I am a Softwire!I am a Softwire is a group of sci-fi fans who have banded together to sponsor our favorite author, PJ Haarsma, and his young adult science fiction book series, The Softwire. We raise funds to sponsor book tours and to purchase The Softwire books to give to children and adults. It is our secondary goal to help engender an appreciation for the science fiction genre in general, especially among children. We feel it is an overlooked genre in the literary world and we would like to see that bias change.

Currently, I am a Softwire is raising funds to be a full sponsor of PJ Haarsma’s Fall 2008 The Softwire book tour. We consider it an honor to be partners in calling more attention to this excellent, award-winning book series for children. PJ's book presentations have a reputation for being exciting and dynamic. They move along as quickly as his fast-paced books, engaging children in many fun activities on a wide variety of subjects including the vast distances of space and the Hollywood audition process. His personal "close encounter" tale, complete with alien artifact, is legendary among his fans and presentation audiences.

PJ was the first author to ever visit our school. The students and staff were mesmerized by his multi-media presentation. He not only educated the kids with amazing facts on our solar system, he motivated them to read. His introduction to the Softwire books had our middle school kids begging for more. Following his presentation, children all over the campus were reading his books and joining his interactive website. He helped our students find passion and fun in reading- and because of his personal touch through the school visit, our students will forever feel connected to PJ and his Softwire books. We cannot wait for books 3 & 4! -- Beth Duncan, 2008 Middle School Educator of the Year Region 9 for the state of California, Top 10 Teachers of the Year for San Diego County 2008

I am a Softwire raises funds for our sponsorship through our online store linked at the top of this page and through eBay auctions. We sell science fiction collectibles, products from Orbis and fan-made crafts. Please look around our site to learn more about The Softwire books, science fiction and our sponsorship. If you haven’t read The Softwire series of books, find out what you are missing. They can be ordered from Barnes and Noble, Amazon or the author's store. You can also order The Softwire and other great science fiction books from your local bookstore. The Softwire series is very popular among many independent booksellers.

The I am a Softwire fund is powered by fans of The Softwire. PJ Haarsma supports, but is not responsible for our fundraising activities.

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