering Kim's impressive body of work. Songs Kim’s written for The Breeders and The Amps are covered with utter reverence here. Liner notes by Tanya Donelly (Belly, Throwing Muses, Breeders). Mastered by Sean Glonek (Frank Black, OK Go, Kristin Hersh, Dresden Dolls, Mogwai). Original album art by David Yurchuk. Limited edition pressing.

USA customers pay $13.00 (shipping included).
INTL customers pay $15.00 (shipping included).

1. The She - Witch Hats
2. Bragging Party - The German Art Students
3. Cannonball - The Wheelers
4. Tipp City - Tara King TH
5. Do You Love Me Now - Melissa Gibbs
6. Fortunately Gone - Julie Peel
7. Off You - Francine
8. Doe - Rizzo
9. I Just Want To Get Along - Descartes A Kant
10. Invisible Man - The Nuevos
11. Safari - The Douglas Fir
12. When I Was A Painter - Le Tetsuo
13. Divine Hammer - The Modifiers

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Cinnamon Girl - Women Artists Cover Neil Young for Charity
DOUBLE-CD (21 songs)

“… a superb collection of Young's work with a decidedly different perspective.” Courier and Post

“… a long-overdue splash of vibrant life in an ocean of mediocrity… this is the tribute album Neil Young has deserved for most of his long and prolific career.” Cover Lay Down

“… an absolute must-have companion piece for fans of Young's catalog.” Newhouse News Service

Tanya Donelly, Britta Phillips, Lori McKenna, Jill Sobule with John Doe, Elk City, Veruca Salt, Kristin Hersh, Josie Cotton, The Watson Twins, and Julie Peel are just some of the outstanding artists covering Neil Young's most popular songs for charity on this Double-CD. All proceeds from this benefit record are donated to Casting for Recovery.

USA customers pay $15.00 (free shipping).
INTL customers pay $18.00 (shipping included).

Disk 1
1. Heart Of Gold - Tanya Donelly
2. I Am A Child - Britta Phillips (Luna)
3. Comes A Time - Kate York
4. The Needle And The Damage Done - Lori McKenna
5. Down By The River - Jill Sobule with John Doe
6. Burned - Veruca Salt
7. Cowgirl In The Sand - Josie Cotton
8. A Man Needs A Maid - Dala
9. Ohio - Darcie Miner
10. Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere - Carmen Townsend

Disk 2
1. Cinnamon Girl - Euro Trash Girl
2. I Believe In You - Julie Peel
3. Tell Me Why - Luff
4. Ohio - Dala
5. Helpless - Elk City
6. Only Love Can Break Your Heart - Amilia K. Spicer
7. Sugar Mountain - Louise Post
8. Powderfinger - The Watson Twins
9. Like A Hurricane - Kristin Hersh
10. Old Man - Cindy Wheeler (Caulfield Sisters)
11. Walk On - Heidi Gluck (Some Girls)

Out of Print

Dig For Fire - a tribute to PIXIES *Bonus 3-song Single
7" VINYL (3 songs)
Out of Print

Sorry friends... this one is sold-out and out of print. This was an exclusive limited edition 3-song bonus 7" single featuring 3 outstanding tracks not available on the Dig For Fire CD.

1. Number 13 Baby - Elk City
2. Hey (Blue Version) - Fashion Victims
3. Bone Machine (Alternate Mix) - Charles Douglas

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Dig For Fire - a tribute to PIXIES!
CD (15 songs)

Mogwai, They Might Be Giants, OK Go, British Sea Power, John P. Strohm, The Rosebuds, Joy Zipper and so many more have covered the Pixies with utter reverance for this outstanding tribute to one of the most influential indie bands of all time.

1. Ana - Morning Theft
2. Break My Body - The Rosebuds
3. Down To The Well - Dylan in the Movies
4. Wave of Mutilation - Joy Zipper
5. Gigantic - OK Go
6. Stormy Weather - Bedroom Walls
7. Gouge Away - Mogwai
8. Motorway To Roswell - Knife & Fork
9. Havalina - They Might Be Giants
10. Alec Eiffel - Bunnies
11. Monkey Gone To Heaven - Elk City
12. Hey (Double Dragon Redux) - Fashion Victims
13. Here Comes Your Man - The Commons with Elizabeth Harper
14. Where Is My Mind? - John P. Strohm
15. Caribou (Instrumental) - British Sea Power

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Heart of Gold ~ 7" Gold Vinyl Split
7" VINYL (2 songs)

HEART OF GOLD is an exclusive 7” GOLD VINYL split featuring two advance tracks from “Cinnamon Girl – Women Artists Cover Neil Young for Charity”. Side A features TANYA DONELLY (Belly, Breeders, Throwing Muses) covering the title track “Heart of Gold”. The track was produced by Paul Kolderie (Pixies, Juliana Hatfield) at Camp Street Studio in Cambridge, MA with the help of her closest friends. Side B features Brooklyn's own LUFF covering “Tell Me Why”. Luff is an outstanding all-girl band based out of Brooklyn, NY. They blew us away with their cover version. Original sleeve art by Christine Collister, vinyl mastering by Sean Glonek at SRG Studios (Matthew Sweet, Frank Black, Kristin Hersh), 33-1/2 rpm, small hole, beautiful translucent gold vinyl, limited to 500 "hand-numbered" copies worldwide.

All proceeds from HEART OF GOLD donated to charity. Even if you don't own a record player, you must own this record. Buy two copies... hell, buy three! It's an excellent cause and an instant collectors item.

1. Heart of Gold - Tanya Donelly
2. Tell Me Why - Luff


High School Reunion - a tribute to those great 80's films!
CD-LP (20 songs)
Out of Print

"One of the finest tribute records ever amassed! Let this serve as a blueprint for all future tribute sets" John D. Luerssen (All Music Guide)

High School Reunion is an outstanding 20-song compilation featuring indie-rockers Frank Black (PIXIES), Matthew Sweet, John P. Strohm (Blake Babies/Lemonheads), Kristin Hersh (Throwing Muses, 50 Foot Wave), Lori McKenna, The Caulfield Sisters, The Dresden Dolls and so many more covering tracks from some of those hilarious 80's teen films. This record is officially out of print - sorry! We recommend you google the title to find rare copies still out there for sale.

1. Somebody's Baby - John P. Strohm
2. A Million Miles Away - Dipsomaniacs
3. American Girl - Matthew Sweet
4. Turning Japanese - Blank Pages
5. Weird Science - The Bennies
6. Don't You (Forget About Me) - AM
7. In Your Eyes - Lori McKenna
8. If You Were Here - Kitty Hawk
9. Little Bitch - Nova Social
10. Love My Way - The Modifiers
11. Bring on the Dancing Horses - The Atomic Hep Cats
12. Moving In Stereo - The Commons
13. Pretty In Pink - The Dresden Dolls
14. Wave Of Mutilation - Kristin Hersh
15. Please... Let Me Get What I Want - The Caulfield Sisters
16. I Melt With You - Underdog
17. Danke Schoen - The Wading Girl
18. Repo Man - Frank Black
19. I Go Crazy - PC Munoz
20. Within Your Reach - Bastards of Melody


Say it with Fire
CD-EP (6 songs)
Out of Print

The Caulfield Sisters have been called the Brooklyn Breeders and were named one of "NYC's 10 Bands to Watch" by Time Out New York magazine. Featuring former members of the bands Pee Shy and Gloria Deluxe, The Caulfield Sisters debut CD-EP "Say It With Fire" is a stunning release that has enjoyed critical acclaim and many months as a favorite on the CMJ charts. This EP is now out of print - sorry!

1. Phoebe's Song
2. Cash
3. Box of Glass
4. Fine
5. Higher
6. Mosquito
7. First Bridge of Summer (bonus track only available on iTunes)


The Deal Breaker Demos
$0.99 per track

This rare demo was recorded after Pee Shy disbanded and before The Caulfield Sisters were formed. The songs are a perfect blend of dreamy indie rock and smart pop we’ve come to expect from The Caulfield Sisters. Recorded by Peter Katis at Tarquin Studios (The National, Mates of State, Interpol), and mastered by Sean Glonek (Frank Black, Tanya Donelly, Kristin Hersh). This EP is available exclusively on iTunes.

1. First Bridge of Summer
2. Radio Waves
3. Secret You
4. Bleeker Street
5. Low

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Divine Candy ~ 7" Blue Vinyl Split
7" VINYL (2 songs)

Our first 7" vinyl split features THE CAULFIELD SISTERS covering The Jesus and Mary Chain's "Some Candy Talking" live, and French indie-rocker JULIE PEEL covering The Breeders "Divine Hammer". The blue vinyl is absolutely BEAUTIFUL and it sounds GREAT! We're selling these fast so don't miss out - it's a limited edition pressing (only 500 hand-numbered copies worldwide).

1. Some Candy Talking - The Caulfield Sisters
2. Divine Hammer - Julie Peel

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So Long City Skies
7" VINYL (2 songs)

Limited edition vinyl split featuring brand new original tracks by indie-rock legend JOHN P. STROHM (Blake Babies, Antenna, Lemonheads), and Boston-based DYLAN IN THE MOVIES. This is really a special release -- Strohm recorded his track in Brooklyn with a little help from the Silos, and Dylan in the Movies teamed up with the infamous Gary Smith (Pixies, Throwing Muses, Juliana Hatfield), and producer/engineer Brian Brown (Kristin Hersh, Tanya Donelly, Billy Bragg) to record his track at Fort Apache Studios. It's a limited edition pressing (only 500 hand-numbered copies worldwide).

1. The Long So Long - John P. Strohm
2. City Skies - Dylan in the Movies


Judy (The Single)
$0.99 per track

The Caulfield Sisters originally recorded this track for the "Imaginary Friends" compilation CD from Esopus 4 magazine. The CD is completely sold-out but Esopus and the Caulfield Sisters were kind enough to allow us to release this excellent track on iTunes.

1. Judy


High School Reunion - Mini EP
$0.99 per track

This iTunes only release features full versions of the Dresden Dolls and Caulfield Sisters tracks, remastered versions of Matthew Sweet, Frank Black, and John P. Strohm's tracks, and an exclusive bonus track (Within Your Reach - Rockin' Version) previously unreleased.

1. Pretty in Pink - The Dresden Dolls
2. Wave of Mutilation - Kristin Hersh
3. In Your Eyes - Lori McKenna
4. Repo Man
5. American Girl
6. Somebody's Baby
7. Please... Let Me Get What I Want - The Caulfield Sisters
8. Within Your Reach (Rockin' Version)


Tres Canciones para Usted
$0.99 per track

The Atomic Hep Cats were undisputedly one of the most revered underground bands of the last 10 years. They released over 37 singles independently (7" vinyl only), and have toured with some of the most influential bands of the decade. By refusing to sign to a major label, the band had become notorious in the industry and enjoyed veneration from critics and peers. In 2004 The Atomic Hep Cats contributed two songs for our first compilation CD and then in 2005 covered Echo & The Bunnymen's "Bring On The Dancing Horses" for our 80's teen film tribute. This iTunes EP features remastered versions of all three songs.

1. La Cervezas y las Pistolas
2. A Westerberg Song
3. Bring On The Dancing Horses

Out of Print

CD-LP (16 songs)
Out of Print

Transistor was our first label release. A 16-song CD compilation featuring 8 of our favorite indie-rockers each contributing 2 tracks. We chose only 8 artists out of over 150 demo submissions. Transistor was an immediate hit with indie & college radio. Several tracks charted as high as #1, and earned critical attention. The record features very rare tracks by The Atomic Hep Cats, The Lovable Rogues, The Smarties, and a whole slew of indie-rockers including The Bennies who opened several Pixies shows during their first reunion tour. This CD is now out of print - sorry!

1. Heads Up/Face Down - 9-Fifty
2. Take Away - 9-Fity
3. InTheCity (NYC) - AM
4. Sex N Drugs - AM
5. La Cervezas Y Las Pistolas - The Atomic Hep Cats
6. A Westerberg Song - The Atomic Hep Cats
7. First There Was Love - The Bennies
8. Seriola Dorsalis - The Bennies
9. Pictures of You & Me - The Lovable Rogues
10. Such a Pretty Girl - The Lovable Rogues
11. Favorite Waitress - The Modifiers
12. Passage Through - The Modifiers
13. Make It Glow - The Smarties
14. Michael Riley - The Smarties
15. Valerie - Wondernaut
16. Out of Friction - Wondernaut


Indie-rockers Tanya Donelly with Dylan in the Movies, The Brunettes, Grand Duchy (Violet Clark & Black Francis), The Raveonettes, Cassettes Won't Listen, The Submarines, Joy Zipper, Elk City and The Rosebuds are all confirmed to cover their favorite Cure songs on our new tribute project. We'll keep you posted as new artists join on.

Look for this one in 2009!

a tribute to REPO MAN!

We've teamed up with our good friend and comic book artist Chris Burns to co-produce a tribute CD to one of our favorite films of all time, REPO MAN - the cult 1984 film written & directed by Alex Cox, produced by Michael Nesmith, and starring Emilio Estevez and Harry Dean Stanton. The original soundtrack celebrated the southern California punk movement of the late 70's/early 80's featuring bands like Black Flag, the Circle Jerks, Suicidal Tendencies, Iggy Pop and others. We'll be tributing this film and soundtrack with some of our favorite bands covering those now-classic punk rock tracks.

Look for this one in 2009!

Coffee Mug Only
Coffee Mug & CD

That's right... now you can be the envy of all your friends with an official American Laundromat coffee mug. This is an ultra cool 11 oz coffee mug in blue with the ALR logo in white.
$10.00 (Mug only)
$20.00 (Mug & CD of your choice)

Price includes priority mail shipping. Please be sure to tell us what CD you'd like in "special instructions" when ordering the Mug & CD. This offer is only good for USA customers. If you live outside the USA, please send us an email and we'll take great care of you.

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