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There is nothing more important to Bel Ami than the well-being of our models. Although the risk of infection in the Czech Republic and Slovakia is still minimal, all our performers are regularly tested for the presence of HIV or other communicable diseases. We would never permit anyone to work on a Bel Ami project who could endanger the health or safety of our models, nor would we allow our models to engage in any potentially harmful activity.

At this time there is no cure for HIV/AIDS, only highly toxic medications which prevent people infected with HIV/AIDS from dying. We are aware that having sex without condoms is the major reason why every year hundreds of thousands of people all over the world become infected with this terrible disease, and why every year those numbers significantly increase. By filming and presenting this visual fantasy we do not advocate or promote anal intercourse without the use of condoms. We fervently hope that in your private life you act responsibly and take every precaution to keep yourself healthy.


18 U.S.C. 2257 Record-Keeping Requirements Compliance Statement

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