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Season Closer No Disappointment
by Bobby "weenus" Hicks

July 28, 2008


Birmingham Salvo
San Francisco OPTX

FORZA Motorsport 2

The Final match started off with the squeal of tires as Picaso and Miximup began battling straight off of the grid. Daveyskills took an early lead after a light tap on SACKAMONJARO, but the lead didn’t have much space. SACKAMONJARO made a move on Daveyskills, but he still managed to stay ahead of the pack. Daveyskills held onto first until he was able to cross the finish line, with SACKAMONJARO in second, Picaso in third, and Miximup in fourth place. A 5-2 start to the World Final match.


Second in line, Bazza faced off against Stermy as France and Brazil respectively. Bazza added to the SALVO’s lead early, when a botched corner kick from Stermy resulted in a ‘HE-COULD-GO-ALL-THE-WAY!!!!’ moment from one of Bazza’s strikers. The pain continued to rain down as Bazza picked up another goal, giving Stermy flashbacks of the loss to Manyna in his last game. Bazza nearly had a third goal, but an offsides call kept Stermy in the game. Moments later, Stermy found an opportunity on a breakaway, moving the score to 2-1 just before halftime. The second half went back and forth, with a few missed opportunities, but Bazza managed to hold his 2-1 lead, heading into the next game.

Dead or Alive 4 (FEMALE)

Next up, SarahLou had a chance at revenge against Vanessa after losing 5-3 in the Individual World Final event. SarahLou as Kasumi, stepped into the ring against Vanessa’s Hitomi on DWA Coliseum. Revenge seemed out of the question, as Vanessa outclassed SarahLou for three straight rounds, showing absolutely no mercy. It wasn’t until the fourth round that SarahLou managed to pick up a few key counters to pick a point up on the board. SarahLou looked to have a second round, juggling Vanessa into the turnbuckle, but Vanessa’s sliver of health allowed her to capitalize on a wake up kick. SarahLou picked up a second and final round, before Vanessa dominated her quickly, closing the game out 5-2.

Dead or Alive 4 (MALE)

Looking to make up for SarahLou’s shortcomings, Messy faced off against NinjaCW in a Gen Fu mirror match on Kyoto in Bloom. The first round started off strong for NinjaCW, but he slowed down towards the middle of the round, allowing Messy a glimmer of hope before taking the lead 1-0. NinjaCW took a quick second round in the water, before faltering with the lead, allowing Messy to steal a round and make it 2-1. Messy picked up a second round, and looked to have had a third when NinjaCW began an endless string, keeping Messy pinned against the bench, moving the score to 3-2 in the OPTX’s favor. Messy began to counter and parry everything, picking up two quick rounds, as well as the lead for the first time in the match. Messy, sitting on game point, looked to have allowed NinjaCW to stay alive for another round, but miraculously sent him down into the water, where he finished the match 5-3 for the SALVO.

Counter-Strike Source

Closing out the World Final match, the high ranked BIRMINGHAM SALVO battled the recently recharged SAN FRANCISCO OPTX on de_inferno. The OPTX, on offense as Terrorist, moved a split towards the B bomb site, but fell to the SALVO’s strong defense. The OPTX then hit the A site through banana, where Paradox edged out a SALVO player to win a 1v1, tying the score at 1-1. The OPTX picked up a couple of rounds in the A bomb site, but the SALVO proved too strong on defense, taking the half 6-3, putting the OPTX in the impossible position of needing a 9-0 or an 8-1 to win, with no chance of a tie for the overall match.

The SALVO stormed through the OPTX for the first round, running right into the B bomb site and making it that much harder for the OPTX to find success in the World Final. The OPTX were able to defend the B site in the following round, barely, as it came down to a 2vs2 situation with the SALVO in the site. The third was a complete failure for the OPTX. The SALVO moved into the A bomb site, destroying the OPTX players, leaving it to Clown in a 2v1 with the bomb down. He managed to pick up one of the frags, but died in the process, ending the overall match for the OPTX, crowning BIRMINGHAM SALVO as the 2008 World Champions! The SALVO, excited with their win, jumped up from their computers, leaving the arbitrary rounds of Counter-Strike: Source in the dust. Not sure what this will mean for the long-term stats, but the final game score ended at 8-4 in the BIRMINGHAM SALVO’s favor.

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   #1    NoobZaibot
07/28/08 at 10:54 PM EST

Posts: 488
Location: Lima

Team GM  Team GM
Congrats ODEE, well played .

NoobZaibot <3 Mazda 323 - #Furia @ GameSurge
   #2    Jamie^
07/28/08 at 10:54 PM EST

Posts: 353
Location: Scarborough

Salvo/Venom/coL Fan!
   #3    Ricochet
07/28/08 at 10:55 PM EST

Posts: 808
Location: In front of an xbox360 and HDTV ^_^

Staff Member  Staff Member
Great job Salvo. Nice write up!

Whether you think you can or whether you think you cant, you are right - Henry Ford
   #4    BenGM
07/28/08 at 10:59 PM EST
Posts: 222
Location: Tamworth

Staff Member  Staff Member
Congrats ODEE and to Salvo, really great news for the UK scene.

Damn it, it's 5am again, at least i can sort my body clock out now CGS is over
   #5    Ez-
07/28/08 at 11:01 PM EST

Posts: 397
Location: Phoenix

Congrats to the Salvo and their fans. Hell of a season, hopefully next year the EU/UK region can get a regular season much like Region 1's. Regardless I can't wait for next summer.

LA CompLexity Graphic Designer
   #6    ApoStle9999RM
07/28/08 at 11:06 PM EST
Posts: 11

Yeah i watched the CSS match from teh next gen servers. It was brilliant. Great watching it live. RattlesnK just owned as usual. Good job the whole of Salvo!!! WOO!
   #7    var1ables
07/28/08 at 11:07 PM EST
Posts: 347
Location: riverside county

congrats salvo. GG optx. it was a real nail biter till the end.
coL fan since 2004
Sunman fan since before ZeX
   #8    v1koo
07/28/08 at 11:10 PM EST

Posts: 310
Location: Gto

Pro Gamer  Pro Gamer
Congrats to SALVO, MVP to Daveyskills and Picaso ^^

Mexico City Furia - Counter Strike Source team
   #9    Muzik
07/28/08 at 11:10 PM EST
Posts: 53

very well played salvo, well deserved and well executed
   #10    H2o-Karnage
07/28/08 at 11:13 PM EST

Posts: 271

Nice job Salvo!!!

Carolina Core Future Player 2010!
Only The Strong Will Survive.
   #11    bootman
07/28/08 at 11:17 PM EST

Posts: 467
Location: Las Vegas

Staff Member  Staff Member
well played you guys. i personally woulda given the mvp to messy though for the big upset.

feature writer for www.DallasVenom.com
   #12    ciaiei
07/28/08 at 11:31 PM EST

Posts: 942
Location: Helsinki

YES!!! Go Salvo, Go Europe!

Are you shut-the-f***ing-up yet? -djWHEAT
coL fan since 2005
   #13    airhead501
07/28/08 at 11:39 PM EST

Posts: 661
Location: Gotham

gg salvo, but...

i am batman

evil must be eradicated from this world, and i will be the one who does it.
   #14    twz-
07/28/08 at 11:54 PM EST
Posts: 11
Location: São Paulo

congrats SALVO !!!
w8ng 4 recap vid =)
   #15    kuripo
07/29/08 at 12:13 AM EST

Posts: 20
Location: Hanoi

Awesome SALVO

Any pix plz ???

   #16    TAPbiggyC
07/29/08 at 12:27 AM EST

Posts: 2
Location: el monte


   #17    SkatanMilla
07/29/08 at 12:29 AM EST

Posts: 56
Location: Stockholm

Pro Gamer  Pro Gamer
Congrats to the victory and congrats to Messy for bringing home the win.

   #18    adikto
07/29/08 at 12:36 AM EST

Posts: 89
Location: Anaheim

Congrats ! Salvo, Furia deberia ser el ganador jeje

   #19    kin-^
07/29/08 at 12:38 AM EST
Posts: 141

nice win salvo.
coulda used a little more harriman
   #20    Sacredragon
07/29/08 at 12:50 AM EST
Posts: 2
Location: Danbury

Well played Salvo, congrats to you...
   #21    letmegoUH
07/29/08 at 12:51 AM EST
Posts: 39
Location: Sydney

well done!
3 north american teams.. and none of them take out the world championships.. lol so bad
   #22    ponderosa2
07/29/08 at 12:52 AM EST
Posts: 3

Congrats ODEE and Salvo. Great to have the CHAMPS in EU

   #23    NeoNess
07/29/08 at 01:02 AM EST

Posts: 177
Location: Copperton

Referenced post #21 by letmegoUH
well done!
3 north american teams.. and none of them take out the world championships.. lol so bad
because 2 of them had to face each other in the first round...regardless gj salvo
   #24    r2k
07/29/08 at 01:07 AM EST

Posts: 148
Location: Birmingham

Staff Member  Staff Member
well done guys, I knew you could win it

Last modified on 7/29/2008 at 1:07 am EST

# Head of News for Birmingham Salvo
# Team Advisor of Team Dignitas
   #25    NT_101
07/29/08 at 01:13 AM EST
Posts: 71
Location: Bristol

Pro Gamer  Pro Gamer

Congratulations on a Great job.

Enjoy the celebration, you all deserve it.


Last modified on 7/29/2008 at 1:14 am EST

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