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April 2007

Eighth Doctor Comic Strips Vol 4
April 30, 2007  •  Posted By Kenny Davidson
Panini Books have released the cover and a press release for their final volume of comic strips featuring the eighth Doctor, as previously featured in the pages of Doctor Who Magazine.

The full-colour softcover book runs to 228 pages and is due in UK shops in early May 2007. It includes the following eight stories:
  • Where Nobody Knows Your Name
  • Doctor Who and The Nightmare Game
  • The Power of Thoueris!
  • The Curious Tale of Spring-Heeled Jack
  • The Land of Happy Endings
  • Bad Blood
  • Sins of the Fathers
  • The Flood!

The last two will feature newly-extended conclusions. The book will also feature a behind-the-scenes feature in which writers Scott Gray and Gareth Roberts reveal the background and origins to each story, alongside sketches from the artists. You can also learn about the regeneration that never was in an eye-opening feature by Clayton Hickman on the new TV series' effect on the comic strip, with comments from Doctor Who showrunner Russell T Davies. Plus, in full, the alternative, unused script for Part Eight of "The Flood"!
Evolution - Appreciation Index
April 30, 2007  •  Posted By Marcus
Saturdays BBC1 showing of Evolution of the Daleks received an Appreciation index, or AI score of 85. This once more places the programme in the excellent category. It was the second highest rated programme on Saturday, being narrowly beaten by CSI:NY on Channel 5

On BBC3, where scores tend to be higher, the Sunday repeat of Daleks in Manhattan scored 84 and the Friday repeat 88. This weeks Doctor Who Confidential scored 83 while last Sundays repeat scored 78.

The Appreciation Index, or AI, is a measure of how much the audience liked the programme. It is a score out of 100, based on responses from a carefully selected panel. The average score for drama on BBC1 and ITV1 is 77. A score in excess of 85 is regarded as excellent while a score below 60 is poor.
Doctor Who On Demand
April 30, 2007  •  Posted By John Bowman
Doctor Who will be among the programmes to be made available on demand via the BBC's iPlayer service, it was announced today.

A story on BBC News says the service will be launched later this year.

People will be able to watch selected shows online for seven days after their first broadcast. Episodes will also be able to be downloaded and stored for up to 30 days.

The iPlayer has been given the go-ahead by the BBC Trust after consultations with the public.

Initially, the iPlayer application will only be available to people with Windows PCs. But the trust wants the application to run on different systems within "a reasonable time frame".

It is unclear at present whether access will be limited to UK users.
Radio Times
April 30, 2007  •  Posted By Marcus
There is no Radio Times cover this week, but the magazine does promise full coverage of Saturday's episode The Lazarus Experiment.

There is an exclusive interview with guest star Mark Gatiss, who is only the third man ever to both write and appear in Doctor Who, as well as a preview of the episode from The Mill (details below).

There is also the last chance to get the exclusive Doctor Who stickers.

Radio Times is available throughout the United Kingdom from Tuesday 1st May 2007.
The monster is a CGI creation from The Mill, based on [Stephen] Greenhorn's notes, but what they dreamt up astonished the writer. "I'd written a bit about the scientific theory behind where this monster comes from, and a vague idea of how I thought it might look," says Greenhorn. "The guys at The Mill saw that and thought, 'We can do better than that!' They regard themselves as the torch-holders of 'behind-the-sofa' moments - and they reckon this is one of the scariest things they've done."
Sunday Ratings Update
April 30, 2007  •  Posted By Marcus
Doctor Who was once more top of the Multi Channel Charts, with the BBC3 repeat of Evolution of the Daleks being watched by 1.03 million viewers, beating Lost on Sky One which got 0.82 million.

With the Sunday overnights now available, Doctor Who is the 19th most watched programme for the week. This position is likely to rise once the final figures, which include figures for those who record the programme, are released in 9 days time.

Back on BBC3 Doctor Who Confidential was 9th for the day with 0.44 million viewers.
Why isn't Doctor Who broadcast in High Definition?
April 29, 2007  •  Posted By Chuck Foster
In response to a viewer question on why the BBC chose to broadcast Torchwood in high definition but not Doctor Who on the BBC opinion programme Points of View, producer Phil Collinson explained:

"Torchwood is shot in HD, and Doctor Who isn't. Quite simply, Torchwood has about a third the number of special effects shots that Doctor Who has. In that way its a much simpler series and so because they have less special effects its going to take less time to make those special effects.

"So the simple answer is we wouldn't be able to deliver a series of Doctor Who in high definition every year. It would probably take us twice as long to make so therefore viewers wouldn't get a series every year, they'd get a new series every 18 months."

Later in the programme, Mary Fitzpatrick, Editorial Executive for Diversity, responded to another viewer's question on the lack of prominent black people in BBC programmes, citing the Doctor's new assistant as played by Freema Agyeman as an example of how such actors are appearing in popular shows.

Presenter Terry Wogan also commented that Doctor Who is the most discussed series on the Points of View messageboard on the BBC website!
Confidential Update
April 29, 2007  •  Posted By Jarrod Cooper
Doctor Who Confidential has released more information about the upcoming episodes for series 3.
6. Monsters Inc. - An episode of Doctor Who just wouldn't be the same without a monster to scare the living daylights out of you!

The creation of such a beast is never easy - especially when it's purely computer generated!

Confidential is on set throughout this chilling episode, spends some quality time with guest star Mark Gatiss and takes a look at some of the fantastic prosthetic and computer generated monsters created since the series made its welcomed come-back in 2005.

7. Space Craft - It's back into outer space for Doctor Who and this time it's an adventure set entirely on a spaceship.

Join Confidential as we gain exclusive access to Doctor Who's art department and take you on a tour of the spaceship's sets and locations. Confidential also journeys back in time to show you some of the best off the wall spaceship designs seen in five decades.

Guest star Michelle Collins discusses her role as the ship's captain, and how she felt performing stunts on her very first day on set.

From models on wires to cutting edge CGI, this is a space craft extravaganza.

8.Alter Ego - With aliens in hot pursuit, the Doctor and Martha find themselves in 1913 England.

Confidential is right beside them to delve deeper into the alter ego of the nation's favourite Time Lord.

Amidst all the stiff upper lips, we follow the advancing 'aliens' and their army, with exclusive backstage footage of the mayhem caused as the outer-space enemies close in on their prey.

Filmed almost entirely on location, Confidential was on-set with cast and crew in the winter wind, rain and mud for the nail-biting first episode of this two-part story.

Features interviews with writer Paul Cornell, whose original novel forms the basis of Human Nature, David Tennant and Freema Agyeman.

9. Family Ties - With The Family of Blood breathing down the neck of the Doctor, time is running out.

Confidential follows the action backstage as we glimpse a life more ordinary (for the Doctor) as well as a vision of the dark future ahead.

The complexities of filming this powerful episode are revealed, as well as the logistics behind the explosive ending.

Features interviews with head writer, Russell T Davies and Freema Aygeman on one of her toughest TARDIS assignments yet.

10. Do you remember the first time? - This week, David Tennant directs his very own Doctor Who Confidential. TV's top Time Lord has been given complete control to film his own very personal account of the making of Doctor Who and to take a nostalgic voyage of discovery to find out the secret behind the success of Doctor Who.

In this unique piece of television, David roams around the BBC, talking to cast and crew and fans of the show, uncovering the secret behind the success of Doctor Who.

From BBC bosses through to the Dead Ringers team, David is hunting for what makes Doctor Who so magical. He chats to the Daleks in the Blue Peter Garden, and discusses with Mark Gatiss the joy of playing a Doctor Who monster in the Lazarus Experiment.

Head writer, Russell T Davies and producer, Phil Collinson chat with David about how they've always had such fondness for the show and how it inspired their creative drive. Executive producer Julie Gardner and drama commissioner Jane Tranter reveal how and why the series was brought back and the unprecedented response it's had.

Stephen Moffat joins David on a hunt around Television Centre, looking for the studios where the classic series was filmed. They end up on the set of Newsnight.

Confidential also features exclusive backstage footage of Blink; one of the scariest episodes to date and candid chats with two of the week's most prominent stars, Carey Mulligan and Finlay Robertson who talk to David about their experience working on the show and on becoming part of the Doctor Who legacy.
The future of animated episodes
DVD and Video
April 29, 2007  •  Posted By Chuck Foster
Daniel Hall, commissioning editor for DVD publisher 2Entertain, has recently made an announcement concerning the future for animated episodes of Doctor Who. Speaking on the Restoration Team's Technical Forum, he stated: "After due consideration and for the foreseeable future, we are withdrawing from co-commissioning and co-producing any "classic" Doctor Who animations. I feel our energies will be better spent working on existing stories. With the New Series such a success, and the forthcoming animations for Totally Doctor Who, the BBC is in a far superior position to develop this idea. After all, the original commission of The Invasion came from them."

Having recently made a request for animators to get in touch with them, 2Entertain have now said that they will pass any details on to the BBC. Says Hall: "Please continue to express your support for this excellent and innovative idea. The quality of creative response from my earlier post was thrilling, and bodes well for the future possibilities of animated stories."
Evolution - Overnight Ratings
April 29, 2007  •  Posted By Marcus
Unofficial overnight figures show that Evolution of the Daleks was watched by 6.5 million viewers.

The programme was the second most watched for the day, being beaten by Casualty, which benefited from a later time slot. It was however the top rated show by share.

The programme also has the highest quarter-hour peak audience of the evening, with 7.3 million watching between 1915 and 1930. It comfortably beat its direct opposition on ITV1, Vernon Kay's Gameshow Marathon, which managed just over half of the Doctor Who audience.

Doctor Who dominated the children's chart with 1.4 million under 16s watching, a massive 64% share. This compares with BBC One's average children's share for the day of 18%.

On BBC Three Doctor Who Confidential was watched by 0.58 million viewers and was the second most watched programme on multichannel television.

Final figures will be published by BARB in around 10 days time.
Doctor Who sweeps Welsh BAFTAs
General TV Series News
April 28, 2007  •  Posted By Paul Hayes
Doctor Who has dominated the BAFTA Cymru Awards for the second year in succession, winning eight of the thirteen categories in which it was nominated. As reported earlier this month on Outpost Gallifrey, both Doctor Who and its spin-off series Torchwood were nominated for a slew of the awards, given by the Welsh branch of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts, which celebrates achievements by Welsh productions for the big and small screens.

The winners were announced at a ceremony held in the Cardiff International Arena this evening. Doctor Who won the categories for Best Actor (David Tennant), Best Screenwriter (Russell T Davies), best lighting director - not camera (Mark Hutchings); best editor (Crispin Green); best original music soundtrack (Murray Gold); best make-up (Sheelagh Wells, Neill Gorton); best costume (Louise Page), and best director: drama (Graeme Harper).

However, the series lost out to Torchwood for Best Drama, with the spin-off also picking up the Best Actress award (Eve Myles), best director of photography: drama (Mark Waters), and best design (Edward Thomas).

In the BBC News report, Controller of BBC Wales Menna Richards is quoted as saying: "I'm very proud indeed of the success of all those who've made such wonderful programmes for BBC Wales. It's great to see BAFTA Cymru recognising the talents of all those who make programmes of the highest possible standards."

(Thanks to Graham Brown.)
Week Six Schedule
April 28, 2007  •  Posted By Marcus
For the transmission of episode six, The Lazarus Experiment, Doctor Who moves back to a 7pm start. It is once more placed between The People's Quiz and Any Dream Will Do.

ITV1 counters with Vernon Kay's Gameshow Marathon, this week recreating Name that Tune.

Over on BBC2 there is more Snooker with the second semi-final of the World Championships while on Channel 4 there is a documentary series, Unreported World, a look at land reform to help Bolivia's indigenous peoples.

Five has the 1993 film Grumpy Old Men, starring Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau
Friday Overnight Ratings
April 28, 2007  •  Posted By Marcus
The third showing of Daleks in Manhattan was watched by 388,000 viewers on BBC Three, making it the 8th most watched programme on multichannel television for the day.

Doctor Who Confidential had 308,000 viewers.

On BBC1, Totally Doctor Who suffered from an earlier start time and achieved an overnight rating of 0.5 million viewers, a 7.6% share of the audience.
Davies dismisses Kylie rumour
General TV Series News
April 27, 2007  •  Posted By Paul Hayes
Doctor Who executive producer and chief writer Russell T Davies has dismissed the rumour spread by several media sources this week that Australian pop singer and actress Kylie Minogue was to appear in the 2007 Christmas special of the show.

The rumour originally appeared in last Sunday's edition of the News of the World newspaper, as reported at the time by Outpost Gallifrey, and was subsequently picked up by several websites and other newspapers. However, speaking to the BBC's weekly in-house magazine Ariel, Davies has rubbished the suggestion.

"Don't be stupid," he told the publication. "I haven't even written the script yet, and a woman like that is booked up two years in advance."
Series Three Air Date In US
April 27, 2007  •  Posted By John Bowman
The Sci Fi Channel has announced it will start airing Series Three of Doctor Who in the USA from July 6 at 9pm.

Outpost Gallifrey reported four days ago that the channel had acquired the series. The press release said Sci Fi would be showing the programme in July but a precise date was not given by the company then.

(Thanks to Scot Ferre.)
Interactive Comic Book
April 27, 2007  •  Posted By John Bowman
Digital Spy carries a report today about an interactive Doctor Who comic book being launched on the official programme website.

It quotes series co-executive producer Russell T Davies as saying: "For the very first time, fans of the show will be able to create their own magical Doctor Who adventure and bring it to life."

People will be able to incorporate a photo of themselves in their stories, with guidance being given on creating adventures.

Davies adds: "The amazing Comic Maker will allow fans to interact with every aspect of the exciting world of Doctor Who."

New Media Age carried a report earlier this month about the BBC producing a Comic Maker for the site.

NB: Due to rights restrictions, the Flash version of the site is only available to users based in the United Kingdom.

(Thanks to Paul Gregory.)
Parkinson to interview Tennant
April 27, 2007  •  Posted By Kenny Davidson
David Tennant will be a guest on the first edition of the next series of Michael Parkinson's high-profile chat show on ITV1. The vetran interviewer will talk to Tennant on a programme that will also feature comedian David Mitchell, actress Amanda Holden and singer Michael Buble.

The episode is provisionally scheduled for May 5th.
Pig Farming Helped Carnes Prepare for Role as Laszlo
General TV Series News
April 26, 2007  •  Posted By R. Alan Siler
The Daily Record is currently featuring an interview with American actor Ryan Carnes, best known for his role as Justin in Desperate Housewives, about his experience under heavy pig makeup as Laszlo in Daleks in Manhattan/Evolution of the Daleks.

Ryan had many years of research for the role under his belt even before being approached for it - he grew up on a pig farm: "It's ironic as my father and grandfather raised pigs until around the time I was 10. I used to help feed and call the pigs daily. And to make this part even more spooky, I grew up in Pike County, Illinois, which at one time was the 'pork capital of the world'. So playing a pig after working on a pig farm in the world capital of pigs is all very strange."

Ryan was not a fan of Doctor Who or of science fiction, but he says he "didn't have to really think too hard about taking the role" as he was familiar with the show's global appeal: "I wasn't a fan, but I'd known about it because a friend of mine had a Doctor Who pinball machine in his basement when I was a teenager, so that was my first introduction as an American."

Ryan also talks about the isolation of being under that much makeup, his desire to become an action figure, and his newfound respect for the Daleks.
This Week in Doctor Who
New Column Posted
April 25, 2007  •  Posted By Benjamin Elliott
The latest installment of This Week in Doctor Who, the weekly guide to Doctor Who on television in the UK, North America and elsewhere, for April 25, 2007 has now been posted. Click here to read it.
Doctor Who Magazine 382
April 25, 2007  •  Posted By Kenny Davidson
Issue 382 of Doctor Who Magazine is due out next Thursday, 3rd May 2007 and it includes a free double sided giant A1 poster. Click on the thumbnails below to see both the cover and the posters. And below those is the press release for the new issue.
First up we're off to the Globe Theatre and a meeting with Shakespeare, as we fall under the spell of the Carronites. We speak to writer Gareth Roberts, star Dean Lennox Kelly and even 1965's Bard, Hugh Walters - plus find out 14 facts you never knew you didn't know about The Shakespeare Code. But all that's nothing to the thrills and spills of the David vs Freema Shakespeare Quotes Quiz...

"Um, is that from A Midsummer Night's Dream?" asks Freema, plaintively. "I'm not even going to pretend that I know. My God, I'm awful. I bet David got them all right. Maybe it rhymes? Um - 'By the pricking of my thumbs / I'll end up smacking those big bums.' Ha ha! I've really shamed myself, haven't I? It's unfair, 'cos David's done loads of Shakespeare. I hope my old English teacher doesn't read this..."

Next up a trip to the year Five Billion-and-Fifty-Three - and make it snappy! Haha! Do you see what we did there? We poke about under the bonnets of New New York's automobiles, talk to cast and crew, stroke some kittens and find out why and how the Macra returned to celebrate their big four-oh...

"If you had to make a poll of monsters least likely to make a reappearance," grins David Tennant, "the Macra would probably be fairly near the top! So it's kind of cool, isn't it? If you're gonna do giant crabs, there's no point them being anything other than Macra, seeing as they already exist. It's one of the joys of being involved with a series which has got all this history for free. You can just sprinkle in all these nuggets of recognition for those who'll get them."

Back by popular demand after his revealing Satan Pit diaries last year, director James Strong opens up his frank and funny Daleks in Manhattan journal to DWM readers in the first of a major two-part feature - a day-by-day, blow-by-blow account of the making of an ambitious Doctor Who story. With Daleks. And Stateside filming. And pigs. How can you resist?!

Writer Paul Cornell tells us all about writing the Doctor's Human Nature in the penultimate Script Doctors!
Exclusive previews of The Lazarus Experiment, 42, Human Nature and The Family of Blood - plus brand new photos from these new stories!
Part Two of our fabulous new comic strip The Woman Who Sold the World - and the Doctor's been put on hold!
The Time Team celebrate reaching 600 episodes with The King's Demons and The Five Doctors!
More from showrunner Russell T Davies in Production Notes, where he's suffering from a bit of Quantum trouble. Poor lamb.
Not forgetting the best news coverage around, a quite incredible encounter between screen legends in Matrix Data Bank On Tour, a preview of Robot on DVD, a tribute to writer Dave Martin, a ratings roundup in Public Image, and full reviews of Episodes 1 and 2!
Doctor Who Adventures 28
April 25, 2007  •  Posted By Marcus
The new edition of Doctor Who Adventures features the new look for Dalek Sec on the cover.

Inside, there is a special preview of Evolution of the Daleks and there's also a look at The Lazarus Experiment - with photos from Martha's first trip home.

You can also discover loads of facts about those hags called the Carrionites and there's a pull-out guide to the blood-sucking Plasmavore.

Martha Jones joins the comic strip for the first time in an adventure aboard the astroliner Tritanic in part one of The Skrawn Inheritance, and there are posters of The Shakespeare Code, Evolution of the Daleks, The Infinite Quest and the Face of Boe.

The issue comes in a gift pack – with five different gifts inside! There’s a Doctor Who stencil notebook, a pencil, part one of a TARDIS poster, a sticker booker and stickers.

Doctor Who Adventures issue 28, is out in the UK on Thursday 26 April.
Gridlock - Final Ratings
April 25, 2007  •  Posted By Marcus
Figures released by BARB show that episode three, Gridlock, achieved a final official rating of 8.41 Million viewers, making it the 7th most watched programme on British television for the week.

The programme was the BBC's second highest rated programme, beating all but Monday's edition of EastEnders. The only other programme to beat it was ITV1's soap Coronation Street.

On multichannel television, the Sunday BBC Three repeat gained 0.83 million viewers and was the 4th most watched programme.

Saturday's Confidential was 19th with 0.58 Million in the multichannel charts, and Sunday's Confidential repeat got 0.47 million making it 34th in the list.

Finally the Friday repeat of The Shakespeare Code was watched by 0.53 Million, making it the 26th most watched programme.

Final figures are accepted as the industry standard, being much more accurate than the initial overnights. They include viewers who record the programme and watch it within seven days.
Top Twenty Programmes (w/e 15th April 2007)

1 CORONATION STREET (MON 1934) - 10.96 - ITV1
2 CORONATION STREET (MON 2030) - 10.83 - ITV1
3 CORONATION STREET (FRI 1935) - 9.91 - ITV1
5 CORONATION STREET (WED 1930) - 9.33 - ITV1
6 EASTENDERS (MON 2000) - 9.11 - BBC1
7 DOCTOR WHO (SAT 1940) - 8.41 - BBC1
8 EMMERDALE (MON 1903) - 8.33 - ITV1
9 EASTENDERS (FRI 2001) - 8.30 - BBC1
10 THE ROYAL (SUN 2001) - 8.05 - ITV1
11 FOYLE'S WAR (SUN 2105) - 7.89 - ITV1
12 EMMERDALE (TUE 1900) - 7.77 - ITV1
13 EASTENDERS (THU 1930) - 7.64 - BBC1
14 NEW TRICKS (MON 2100) - 7.58 - BBC1
15 EASTENDERS (TUE 1930) - 7.56 - BBC1
16 LIFE ON MARS (TUE 2059) - 7.44 - BBC1
17 EMMERDALE (FRI 1903) - 7.39 - ITV1
18 EMMERDALE (THU 1900) - 7.39 - ITV1
19 EMMERDALE (SUN 1903) - 7.24 - ITV1
20 EMMERDALE (WED 1858) - 7.05 - ITV1

Top Twenty MultiChannel TV

1 LIVE FA CUP FOOTBALL (Sun 1530) 1,503,000 - Sky Sports
2 LOST (Sun 2200) 1,094,000 - Sky 1
3 UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE LIVE (Tue 1929) 1,088,000 - ITV4
4 DOCTOR WHO (Sun 2001) 826,000 - BBC3
5 EASTENDERS (Tue 2159) 772,000 - BBC3
6 UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE LIVE (Wed 1900) 755,000 - Sky Sports
7 DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES (Wed 2300) 707,000 - E4
8 FILM: INDEPENDENCE DAY (1996) (Fri 2100) 693,000 - Film4
9 LIVE FOOTBALL LEAGUE (Mon 1710) 687,000 - Sky Sports
10 EASTENDERS (Thu 2200) 685,000 - BBC3
11 BONES (Thu 2100) 677,000 - Sky 1
12 34 STONE TEENAGER: SIX MONTHS ON (Sun 2101) 627,000 - BBC3
13 SUPERNATURAL (Sun 2105) 617,000 - ITV2
14 AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL (Mon 2100) 608,000 - Living TV
15 AMERICAN IDOL (Fri 2134) 600,000 - ITV2
16 UGLY BETTY (Wed 2101) 596,000 - E4
17 FILM: JAWS (Fri 2154) 593,000 - ITV3
18 AMERICAN IDOL (Fri 2031) 585,000 - ITV2
19 DOCTOR WHO CONFIDENTIAL (Sat 2026) 581,000 - BBC3
20 FORD MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL (Mon 1930) 562,000 - Sky Sports

Source BARB
Fifth Doctor meets Dracula
Big Finish
April 25, 2007  •  Posted By Jarrod Cooper
Big Finish Productions has released more information about their upcoming September release Son of the Dragon. James Purefoy, known to fans from his roles in Rome and Beau Brummell, will be guest starring as Dracula in this release which sees the legendary vampire take on the Fifth Doctor (Peter Davison), Peri (Nicola Bryant), and Erimem ( Caroline Morris). Photos from the recording are currently available from the Big Finish Productions website.
DW Toys Bump Up Profits
April 25, 2007  •  Posted By John Bowman
Doctor Who toys have helped the Character Group post a 122 per cent jump in profits.

Pre-tax profits rose to 6.3 million pounds in the six months to February 28, up from nearly three million pounds last year, part of which was down to the demand for its "highly successful" Doctor Who toy range.

It said it also expected to benefit from strong interest in its forthcoming Dalek Sec voice-changing helmet, after the success of the Cyberman voice-changing helmet last year, as well as toys from The Sarah Jane Adventures, which is due to air in the autumn, according to the Press Association.

Also reported at Telegraph.co.uk, which states that the new voice-changer will be of Dalek Sec Hybrid.
Infinite Quest Preview Online
April 25, 2007  •  Posted By John Bowman
The Totally Doctor Who website has a 15-second preview of the next episode of cartoon series The Infinite Quest.

According to the official programme website, it will be updated every Monday.
Dalek Masterplan Play Trailer
Special Events
April 24, 2007  •  Posted By John Bowman
Interalia Theatre has released a special trailer for its forthcoming production of The Dalek Masterplan.

As reported earlier by Outpost, the 12-part Hartnell epic has been adapted and condensed for the stage, to be performed at the New Theatre Royal in Portsmouth from Wednesday, October 24 to Saturday, October 27.

Nick Briggs, who voices the Daleks for Doctor Who on TV, will be helping the non-professional company in a similar capacity.

This will be the fourth and final presentation of a "lost" Doctor Who story by the company.

Special links and CGI action have been shot for the play, and producer Rob Thrush said: "It's going to be a spectacular sign-off to our Who stage shows."

To view the trailer, which begins with action from Interalia's production of The Evil of the Daleks last year, click here.
New DVD Special Features Announced
DVD and Video
April 24, 2007  •  Posted By Jarrod Cooper
Doctor Who Magazine has released information on the special features for this summer's DVD releases. Robot is currently set to be released on June 4th, while Timelash will follow on July 2nd.
Robot will include the following special features:
- A 40-minute documentary called Are Friends Electric? will look at Tom Baker's introduction to the series and the making of his first story. This documentary will include contributions from Tom Baker, Elisabeth Sladen, Terrance Dicks, Philip Hinchcliffe, and Barry Letts.
- A clip from Blue Peter recorded on the Robot sets
- A 15-minute featurette called "The Tunnel Effect" which focuses on the creation of the Fourth Doctor title sequence
- A photo gallery
- Subtitle Production noted
- Radio Times listings in pdf format
- Commentary from Tom Baker, Elisabeth Sladen, Barry Letts, and Terrance Dicks

Timelash will include the following:
- A 25-minute documentary called The Good, the Bad and the Ugly narrated by Terry Molloy and featuring contributions from Colin Baker, Nicola Bryant, Paul Darrow, and Eric Saward.
- A photo gallery
- Subtitle Production notes
- Radio Times listings in pdf format
- Commentary from Colin Baker, Nicola Bryant, and Paul Darrow
- There will also be a 'Coming Soon' trailer for the next DVD release
Season Three Releases Update
DVD and Video
April 24, 2007  •  Posted By Jarrod Cooper
Doctor Who Magazine has announced another vanilla release for season three. As previously reported, Volume One will be released on May 21st and will include Smith and Jones, The Shakespeare Code, and Gridlock. The second volume will be released on June 18th and will include Daleks in Manhattan, Evolution of the Daleks and The Lazarus Experiment. The remaining volumes will be released later in the year, with a box set for the whole series being released in the autumn.
More books in September
April 24, 2007  •  Posted By Jarrod Cooper
BBC Shop has released information about the next set of Tenth Doctor novels which are slated to be released on September 6th.
Wetworld by Mark Michalowski

When the TARDIS makes a disastrous landing in the swamps of the planet Sunday, the Doctor has no choice but to abandon Martha and try to find help. But the tranquillity of Sunday's swamps is deceptive, and even the TARDIS can't protect Martha forever.
The human pioneers of Sunday have their own dangers to face: homeless and alone, they're only just starting to realise that Sunday's wildlife isn't as harmless as it first seems. Why are the native otters behaving so strangely, and what is the creature in the swamps that is so interested in the humans, and the new arrivals? The Doctor and Martha must fight to ensure that human intelligence doesn't become the greatest danger of all.

Sick Building by Paul Magrs

Tiermann's World: a planet covered in wintry woods and roamed by sabre-toothed tigers and other savage beasts. The Doctor is here to warn Professor Tiermann, his wife and their son that a terrible danger is on its way.
The Tiermann's live in luxury, in a fantastic, futuristic, fully-automated Dreamhome, under an impenetrable force shield. But that won't protect them from the Voracious Craw. A gigantic and extremely hungry alien creature is heading remorselessly toward their home. When it gets there everything will be devoured.
Can they get away in time? With the force shield cracking up, and the Dreamhome itself deciding who should or should not leave, things are looking desperate...

Forever Autumn by Mark Morris

It is almost Halloween in the sleepy New England town of Blackwood Falls. Autumn leaves litter lawns and sidewalks, paper skeletons hang in windows, and carved pumpkins leer from stoops and front porches.
The Doctor and Martha soon discover that something long-dormant has awoken in the town, and this will be no ordinary Halloween. What is the secret of the ancient chestnut tree and the mysterious book discovered tangled in its roots? What rises from the local churchyard in the dead of night, sealing up the lips of the only witness? And why are the harmless trappings of Halloween suddenly taking on a creepy new life of their own?
As nightmarish creatures prowl the streets, the Doctor and Martha must battle to prevent both the townspeople and themselves from a grisly fate...
Series Three Coming to Sci Fi
General TV Series News
April 23, 2007  •  Posted By R. Alan Siler
In a press release issued today, SCI FI Channel and BBC Worldwide Americas announced a major acquisition deal for the US premiere of the third season of Doctor Who. The series will debut on SCI FI in July 2007, kicking off with the Doctor Who Christmas Special, The Runaway Bride, guest-starring award-winning comedy actress Catherine Tate.

Chris Regina, Vice President of Programming, SCI FI Channel, said "Doctor Who has become a favorite among SCI FI audiences. We are happy to bring the show back for its third season and look forward to following the Doctor's continuing adventures with his newest companion."

Candace Carlisle, COO, BBC Sales Company, commented, "SCI FI Channel has been a fantastic platform for the Doctor Who series in the US. We're excited for the Season Three launch and think American audiences will simply love the Doctor's hip new companion."

BBC Video will continue to work with SCI FI Channel on joint marketing promotions to support the Doctor Who brand in the US.

Burton Cromer, Senior Vice President, Consumer Products, BBC Worldwide Americas said: "Our promotional partnership with the SCI FI Channel, both on-air and online, was a significant factor in the fantastic success we've had with the new Doctor Who. It's also helped drive awareness and sales of our 40 plus line of classic Doctor Who titles."

The second season of the new Doctor Who earned impressive ratings during its airing on SCI FI, delivering an average of over one million viewers each week.

Read the entire press release here.
Sunday Night Ratings and AI Figure
April 23, 2007  •  Posted By Marcus
Sunday night's BBC Three repeat of episode four, Daleks in Manhattan, achieved a record audience of 1.10 million viewers, the highest the programme has achieved on this channel. This made it by far the highest rated programme on multichannel television for the day and gave it a 6% share of the audience.

Half that audience stayed for the repeat of Doctor Who Confidential, giving it a rating of 0.59 Million viewers and making it the fourth most watched multichanel programme of the day.

Overnight figures for the whole week show Doctor Who is presently the 20th most watched programme of the week. Final figures, released next week, will include figures for those who recorded the programme and should see the programme move up the charts.

Meanwhile, Saturday's BBC One showing achieved an Appreciation Index (AI) figure of 86, once again placing the programme in the excellent category and made it the most appreciated programme of the day.

Last Sunday's BBC Three repeat of Gridlock achieved an AI figure of 86.
Dalek Overnight Ratings
April 22, 2007  •  Posted By Marcus
The earlier start combined with the hot weather across the UK, meant that the overnight ratings for Daleks in Manhattan were 6.3 million, a share of 34.9%.

Although lower than the previous three weeks, the programme was still the most watched programme on British television, narrowly beating Casualty, which came second with 6.2 million.

Doctor Who comfortably beat its main opposition on ITV1, Vernon Kay's Game show Marathon, which achieved 3.8 million viewers.

Overall, with one day to come, the programme is the 16th most watched of the week.

On BBC3, Doctor Who Confidential achieved 486,000 viewers and was the third most watched programme on multichannel television.
Kylie Minogue cast?
General TV Series News
April 22, 2007  •  Posted By Paul Hayes
The British Sunday tabloid newspaper the News of the World is running a report this morning claiming that Australian actress and pop star Kylie Minogue has been cast in the 2007 Doctor Who Christmas special. Minogue, best known internationally for a string of chart hits including "I Should Be So Lucky" and "Can't Get You Out of My Head", began her career as an actress in the popular soap opera Neighbours in the late 1980s. She has also appeared in films such as Street Fighter (1994) and Moulin Rouge (2001).

Says the News of the World's report:

"A BBC insider said: 'Kylie jumped at the chance to be in the show and is really looking forward to acting again. She is flattered to be asked to be in such a classic TV show.

'The Doctor Who team are delighted they've got someone as sexy and high profile as Kylie to ensure they win the annual ratings battle with ITV.'"

The report also claims that Minogue was persuaded to take the role by her friend and stylist Will Baker, a Doctor Who fan who has included several sets and costumes inspired by the programme in her stage tour in recent years. The paper also claims that she will appear in the programme as a Cyberwoman, but this is not supported in any of their "insider" quotes.

The paper adds:

"The show spokesman added: 'Russell [T Davies] is just putting the finishing touches to the episode and it will be TV dynamite.' Russell, who has met Kylie to discuss the part, said: 'I imagined she'd be booked up for the next two years'."
Week 5 Schedules
April 21, 2007  •  Posted By Marcus
For the transmission of episode five, Evolution of the Daleks, Doctor Who again moves its start time, this time to 6.45pm. Once more the programme is sandwiched between The National Lottery: The People's Quiz and Any Dream Will Do with Graham Norton.

ITV1 counters with the latest in Vernon Kay's Gameshow Marathon, this week recreating The Golden Shot.

BBC Two keeps Snooker addicts happy with three hours of second round of the World Championship 2007 while Channel 4 viewers can see Channel 4 News followed by Prince Charles: The Bachelor Years, a programme recreating the days when Prince Charles played the field and dated a number of beautiful women.

Channel 5 has the film Blind Date postponed by one week.
Friday Ratings
April 21, 2007  •  Posted By Marcus
Friday night's BBC Three repeat of episode three, Gridlock, was watched by 328,000 viewers according to unofficial overnight ratings, a share of 1.8% of the total television audience.

It was the 9th most-watched programme of the day on multi channel television.

Totally Doctor Who on BBC One had a rating of 0.7 million viewers.
Robot DVD Cover
DVD and Video
April 20, 2007  •  Posted By Shaun Lyon
From our friends at Tenth Planet, we've received the cover illustration for the forthcoming UK DVD release of Robot, the first Tom Baker serial from 1974. The DVD will be issued on 4th June 2007. Click on the thumbnail for a larger version of the cover.
Posters Promotion
April 20, 2007  •  Posted By John Bowman
The Western Mail newspaper, based in Cardiff, has a promotion starting tomorrow and running every day until Friday, April 27 in which a series of exclusive, glossy, double-sided, official Doctor Who posters featuring different characters and villains will be given away free.

Click on the image below for a larger version of one of the posters.
Smith And Jones Shooting Script Online
April 20, 2007  •  Posted By John Bowman
The full shooting script for Smith and Jones has been put online at the BBC Writers Room.

Series head Russell T Davies gave the go-ahead for the script to be made available, according to the official programme website.

The Writers Room is used by the BBC to find and champion new talent.

Adobe Acrobat Reader is needed to download the script.
Colin Baker Interview
April 20, 2007  •  Posted By R. Alan Siler
The online edition of the News Shopper currently features an interview with Sixth Doctor Colin Baker about his upcoming appearance in the Alan Ayckbourn play Bedroom Farce at the Churchill Theatre, Bromley.

Bedroom Farce is a comic assault on the middle-class, revolving around three couples and the conversations and encounters within their three bedrooms.

"Alan Ayckbourn is a genius. I've done four Ayckbourn plays and they have always been the best fun I've ever had. I've never been to an Ayckbourn I haven't enjoyed and never taken part in one the audience haven't enjoyed. It's the main ingredient for success I think, Alan Ayckbourn."

Colin talks about his long career (both acting and writing), his entry into the Eurovision Song Contest last year, and about his co-star in the play, Louise Jameson.

"Around 90 per cent of what I do (in Bedroom Farce) is with Louise Jameson, who I know terribly well. We've worked together two or three times before and we're great friends. We even have a show we do together called Love Letters. This means rehearsals will be fun. She's always ticking me off for misbehaving."
Daleks Top Online Poll
April 20, 2007  •  Posted By John Bowman
The Daleks are Doctor Who's scariest villains, according to a new survey.

An online poll of Doctor Who fans was commissioned by the BBC for the official programme website to mark the Daleks' return to the show tomorrow night in the UK.

More than 21,000 voted, and Nick Briggs, who voices the monsters, said: "I've been fortunate enough to provide the voices for a wide variety of Doctor Who villains over the years, but the Daleks seem to have stood the test of time as the scariest and most iconic space terrors that the Doctor has ever encountered."

Doctor Who lead writer and co-executive producer Russell T Davies said: "Every time the Daleks return we make them bigger and better than ever before, and this time, their plan is the most audacious Dalek scheme yet."

He added: "Even the Doctor finds himself out of his depth."

Second in the poll were the Empty Child Zombies from 2005, while the Beast from last year's two-parter The Impossible Planet and The Satan Pit was third.

The top ten are detailed below.
1. The Daleks
2. The Empty Child Zombies
3. The Beast
4. The Cybermen
5. The Clockwork Droids
6. The Ood
7. The Empress of Racnoss
8. The Werewolf
9. The Autons/Nestenes
10. Chloe's Dad
In Their Own Words 3
April 19, 2007  •  Posted By Jarrod Cooper
Doctor Who Magazine has released the third installment of their In Their Own Words series. This Special Edition covers 1977 to 1981 and features interviews with Tom Baker, Louise Jameson, Graham Williams, John Leeson, Robert Holmes, Mary Tamm, Douglas Adams, Lalla Ward, John Nathan Turner, Christopher H Bidmead, Matthew Waterhouse and hundreds more - plus an Afterword by Shakespeare Code writer Gareth Roberts!
"I was the great children's hero. I was known all over the world. I didn't need credit cards, I was welcomed into everybody's house. The Doctor isn't just what I did in the studio, you see.

I had to carry the concept of this semi-perfect man into my own life so that, of there were children around, I wouldn't be seen as a disappointment! It was very, very exhausting at times, but rewarding as well. Being Doctor Who comes with this responsibility..."
Bloodtide At The Globe
Special Events
April 19, 2007  •  Posted By John Bowman
According to the official exhibitions website, Bloodtide - one of the witches from The Shakespeare Code - will be appearing for a limited period at Shakespeare's Globe in London, where some of the Series Three episode was filmed, as part of the tour and exhibition.

Information on the Globe's website would suggest, however, that it is actually the Carrionite's costume that is on display at the exhibition rather than the actress who played Bloodtide, Linda Clarke, taking an interactive part.
The Viyrans invade Big Finish
Big Finish
April 18, 2007  •  Posted By Jarrod Cooper
In the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine, Big Finish Productions announced that a new race of monsters will be making their first appearance before the end of the year. The Viyrans will be introduced through an extended storyline called The Virus Strand. This story thread will consist of the single episode stories which accompany the new three-parters on double cd releases.

The first installment of this series, due out this month, is Urgent Calls. Urgent Calls is set to be released with three-part story I.D., with both featuring Colin Baker.

May sees the release of the second installment, Urban Myths, alongside Exotron. Both stories feature Peter Davison and Nicola Bryant.
Torchwood Series Two in 08
April 18, 2007  •  Posted By Jarrod Cooper
In a recent interview with The Stage, Julie Gardner confirms that series two of Torchwood, set to begin filming on Monday April 30th, will be returning to screens on BBC2 in January 2008.
"Last year, we started filming in March and we were on air with 13 episodes from late September, which was just so, so hectic. And we didn’t really have enough time – it was absolutely frantic from day one of prep, it was all hands on deck.

And so, it just works for the BBC2 schedule that we can go in January. So it’ll just give us a little bit more time in our post-production. Which would be lovely, because we were delivering an episode every single week for transmission. It was incredibly tight. So it was just as well we didn’t have any last-minute technical difficulties last year!"
Shakespeare Code final ratings
April 18, 2007  •  Posted By Paul Hayes
According to the latest figures released by BARB, The Shakespeare Code gained an official viewing figure of 7.23 million, placing it 14th in the British television viewing charts for the week. It was beaten in the charts by all of the week's episodes of Coronation Street and EastEnders, and all but one episode of Emmerdale.

The figure places the episode 21st out of the 30 episodes of new Doctor Who for which the final viewing figures are known, with Gridlock's final viewing figure due this time next week. The 14th position in the chart maintains the programme's extremely strong run in the top twenty. Since the return of the series two years ago, only The Empty Child has failed to make the top twenty, finishing 21st in its week.

In the multichannel charts, Doctor Who was the most watched programme of the week with an official rating of 1.039 Million viewers; an impressive achievement for a programme shown on BBC One the night before. Saturday's Confidential was 8th with 656,000 viewers, while Sunday's repeat was 22nd with 560,000 viewers.
Top Twenty Programmes w/e 8th April 2007

5 EASTENDERS (MON 2000) 9.22
6 EASTENDERS (TUE 1930) 9.06
8 EASTENDERS (FRI 1959) 8.26
9 EMMERDALE (MON 1902) 8.14
10 EMMERDALE (TUE 1901) 8.08
11 EASTENDERS (THU 1930) 7.94
12 EMMERDALE (WED 1858) 7.29
13 EMMERDALE (FRI 1903) 7.27
14 DOCTOR WHO (SAT 1859) 7.23
15 THE ROYAL (SUN 2001) 7.10
16 EMMERDALE (THU 1900) 6.75
17 MY FAMILY (FRI 2030) 6.65
18 LIFE ON MARS (TUE 2100) 6.39
19 CASUALTY (SAT 2112) 6.35
20 GEORGE GENTLY (SUN 2059) 6.33

Multi Channel Top Twenty

1 DOCTOR WHO (Sun 2001) 1,039,000 - BBC3
2 EASTENDERS (Thu 2200) 958,000 - BBC3
3 MY BIG BREASTS AND ME (Thu 2100) 946,000 - BBC3
4 EASTENDERS (Tue 2159) 835,000 - BBC3
5 LOST (Sun 2201) 824,000 - Sky 1
6 60 SECONDS (Sun 1959) 766,000 - BBC3
7 FILM: THE BOURNE SUPREMACY (2004) (Tue 2249) 692,000 - ITV2
8 DOCTOR WHO CONFIDENTIAL (Sat 1946) 656,000 - BBC3
10 FILM: THE MUMMY RETURNS (Thu 2023) 653,000 - ITV2
11 60 SECONDS (Thu 2157) 647,000 - BBC3
12 BONES (Thu 2101) 647,000 - Sky 1
13 DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES (Wed 2302) 633,000 - E4 In
14 HOLLYOAKS (Tue 1859) 623,000 - E4 In
15 AMERICAN IDOL (Fri 2131) 620,000 - ITV2
16 FILM: THE BOURNE SUPREMACY (2004) (Tue 2205) 607,000 - ITV2
17 THE REAL HUSTLE (Thu 2229) 593,000 - BBC3
18 EASTENDERS (Mon 2200) 589,000 - BBC3
19 HOLLYOAKS (Wed 1859) 574,000 - E4 In
20 AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL (Mon 2100) 573,000 - Living TV

Source BARB
This Week in Doctor Who
New Column Posted
April 18, 2007  •  Posted By Benjamin Elliott
The latest installment of This Week in Doctor Who, the weekly guide to Doctor Who on television in the UK, North America and elsewhere, for April 18, 2007 has now been posted. Click here to read it.
Radio Times Dalek Cover
April 16, 2007  •  Posted By Kenny Davidson
Doctor Who is featured on the cover of the new Radio Times listings magazine, out in shops from the 17th April. The cover features an exclusive photograph from the forthcoming two-part Dalek story, but be warned that the photo on the cover is a major spoiler. To see it, click on the Radio Times spoiler thumbnail below.

Also with the magazine are free Doctor Who stickers, which will also feature in the next two issues of the magazine. According to Radio Times:
In issue 17, Radio Times is giving away the first of three packets of free Doctor Who stickers. Sticker packets will be free inside every copy of the magazine and will accompany exclusive editorial coverage of Doctor Who. Some of the stickers free in Radio Times are exclusive to the magazine, the others form part of Merlin's new sticker collection.

Free Doctor Who sticker album
As well as free stickers in the magazine, Radio Times readers can claim a free Doctor Who sticker album from WHSmith. The in-store promotion, a tie-up between Radio Times and Merlin will be featured in Discovery Zones in selected WHSmith High Street stores from Thursday 19 April for two weeks. Readers can also send off for the sticker album directly through the magazine if they cannot get to a WHSmith store.
Gridlock AI, Sunday Ratings
April 16, 2007  •  Posted By Marcus
Doctor Who got an audience of 780,000 viewers for the Sunday-night repeat of Gridlock. This made it the third highest programme on Multichannel TV for the day, and the highest-rated programme on BBC3. Doctor Who Confidential got 480,000 viewers.

With overnight figures now available for the whole week, Gridlock is currently the eighth most watched programme. Final consolidated figures will be released by BARB in about nine days time.

Doctor Who was once again one of the most appreciated programmes of the week with an Appreciation Index or AI figure of 85, once more pushing the programme into the excellent category.
Gridlock - Overnight Ratings
April 15, 2007  •  Posted By Marcus
Doctor Who was once more top of the charts with unofficial overnight figures showing that episode three, Gridlock, was watched by 8.0 million viewers, a 39.5% share of the total audience.

The programme was the most watched of the day by nearly two million viewers, beating Any Dream Will Do, which gained 6.2 million.

The programme had almost double the viewers of Who Wants to be a Millionaire? on ITV1.

In terms of share it was fourth, just being beaten by the sporting events of the afternoon.

With one day to go, this makes the programme the seventh most watched of the week, beating three episodes of EastEnders, and gives Gridlock a high probability of bringing Doctor Who once more into the week's top ten.

Doctor Who was again top of the children's top ten, with 1.4 million under 16s watching, double the second placed Any Dream Will Do.

Doctor Who Confidential was top of the multichannel charts, with a rating of 0.56 million viewers, over 50% more than the second placed Inspector Morse.
Earlier start time for Daleks
April 14, 2007  •  Posted By Marcus
Schedules published for 21st April show that episode four, Daleks in Manhattan has an earlier start time of 6.35pm.

The programme is once more sandwiched between The National Lottery People's Quiz and the talent show Any Dream Will Do.

ITV1 appear to have altered their schedule to place their talent show Grease Is The Word at 7.25pm, missing Dcotor Who and placing it directly against the BBC's Joseph. Against the Doctor and the Daleks, they have scheduled Vernon Kay's Gameshow Marathon, where Wendy Richard, Michael Le Vell, Jamelia and Andrea Catherwood help recreate Blankety Blank.

BBC2 viewers are offered another futuristic drama series Superstorm, which runs from 6-7pm, followed by live coverage of World Championship Snooker from the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield, while Channel 4 once more has Born Survivor: Bear Grylls. Last week, this got 1.4 million viewers.

Channel 5 is showing a 1987 Blake Edwards comedy, Blind Date, starring Bruce Willis and Kim Basinger.

Doctor Who Confidential is on BBC3 at 7.25pm.

NB: schedules are subject to change.
The Now Show
April 14, 2007  •  Posted By Marcus
This week's Now Show on BBC Radio 4 features a song about the scheduling of Doctor Who, wishing Manchester United a clear and decisive win, just to ensure that tonight's episode of Doctor Who isn't postponed. This is the latest of several Doctor Who-related songs to have been performed on the programme by comedian and Outpost Gallifrey forum member Mitch Benn.

The programme is available via the BBC Listen again feature for the next seven days. The song is approximately seven minutes into the programme.

(Thanks to Julian Shortman.)
Friday Ratings
April 14, 2007  •  Posted By Marcus
The Friday repeat of The Shakespeare Code was watched by 510,000 viewers, a 2.9% share, making it the 5th most watched programme of the day on multi Channel TV and the highest rated programme on BBC3 for the evening.

Doctor Who Confidential was watched by 282,000 viewers, a 1.6% share.

On BBC1, Totally Doctor Who got 700,000 viewers, the same as week one and roughly equal to other CBBC programmes in the same slot.
Classic Series Downloads
April 13, 2007  •  Posted By Marcus
Following a deal between BBC Worldwide and the P2P company Azureus, fans in the USA can now download several episodes of the classic series.

The programmes are available for rent from the Vuze website for a small fee; the first episodes of The Three Doctors and The Talons of Weng-Chiang are available for "free rental". As well as classic Doctor Who episodes, other BBC material such as Red Dwarf and Steven Moffat's Coupling is available.

NB: For copyright reasons, these downloads are currently only available in the United States, and because of the digital rights management software with which the files have been encoded, they can be played only on Windows computers running Windows XP or Vista (i.e. not on computers running Macintosh or Linux).
The Judas Gift
Big Finish
April 13, 2007  •  Posted By Jarrod Cooper
Big Finish Productions have now released the April installment of their Bernice Summerfield range, The Judas Gift by Nick Wallace. The Judas Gift introduces the Draconian character Kothar, being played by Michael Fenner, who will be recurring for this season.
The Braxiatel Collection. Once it was a home, a haven, one of the 800 Wonders of the Universe. Not any more.

Draconia and the Mim are at war and the Collection is caught in the crossfire. Its future hangs in the balance as Bernice tries to fathom the motives of a new Draconian ambassador.

Director Bev Tarrant must use every trick she knows if the Collection is to survive. She's been a smuggler, a killer and a thief, but all that's behind her now. Isn't it?

Beware your sins will find you out. Especially when you accept the Judas Gift.
Battles In Time - Special Edition
April 13, 2007  •  Posted By Jarrod Cooper
Next Month sees a special issue of Battles In Time. This issue is set to be released on May 16th and includes many special features.
Following the phenomenal success of the Doctor Who Battles In Time TCG comes a brand new Collector’s Special featuring the two deadliest adversaries of the Doctor: Daleks vs Cybermen!

Complete with new, spectacular imagery from the TV series, Daleks vs Cybermen features 2 booster packs, each with 9 cards. Each pack contains 8 non-randomised foil common cards, plus a randomised 9th holo card from 4 design variants.

In the accompanying magazine, enjoy new gaming possibilities with the stunning gatefold game board, pitting Daleks against Cybermen for the ultimate Battle in Time. The special also comes with a FREE TARDIS Deck Tin, Gaming Dice and Card Bases – making Daleks vs Cybermen an essential collector’s item.

FREE with every Daleks vs Cybermen special:

2 packs of 9 cards. Each pack contains 8 non-randomised foil common cards (identical designs across all issues), plus a randomised 9th holo from 4 Dalek Sec variants and 4 Cyber Leader variants.
Stunning Collector’s TARDIS Deck Tin.
Exclusive gaming accessories – 8 bespoke Dalek and Cybermen Gaming Bases and 2 Gaming Dice.

In the magazine:

32 pages on Cybermen and Daleks – read the magazine one way for Daleks; flip and read the other way for Cybermen.
In the middle gaming board, choose to be Daleks or Cybermen and battle it out with your base-mounted cards for control of the Universe.
Learn about the history of the Doctor’s two main enemies and their past battles with the Time Lord.
Stunning battle scenes between the Daleks and Cybermen.
Short Story Competition Update
Big Finish
April 13, 2007  •  Posted By Jarrod Cooper
Big Finish Productions has announed the status of their Short Trips short story writing contest. They are now halfway through reading the 1,073 entries, and hope to announce a winner in May.
Eccleston to Time Travel in Upcoming Film
April 13, 2007  •  Posted By R. Alan Siler
According to the Manchester Evening News, Christopher Eccleston is set to star in a theatrical adaptation of Susan Cooper's Young Adult novel The Dark Is Rising.

Eccleston will play the main villain, the Rider, who leads the evil forces back and forth through time, in what are described as Harry Potter-style films. The five books in Cooper's series are optioned and will be produced, depending on the performance of the first film.

No information on production schedule or proposed release date is included in the article. Book description appears below:
"When the Dark comes rising, six shall turn it back,
Three from the circle, three from the track;
Wood, bronze, iron; water, fire, stone;
Five will return, and one go alone."

With these mysterious words, Will Stanton discovers on his 11th birthday that he is no mere boy. He is the Sign-Seeker, last of the immortal Old Ones, destined to battle the powers of evil that trouble the land. His task is monumental: he must find and guard the six great Signs of the Light, which, when joined, will create a force strong enough to match and perhaps overcome that of the Dark. Embarking on this endeavor is dangerous as well as deeply rewarding; Will must work within a continuum of time and space much broader than he ever imagined.
DW Helps TV Exports Success
April 13, 2007  •  Posted By John Bowman
Doctor Who has been namechecked by the UK government as helping with the success story of overseas TV sales.

Income from the export of TV shows rose by 20 per cent last year to 593 million pounds.

Creative industries minister Shaun Woodward said: "The inventiveness and quality of British TV makers continues to shine through and is recognised across the world.

"Production teams still deliver on core programmes such as period drama or Doctor Who, but also move television formats forward with shows such as Dancing on Ice, which effortlessly cross continents."

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport said a quarter of the increase was down to an 87 per cent rise in income from licensing TV formats.

According to the figures, Europe's share was 33 per cent of TV sales, which generated 125 million pounds, compared with 77 million pounds from the USA.

The largest rises in sales were to eastern Europe and Scandinavia, which had increases of 54 per cent and 42 per cent respectively, because of new TV channels and the popularity of UK programmes there.

John McVay, the chief executive of Pact, which commissioned the research, said: "The quality and range of UK programming, from factual entertainment to sports, to drama and animation, means UK companies always have a broad range of compelling content to offer international buyers."
Doctor Who Adventures - Issue 27
April 12, 2007  •  Posted By Marcus
The new edition of Doctor Who Adventures promises to take readers to the future with previews of the next two episodes, Gridlock and Daleks in Manhattan.

The magazine also contains a Judoon fact file and a pull-out guide to the abzorbing Abzorbaloff. In the comic strip, you can find out if the Doctor can defeat the deadly Klytode?

There is a guide on how to make a mask of the Face of Boe and a quiz to see if you can crack the Shakespeare Code? Plus posters of the Doctor and Martha and the Daleks and Judoon

This issue comes with a choice of two free monster stationery sets.

Doctor Who Adventures Issue 27 is out on Thursday 12 April.
Gridlock to Break TV Record
General TV Series News
April 12, 2007  •  Posted By Nathan Baron
The official website has pointed out the fact that Gridlock will be the 727th episode of Doctor Who, which breaks the record previously held by Star Trek for the total number of episodes.

The website says, "Gridlock is the 727th episode of Doctor Who. This will break the record held by the various series in the Star Trek franchise. They amassed a combined total of 726 episodes between them."
Possible Episode Delay Latest
General TV Series News
April 12, 2007  •  Posted By John Bowman
The BBC said today that this coming Saturday's episode of Doctor Who would be put back a week if the preceding football match overruns because "it could not be broadcast after extra time as it would be 'too late' for younger fans."

It details the alternative schedule for BBC Three, should the episode be bumped, adding that the decision whether or not to pull the episode will be made on the day.

BBC One is broadcasting the FA Cup semi-final clash between Manchester United and Watford.

Smith and Jones - Final Figures
April 11, 2007  •  Posted By Marcus
Figures released by BARB make episode one of the new series the ninth most watched programme of the week with an official rating of 8.71 Million viewers. This makes it the fourth episode in a row to achive a top ten place, a new record for the series.

As in the overnight figures, the programme was only beaten by the soap giants Coronation Street and EastEnders.

On BBC1, the programme was the 4th most watched, beating an episode of EastEnders.

On Multi channel TV, Doctor Who was the most watched programme on BBC3 for the week, and the second most watched on all Multi Channel TV, with a rating of 1.00 Million. Doctor Who Confidential was 8th in the chart with 0.81 Million viewers.

Final figures are much more accurate than the initial overnights and include figures for those who taped the programme and watched it within seven days.
BARB Top Twenty (w/e 1st April 2007)

1 CORONATION STREET (MON 2029) - 11.59 - ITV1
2 CORONATION STREET (FRI 1934) - 10.89 - ITV1
3 CORONATION STREET (MON 1934) - 10.63 - ITV1
4 CORONATION STREET (WED 1930) - 10.37 - ITV1      
5 CORONATION STREET (SUN 1929) - 9.93 - ITV1
6 EASTENDERS (TUE 1931) - 9.77 - BBC1
7 EASTENDERS (MON 2001) - 9.35 - BBC1
8 EASTENDERS (FRI 2000) - 8.94 - BBC1
9 DOCTOR WHO (SAT 1859) - 8.71 - BBC1
10 EASTENDERS (THU 1930) - 8.48 - BBC1
11 THE ROYAL (SUN 2000) - 8.06 - ITV1
12 EMMERDALE (MON 1902) - 7.97 - ITV1
13 EMMERDALE (TUE 1902) - 7.94 - ITV1
14 EMMERDALE (THU 1903) - 7.91 - ITV1
15 EMMERDALE (FRI 1903) - 7.90 - ITV1
16 EMMERDALE (WED 1859) - 7.78 - ITV1
17 ANY DREAM WILL DO (SAT 1945) - 6.85 - BBC1
18 CASUALTY (SAT 2106) - 6.69 - BBC1
20 LIFE ON MARS (TUE 2100) - 6.56 - BBC1

Multi Channel Top Twenty

1 INTERNATIONAL FOOTBALL LIVE (Wed 1900) 1,515,000 - Sky Sports 1
2 DOCTOR WHO (Sun 2001) 1,003,000 - BBC3
3 LIVE FORD FOOTBALL SPECIAL-MATCH (Sat 1200) 988,000 - Sky Sports 1
4 LOST (Sun 2200) 961,000 - Sky 1  
5 FORD SUPER SUNDAY (Sun 1549) 955,000 - Sky Sports 1  
7 SUPERNATURAL (Sun 2101) 822,000 - ITV2
8 DOCTOR WHO CONFIDENTIAL (Sat 1945) 812,000 - BBC3
9 BONES (Thu 2101) 760,000 - Sky 1
10 FILM: SHAUN OF THE DEAD (Mon 2105) 705,000 - ITV2  
11 ENTERTAINMENT NEWS UPDATE (Sun 2255) 692,000 - ITV2
12 FILM: SHAUN OF THE DEAD (Mon 2152) 691,000 - ITV2
14 EASTENDERS (Thu 2201) 661,000 - BBC3
15 FILM: THE BOURNE IDENTITY (2002) (Sun 2159) 658,000 - ITV2    
16 ENTERTAINMENT NEWS UPDATE (Mon 2151) 644,000 - ITV2   
17 34 STONE TEENAGER: SIX MONTHS ON (Mon 2102) 636,000 - BBC3    
18 F*** OFF, I'M A HAIRY WOMEN (Thu 2101) 629,000 - BBC3   
19 AMERICAN IDOL (Fri 2030) 624,000 - ITV2   
20 AMERICAN IDOL (Fri 2131) 606,000 - ITV2   

source BARB
This Week in Doctor Who
New Column Posted
April 11, 2007  •  Posted By Benjamin Elliott
The latest installment of This Week in Doctor Who, the weekly guide to Doctor Who on television in the UK, North America and elsewhere, for April 11, 2007 has now been posted. Click here to read it.
Dave Martin
April 11, 2007  •  Posted By Marcus
Outpost Gallifrey has learned the sad news of the death of Dave Martin, long-time Doctor Who writer and co-creator of K9.

Martin had a long and distinguished writing career, working mainly with his long-term writing partner Bob Baker.

Together they wrote several stage plays before moving into television in the early sixties, working on popular series such as Z Cars. In 1971, they were asked to write their first story for Doctor Who. The Claws of Axos was the first of eight stories over nine seasons creating some of the series most iconic characters and most loved stories.

Their best-known character was created in 1977 for the Tom Baker story The Invisible Enemy. K9 was originally intended for this story only, but the production team made a late decision to have him join The Doctor in the TARDIS where he stayed for the next four years.

K9 later returned in the 1981 story K9 and Company and the twentieth-anniversary story The Five Doctors, and made a memorable appearance in the 2006 story School Reunion.

Martin was diagnosed with lung cancer earlier this year. He is survived by his wife and three children. He was 72.

(Thanks to David Goodman.)
The Claws of Axos » Writer GGG - TV - Season 8
The Mutants » Writer NNN - TV - Season 9
The Three Doctors » Writer RRR - TV - Season 10
The Sontaran Experiment » Writer 4B -TV - Season 12
The Hand of Fear » Writer 4N - TV - Season 14
The Invisible Enemy » Writer 4T - TV - Season 15
Underworld » Writer 4Y - TV - Season 15
The Armageddon Factor » Writer 5F - TV - Season 16
School Reunion » K9 Originally Created By 2006-03 TV - Series 2/2006
Press Update
April 10, 2007  •  Posted By Marcus
The Independent on Monday contained a glowing review of The Shakespeare Code saying the programme is going through a glorious renaissance and calling Doctor Who one of those blessed phenomena that come along often enough to ensure that we never forget how clever and fun and joyous mass-market TV can be.

Meanwhile in The Guardian, novelist David Mitchell chose Doctor Who as his TV Choice, stating, "David Tennant is my favourite Doctor; he is brilliant."
Briggs Joins Dalek Stage Play
Special Events
April 10, 2007  •  Posted By John Bowman
The man who is the voice of the Daleks on TV has been enlisted for a stage adaptation of an epic adventure from the classic era.

Nicholas Briggs will join Interalia Theatre for The Dalek Masterplan at the New Theatre Royal in Portsmouth from Wednesday, October 24 to Saturday, October 27.

As reported on Outpost Gallifrey last December, after three previous stage hits the non-professional company has been granted a licence for a final adaptation of a "lost" Doctor Who story.

The other classic adventures given the theatrical treatment were The Web of Fear in 2000, Fury From The Deep two years later and The Evil of the Daleks last year.

Briggs was to have been involved with the production of Evil but had to pull out because of other commitments. Producer Rob Thrush said: "Some familiar faces are returning for the show and Nick is desperate to do this one, having missed out before.

"We're shooting a number of special links and some CGI action as well. It's going to be a spectacular sign-off to our Who stage shows."

A mini-convention is also to be held on the Saturday, including Briggs, Davros actor Terry Molloy and Dalek operator Barnaby Edwards as guests.

Money raised from the shows will go to charity and local causes. See the box below for full cast and production crew details. Click on the thumbnails below for larger versions of the poster and some of the CGI work for the play.

(Thanks to Rob Thrush.)
THE DOCTOR - Nick Scovell
STEVEN TAYLOR - John Paul McCrohon
KATARINA TAYLOR - Helen Stoddart
MAVIC CHEN - James George
SARA KINGDOM - Laura Egerton
BRET VYON - Tim Skedge
MARC CORY - David Bickerstaff
DALEK VOICES - Nicholas Briggs and Lewis Bailey
DALEK ONE - Liam Bailey
DALEK TWO - Adrian Cranwell-Child
SCIENCE DALEK TWO - Jess Brookfield
ENSEMBLE - Sally Evans, Jane Hartley, Rosie Grant, Matt Merrit, Jon Andrews,
Emma Louise Van Kooperen, Lewis Bailey, Anya Hodgson
PRODUCER - Rob Thrush
DSM - Bruce Holman
MUSIC - Martin Johnson
DALEK CONSTRUCTION AND SPECIAL PROPS - Ashley Nealfuller and Stuart Currie
SOUND/VIDEO - Rob Thrush
LIGHTING - Dave Tozer
SET CONSTRUCTION/DESIGN - Rob Thrush and Dave Tozer
POSTER DESIGN - Steve Redfearn
Bernice Summerfield - The Inside Story
Big Finish
April 10, 2007  •  Posted By Jarrod Cooper
Big Finish Productions has released information about their upcoming guide to Bernice Summerfield. Bernice Summerfield - The Inside Story is due out in October. Ranging from her first appearance in Love and War by Paul Cornell through current season ender The Wake, this chronicle of the first 15 years of Benny's life is penned by Simon Guerrier.
She has brought down empires and decided the fate of the universe. She is feared by the creatures of evil and revered wherever people have had just a little bit too much to drink.

And Bernice Surprise Summerfield is only just turning 15.

The Inside Story charts the history of everyone's favourite space archaeologist. We follow Bernice from her first appearance in Paul Cornell's novel Love and War, through more than 150 books and audio plays to the Draconian-Mim war and the shocking events of The Wake.

The Inside Story talks to all those involved in her development. Find out how she came to be, how she was developed and where she's going next. See the stories that almost-got-told, and listen in on the creative battles, personality clashes and very, very bad jokes.

With exclusive access to 15 years' worth of writers, editors, producers and illustrators, it's as wild, exciting and unlikely a journey as Benny has made herself.
Shakespeare Code AI Figure
April 10, 2007  •  Posted By Marcus
Saturday's showing of episode two achieved an Appreciation Index score of 87.

This once more places the programme in the excellent category, the average score for drama on BBC1 and ITV1 is 77.

Doctor Who was the most appreciated programme of the weekend and got the second highest figure for the week, only being beaten by Life on Mars with 88.

In the Multi channel figures, where programmes tend to get higher appreciation figures, the April Fool's day repeat of Smith and Jones scored an exceptional 90 and the Friday repeat 89

Saturday's Doctor Who Confidential scored 85.

The Appreciation Index, or AI, is a measure of how much the audience liked the programme. It is a score out of 100, based on responses from a carefully selected panel. The average score for drama on BBC1 and ITV1 is 77. A score in excess of 85 is regarded as excellent while a score below 60 is poor.
Possible Gridlock Delay Confirmed
General TV Series News
April 10, 2007  •  Posted By John Bowman
The new edition of the Radio Times, out today, confirms that Gridlock - episode three of Series Three - will be shown on April 21 rather than April 14 if the FA Cup semi-final between Manchester United and Watford, which precedes it, goes into extra time/penalties, as reported by Outpost Gallifrey on April 7.

How this would affect subsequent episodes is unknown. According to the "Next week in RT" banner at the back of the new edition of the listings magazine, Radio Times is planning a cover story for its edition dated 21-27 April to coincide with the start of the Dalek two-parter, which had been scheduled to go out on April 21 and 28.

Full details of what would happen to tie-in programme scheduling have been published by the CBBC Newsround website. They are as reproduced below.

(Thanks to Lizo Mzimba for the additional information.)
If the teams are drawing, and extra time has to be played, then the showing of episode three - Gridlock - will be delayed for a week.

It will also mean that behind the scenes show Doctor Who Confidential which usually goes out on BBC Three straight after each episode will go out a week later.

Instead viewers will be given another chance to see the first episode of the first series, Rose.

Extra time in the football will also mean changes on Sunday on BBC Three, when Saturday's episode is usually repeated. If Saturday's showing is delayed because of the football, the 2005 Christmas Special The Xmas Invasion will be on instead.

It also looks extremely likely that the following Friday's episode of Totally Doctor Who will have to go out a week later too.
Moths Tour Extended
Special Events
April 9, 2007  •  Posted By John Bowman
The one-man show Moths Ate My Doctor Who Scarf is to return to the Edinburgh Fringe this year.

A nationwide tour was reported by Outpost Gallifrey in January, with dates in Leicester, Bath, Glasgow, Hemel Hempstead, St Albans, Salford, Ammanford and Sheffield.

Now Toby Hadoke, pictured right, reports that dates have been added for a limited run at the 2007 Fringe.

See the textbox below for more from the press release.
Venue: White Belly (150 capacity) at The Underbelly.
Start time: 5.45pm (hour-long show).
Dates: August 13 to 19.

The show has been revised and updated, and will be completely different to the BBC7 serial (and BBC Audiobooks CD), which is being broadcast on July 6 and 13.

A reminder for those who may have missed the show first time around:

Award-winning comedian Toby Hadoke's one-man show is a personal odyssey about a lifelong love of a humble television programme. Bittersweet, satirical and very funny, it is a must for anyone who has ever been obsessed by anything (intimate knowledge of Doctor Who is not required).
Sunday Ratings
April 9, 2007  •  Posted By Marcus
Doctor Who brought 1.0 million viewers to BBC Three on Sunday night, once more the highest rating the series has achieved on this channel. The audience share was 5.9%.

This figure made The Shakespeare Code the most watched programme on multi-channel television for the day, beating World Cup Cricket on Sky Sports 1

Over half stayed for Doctor Who Confidential, which got 0.59 million viewers. This was a 3.3% share, making it number 4 in the Top Ten list.

Overnight figures for the week now put Saturday's Doctor Who at number 15 in the week's top twenty. Final figures will be released by BARB in about ten days time. When those who recorded the programme and watched it later are included, Doctor Who is likely to move up the chart.
BAFTA Cymru nominations
General TV Series News
April 8, 2007  •  Posted By Paul Hayes
icWales reports that Doctor Who and its BBC Three spin-off series Torchwood have between them earned 21 nominations at the BAFTA Cymru Awards. The awards, given by the Welsh branch of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts, celebrate achievements by film and television productions produced in Wales. Doctor Who won the Best Drama Series category at the same ceremony last year, where the show also won several other categories including Best Director and an Oustanding Contribution to Network Television Award was given to Russell T Davies.

This year, both Doctor Who and Torchwood are nominated in the Drama Series category, with David Tennant and John Barrowman nominated for the Best Actor award and Billie Piper and Eve Myles both in the running in the Best Actress category.

The winners will be announced at a ceremony in Cardiff later this month.
Shakespeare Code ratings
April 8, 2007  •  Posted By Marcus
Unofficial overnight figures show that episode two, The Shakespeare Code, was watched by 6.8 million viewers.

Although the figure was down on last week the programme was still the most-watched programme of the day, both in terms of audience and share. The Easter Holiday and good weather in the UK saw audiences drop across the day.

Doctor Who comfortably beat its main rivals on ITV1, with Grease is the Word getting just 4 million viewers and Harry Hill 3.9m.

BBC One took all of the top five positions in the day's ratings chart, with Casualty getting 6 million and Any Dream Will Do 5.9m.

During transmission, Doctor Who's audience rose to peak at 8.1m during the last five minutes. It also was top of the children's chart with over double the audience of under 16s of its nearest rival.

In the Multi Channel charts, Doctor Who Confidential was once again the second most watched programme of the day with 617,000 viewers.
Week Three - Schedules
April 7, 2007  •  Posted By Marcus
The scheduled start time for Doctor Who moves back to 7.40pm for the transmission of Episode three, Gridlock, on Saturday 14th April.

The reason for the delay is that BBC One has Match of the Day Live's coverage of one of the FA Cup semi-finals in the usual Who slot. The last time Doctor Who followed on from FA Cup football was for the transmission of last year's second episode, Tooth and Claw, which achieved the highest ratings of the season. However, RadioTimes.com implies that if the football overruns then Gridlock will be delayed by one week. The programme is scheduled to be followed once more by Any Dream will Do, which features John Barrowman.

Because of the delay in Week 3, the programme will not clash with ITV1's transmission of their new search for a star show Grease Is the Word. Instead it will face another edition of the quiz show Who Wants To Be a Millionaire? Doctor Who has always comfortably beaten this show when they have been placed against each other.

BBC Two goes back to the 1930s, showing the drama I Capture the Castle, about two young girls falling in love for the first time with two handsome American brothers. It stars Sinead Cusack, Tara Fitzgerald and Bill Nighy.

Also because of the later time, on Channel 4 only the first part Doctor Who faces the usual Born Survivor: Bear Grylls. The rest of the programme is up against a new series, Face of Britain, a study into the genetics of the British population.

Five is showing the 1991 film Curly Sue, a comedy about a con man and his adorable young daughter.

Doctor Who Confidential is on BBC Three at 8.25pm
Ratings update
April 7, 2007  •  Posted By Marcus
The third showing of episode one, Smith and Jones, was watched by 381,000 viewers on BBC Three on Friday night, making it the 6th most watched programme on multi-channel television for the day. It had a 2.1% share of the audience.

Earlier in the week, Totally Doctor Who on BBC One had an audience of 750,000, which was a 7.8% share. This is similar to the ratings achieved last year and roughly equivalent to other CBBC programmes in this slot.
More Companion Chronicles
Big Finish
April 6, 2007  •  Posted By Jarrod Cooper
In the most recent issue of Doctor Who Magazine, Big Finish Productions has announced next next set of Companions returning in the popular Companion Chronicles line. The line up for the second series will be Nicholas Courtney as the Brigadier, Peter Purves as Steven, and Louise Jameson as Leela.
Top Voices
April 6, 2007  •  Posted By John Bowman
Brian Cant, who played Kert Gantry in The Daleks' Masterplan and Tensa in The Dominators, has been voted the best-loved voice from children's TV, says a report on BBC News Entertainment.

The poll of more than 1,200 people for the magazine published for Underground Ernie, which is a CBeebies cartoon series, also saw Bernard Cribbins, who was Tom Campbell in the film Daleks' Invasion Earth: 2150 AD, in the top five.

In addition, the top 20 included Peter Sallis, who played Penley in The Ice Warriors, and Richard Briers, who was the Chief Caretaker in Paradise Towers.

Sallis voices Wallace in the Wallace and Gromit animations, which are co-written by classic series writer Bob Baker.

Cant, 73, came top for his narration of Camberwick Green and Trumpton. He was also a presenter on Play School.

Cribbins was nominated for narrating The Wombles, and Briers for Roobarb and Custard.
In Memoriam
April 6, 2007  •  Posted By John Bowman
Character actor George Sewell, who played Ratcliffe in Remembrance of the Daleks, has died at the age of 82. He was also well-known to cult TV fans as Colonel Alec Freeman in the Gerry Anderson series UFO. The Daily Telegraph has an obituary.

In addition, John Gill, who played Oak in Fury From The Deep, has died aged 94, and Elaine Ives-Cameron, who was Martha in The Stones of Blood and Ms Lavish/Estella in the Big Finish audio The Stones of Venice, has also passed away. Her date of birth is unknown.

(Thanks to Kenneth Parker, "Scifiradioguy", and Neil Marsh.)
Doctor Who triumphs in SFX Reader Awards
General TV Series News
April 5, 2007  •  Posted By Marcus
Doctor Who has won six categories in the annual Reader Awards carried out by the sci-fi and fantasy title SFX.

More than 5000 readers of SFX were eligible to vote in 17 award categories. Doctor Who beat off fierce competition from shows such as Life on Mars, Lost and Heroes to win the Best TV Show award.

The Doctor himself, David Tennant, scooped Best TV Actor, whilst former assistant Billie Piper was awarded with Best TV Actress.

Doctor Who also picked up Best TV Episode for The Girl in the Fireplace whilst Captain Jack Harkness, John Barrowman, was voted Sexiest Man for his role in the show and spin-off series Torchwood.

Rounding off a bevy of awards, Executive Producer and Chief Writer Russell T Davies was inducted into the SFX Hall of Fame for his work in reviving the show, which had previously been axed by the BBC in 1989.

The full rundown of the SFX Reader Awards is featured in the May issue, on sale Wednesday 11 April.
SFX Reader Awards 2006

Best Film - Children of Men
Best Actor - Johnny Depp
Best Actress - Natalie Portman
Best Film Director -Christopher Nolan
Best TV Show - Doctor Who
Best TV Actor - David Tennant
Best TV Actress - Billie Piper
Best TV Episode - Doctor Who "The Girl in the Fireplace"
Sexiest Man - John Barrowman
Hall of Fame - Russell T Davies
New Zealand buys Series Three
April 4, 2007  •  Posted By Paul Hayes
C21 Media reports that New Zealand broadcaster Prime TV, who have already shown the first two series of new Doctor Who, have purchased the screening rights to series three, currently being run on BBC One in the UK. According to the report, the channel's recently-signed deal with BBC Worldwide Australasia also includes the 2006 Christmas special, The Runaway Bride.
Barrowman's Sister Writes
April 4, 2007  •  Posted By John Bowman
Carole E Barrowman, the older sister of John, has written a piece for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel about the perils of going shopping with the star sibling in Cardiff - even late at night.

Headlined "Shopping With Captain Jack", it has been done for the Voices ongoing series of essays. Carole E Barrowman is a professor of English at Alverno College.

(Thanks to Laurence E Dickerson.)
This Week in Doctor Who
New Column Posted
April 4, 2007  •  Posted By Benjamin Elliott
The latest installment of This Week in Doctor Who, the weekly guide to Doctor Who on television in the UK, North America and elsewhere, for April 4, 2007 has now been posted. Click here to read it.
Tennant Stars in Learners
April 3, 2007  •  Posted By John Bowman
David Tennant is to star as a driving instructor in a new BBC One comedy drama. Learners will start filming in Hertfordshire this month, to be shown later this year.

The film, about a group of learner-drivers, has been written by Jessica Hynes, nee Stevenson, who is to appear in the Paul Cornell two-parter Human Nature/Family of Blood later in the current series of Doctor Who. In Learners, Hynes will play downtrodden wife Bev, who has failed her test eight times and develops a crush on her new instructor Chris, played by Tennant. His character is a devout Christian secretly in love with the driving school owner.

According to the BBC Press Office, Hynes based the film on her own experiences. She said: 'It took me 10 years to pass my test - this year I finally did it so I could do the film. I had a great instructor who taught me to take my time and relax. When I passed I cried with joy."

Shaun Dingwall, who played Rose's father Pete, will also be appearing in it, as Bev's husband, Ian.
Torchwood On BBC America
April 2, 2007  •  Posted By Jarrod Cooper
BBC America has confirmed that Torchwood will be added to its line up as part of the Supernatural Saturday strand. It will join Doctor Who, Hex, Life on Mars and Jekyll as part of the new programming.
Exciting news from BBC AMERICA's press department hit the wires this morning: the entire channel is undergoing a "radical makeover" later this year. The channel will now "focus exclusively on bringing U.S. audiences the very best in contemporary British programs - including a greater emphasis on our world renowned news coverage," according to our new head honcho, Garth Ancier. Lots of great acquisitions to announce, including MI-5 (Spooks to you UKers), the long-running youth soap Hollyoaks (which I love), Hotel Babylon, the new Jennifer Saunders comedy The Life and Times of Vivienne Vyle, Doctor Who spinoff Torchwood, and new seasons of Hex, Life On Mars, and Doctor Who.
Series 3 Volume 1 DVD
DVD and Video
April 2, 2007  •  Posted By Shaun Lyon
Outpost Gallifrey has received the cover illustration for the UK release of the Series Three, Volume One DVD disc, due out on 21 May 2007. The disc includes the episodes "Smith and Jones," "The Shakespeare Code" and "Gridlock". Click on the thumbnail for a larger version of the cover.
New Beginnings North America Boxed Set Details
DVD and Video
April 2, 2007  •  Posted By Shaun Lyon
Outpost Gallifrey has received the full-color cover illustrations for the forthcoming North American DVD releases of The Keeper of Traken, Logopolis and Castrovalva, the Tom Baker-Peter Davison serials that will be sold both separately packaged as well as part of the New Beginnings boxed set, due on June 5 from Warner Home Video. The cover illustrations and full details on the extras for each release are below.
New Beginnings Boxed Set (WHV #E4013)
Includes all three discs

The Keeper of Traken (WHV #E4010)
Audio Commentary: Audio Commentary by actors Anthony Ainley, Sarah Sutton and Matthew Waterhouse and writer Johnny Byrne
DVD ROM Features: 1982 Doctor Who Annual, Radio Times and BBC Enterprises literature PDFs
Documentary: Being Nice to Each Other: A new 30-minute "making of" documentary that includes contributions from Sarah Sutton, Sheila Ruskin, Geoffrey Beevers, John Black, Johnny Byrne, Christopher H. Bidmead
Interviews: Swap Shop: Noel Edmond interviews Sarah Sutton (11 mins)
Music Only Track
Other: The Return of the Master: Geoffrey Beevers, Christopher H. Bidmead and John Black talk about the return of the Doctor's arch-enemy (8 mins)
Trailers and Continuity Announcements (6 mins)
Photo gallery
Production Notes

Logopolis (WHV #E4011)
Audio Commentary: Audio Commentary by actors Tom Baker and Janet Fielding and writer Christopher H. Bidmead
DVD ROM Features: 1982 Doctor Who Annual, Radio Times and BBC Enterprises literature PDFs
Documentary: A New Body at Last: A new 50-minute documentary on the transition from Tom Baker to Peter Davison, featuring many of the actors and production team involved, plus exclusive behind the scenes footage of the regeneration
Interviews: Nationwide Interviews with Tom Baker and Peter Davison (8 mins)
Pebble Mill at One: Peter Davison interview (12 mins)
Music Only Track
Other: BBC News Reports on Tom Baker's wedding, the announcement of Tom Baker's departure and Peter Davison's arrival (1 min)
Photo gallery
Production Notes
TV Spot: Trailers and Continuity Announcements (2 mins)

Castrovalva (WHV #E4012)
Audio Commentary: Audio Commentary by actors Peter Davison and Janet Fielding, writer Christopher H. Bidmead and director Fiona Cumming
DVD ROM Features: 1982 Doctor Who Annual, Radio Times and BBC Enterprises literature PDFs
Deleted Scenes
Featurette: The Crowded TARDIS: 11-minute featurette with Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Sarah Sutton, John Black and Christopher H. Bidmead
Interviews: Being Doctor Who: Peter Davison discusses how he approached this iconic role (13 mins)
Directing Castrovalva: 11-minute interview with Fiona Cumming
Swap Shop, Blue Peter: Peter Davison interviews (29 mins)
Doctor Who Magazine 381
April 2, 2007  •  Posted By Shaun Lyon
Issue 381 of Doctor Who Magazine is due out this Thursday, 5 April 2007; courtesy the editors we have a preview (click on the thumbnail for a larger version of the cover).

Doctor Who Magazine 381

Doesn't it seem like an unbearable wait until Episode 2 of the new series on Saturday? So help fill the gap with the new issue of Doctor Who Magazine!

This issue, DWM goes behind the scenes on Smith and Jones, and learns The Freema Agyeman Mnemonic System For Remembering All Ten Doctors. There's more on the making of Episode 1 in an exclusive fact-pact 11-page feature, featuring brand new photographs, fascinating interviews and intriguing design drawings.

Plus, also this issue, Martha Jones makes her comic strip debut in the first part of The Woman Who Sold the World; writer Chris Chibnall reveals a few secrets about his new episode, the enigmatically-titled 42; Jackie actress Camille Coduri is grilled by the terrors of the TARDIS tin; The Fact of Fiction looks back at 1972's The Curse of Peladon; and there are all-new Exclusive previews of new episodes The Shakespeare Code, Gridlock, Daleks in Manhattan and Evolution of the Daleks!

Meanwhile, Russell T Davies finds himself talks celebrities in Production Notes; the new DVD release of Survival is previewed; Sorvad returns to host a very strange edition of Matrix Data Bank; there's a look at the three new Doctor Who novels from BBC Books; the Time Team watch Terminus and Enlightenment; plus all the latest news, views and merchandise reviews.

Make sure you grab your copy - it's the perfect medicine for your Doctor Who withdrawal symptoms! DWM 381 is on sale from Thursday 5 April.

New Short Trips titles
Big Finish
April 2, 2007  •  Posted By Jarrod Cooper
Big Finish Productions has announced the December installment of their Short Trips range. Short Trips: The Ghosts of Christmas edited by Cavan Scott and Mark Wright will finish out the year, joining Short Trips: Destination Prague, Short Trips: Snapshots and Short Trips: Defining Patterns on the 2007 release schedule. A sample story from Short Trips: Destination Prague, Gold and Black Ooze by Robert Hood, is still available.

The first release of 2008 is set for March with Short Trips: The Quality of Leadership edited by Keith R.A. DeCandido. Short Trips: The Quality of Leadership is about leadership from throughout history. The stories will each focus on the Doctor's encounters with dukes and despots, prime ministers and presidents, kings and queens, tribal shamans and galactic emperors.
MediaGuardian: Tennant to stay
General TV Series News
April 2, 2007  •  Posted By Paul Hayes
The MediaGuardian's "Media Monkey" diary column (requires free registration to view) has run a report today claiming that David Tennant is "guaranteed" to star in the fourth series of Doctor Who, which would be his third series in the role. MediaGuardian.co.uk is the section of The Guardian newspaper's Guardian Unlimited website that is entirely dedicated to media news and analysis. Although unattributed, the "Media Monkey" column is usually a reliable source of UK media news and gossip. The full excerpt from the column is reproduced below.
Doctor Who is back on BBC1 this Saturday, as you cannot fail to have noticed. But has David Tennant signed up for another series? The question is put to him at every press conference, and every time he declines to answer. But Monkey can reveal that it's not because he hasn't made his mind up. He has. Fans will be pleased to learn that a third series with Tennant in the lead role is guaranteed.
Weakest Link in Scotland
April 2, 2007  •  Posted By John Bowman
Viewers in Scotland who missed out on last Friday's broadcast of the Doctor Who special of The Weakest Link because of regional scheduling will be able to see it on BBC One Scotland on Sunday, April 8 at 6.10pm, according to the official Doctor Who website.
Smith and Jones AI Figure
April 2, 2007  •  Posted By Marcus
Not only was the launch of the new series one of the most watched programmes of the week, it was also one of the most loved, with an Appreciation Index of 88.

This is the highest figure for a Doctor Who series debut, and has only been beaten by previous season finales "The Parting of the Ways" and "Doomsday", both of which which scored 89.

The programme was 4 clear index points higher than anything else shown on Saturday night.

The Appreciation Index, or AI, is a measure of how much the audience liked the programme. It is a score out of 100, based on responses from a carefully selected panel. The average score for drama on BBC1 and ITV1 is 77. A score in excess of 85 is regarded as excellent while a score below 60 is poor.
Sunday Ratings Update
April 2, 2007  •  Posted By Marcus
Doctor Who was top of the multi channel ratings on Sunday with 970,000 viewers watching the BBC3 repeat of Smith and Jones. The five minute breakdowns show the audience for the last twenty minutes shot over 1 million peaking at 1.06m. The share was 5.1% and beat one of the terrestrial channels, Channel 5.

This is by far the highest rating the programme has ever achieved on BBC Three. The previous high was 790,000 for the Sunday repeat of The Empty Child on the 22nd of May 2005.

Doctor Who Confidential was watched by 550,000 viewers, while another repeat of The Runaway Bride achieved 390,000 viewers.

Overnight figures for the entire week are now available and show that Saturdays BBC1 showing was the 9th most watched programme on British Television this week, only being beaten by the soap giants Coronation Street and EastEnders.

This virtually guarantees a top ten place in the chart when the final figures are released by BARB in 10 days time, one of the very few time in its history the programme will have achieved this. Final figures are much more accurate than overnights and include figures for those who recorded the programme and watched it within seven days. Doctor Who's final figure is usually half a million more than the overnight figure, which could see the programme rise to 7th place.

The Weakest Link Doctor Who Special was 23rd on the list.
More Press Reviews
April 1, 2007  •  Posted By Marcus
Monday's newspapers have been busy reviewing the return of Doctor Who to BBC One on Saturday.

Andrew Billen in The Times gives the programme 4/5 and describes how all his worries about Rose leaving were dispelled with the arrival of Martha, while Sam Wollaston in The Guardian declares "Doctor Who still rules". In The Telegraph James Walton writes that Russell T Davies isn't running short of imagination yet.

The Express accuses Russell T Davies of ruining every Saturday night on which there's no Doctor Who, and gave thanks the programme was back with a "gloriously bonkers plot".

Most papers report on the show's "ratings smash".
Tennant set to meet Einstein
April 1, 2007  •  Posted By Jarrod Cooper
IGN.com has reported that David Tennant has signed on to play prominent astrophysicist Sir Arthur Eddington in Einstein and Eddington, a HBO Films/BBC co-production. The movie will focus on Einstein's creation of his theory of relativity. Tennant plays Sir Arthur Eddington, who ultimately introduced Einstein's theory to the English speaking world via an article he wrote in 1920. Playing opposite Tennant as Einstein is Andy Serkis, best known as Gollum in the Lord of the Rings trilogy.
Episode 1 Overnight Ratings
April 1, 2007  •  Posted By Marcus
Unofficial overnight figures show that the first episode of the new series was watched by 8.2 million viewers, a 39.5% share of the audience.

The programme was the most watched on Saturday, beating the second placed Any Dream Will Do by 1.5 million viewers.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets on ITV1 was watched by 4.7 million viewers.

The programme also had the highest audience share of the day.

The five minute breakdown shows the audience grew by over 2 million throughout the programme to peak at 9.1 million between 7.35 and 7.40.

Doctor Who was also top of the Children's Top Ten with 1.6 million viewers between the ages of 4 and 16. This was more than double the number viewing the second placed Harry Potter which had 0.7 million children watching.

On BBC3, Doctor Who Confidential was watched by 790,000 Viewers. It was the second most watched programme on multi channel TV, being beaten by Ford Football Special on Sky Sports 1.
Press reviews
April 1, 2007  •  Posted By Paul Hayes
Press reviews have started to appear in the Sunday newspapers for last night's third series opener of Doctor Who. The Sunday People's critic Jon Wise expresses disappointment with "Smith and Jones", stating that "The BBC'S biggest, brightest, shiniest and most overly-hyped flagship show - Doctor Who Really Cares Any More? - is back... What was once new and exciting is now boring and repetitive. It feels a struggle to have to engage with a new sidekick for the Doctor... While it was still easily watchable sci-fi fun, after two series this is starting to feel lazy and lame." The Daily Mirror's verdict from Kevin O'Sullivan is mixed: O'Sullivan feels that Freema Agyeman "is set to be just as popular as her smash-hit predecessor Billie Piper," while adding "there's no denying that energetic David Tennant doesn't deliver the goods."

The online version of The Stage entertainment industry newspaper carries a review by assistant editor Scott Matthewman, which also praises Agyeman. "Freema may have proved herself capable to be the new companion, but she has big shoes to fill. And it’s to the series’ credit that it openly acknowledges the Rose-shaped hole and makes it a virtue. By doing that, it helps set up what should be an interesting series. Bring it on!" However, Matthewman feels that the plot of the episode "doesn't stand up to close scrutiny. An MRI scanner, capable of being tweaked to kill everything within 250,000 miles? On an NHS budget? (Seriously though, it could kill everything on Earth — even from the moon — but Anne Reid plans to escape by hiding behind a screen?)".