Playable Software for PLAYSTATION®3

Find out which PlayStation® software is supported by PLAYSTATION®3


PlayStation® / PS one® format software:

PS one® titles are playable on PLAYSTATION®3 through software emulation and this is available on all PLAYSTATION®3 models. The vast majority of PS one® format software titles are playable, including PS one® classic titles downloaded from PLAYSTATION®Network, but full compatibility is not guaranteed.

PlayStation®2 format software:

Compatibility of PlayStation®2 titles is largely achieved through a combination of software and hardware depending on the particular PLAYSTATION®3 models, and this is supported by the PLAYSTATION®3 system software.

This is available in PLAYSTATION®3 60GB (Model Number: CECHC02*) and as a result the majority of PlayStation®2 format software can be played with this model. Future PLAYSTATION®3 system software updates will continue to support the current PlayStation®2 software compatibility for PLAYSTATION®3 60GB.

However, PLAYSTATION®3 40GB (Model Number: CECHGO2*) is not equipped with these features and therefore PlayStation®2 format software cannot be played with this model.

* The model number can be found on a sticker on the back of the PLAYSTATION®3 system.



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