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If you are in college—whether you are living away from home in a dorm or are at home and commuting to classes—you know how busy and full your life has become. Between attending classes, studying, doing research, and writing papers, you may feel you have little time for anything else. Add working to the mix or family responsibilities, and your life may be a hectic blur. Take one more thing on? You have to be kidding. But scheduling some time each month or semester outside of the classroom to volunteer as a role model for younger girls may be just the "me-time" you need to give yourself a much-needed boost.

What Are Campus Girl Scouts?

Campus Girl Scouts volunteer their skills and talents in program activities run directly with girls and teens or use their skills and abilities to provide services at school, in their community, or in their local Girl Scout council. As a Campus Girl Scout, you can:

  • Plan events. Are you a bio major? Coordinate a day of activities for teens with your local science museum.
  • Run a Girl Scout group. A group of preteens would love to visit you on campus once a month to hang out and talk about the issues they are facing.
  • Act as a consultant. Are you a graphics-wiz? Spend one afternoon showing eight-year-olds how to create a digital photo album.
  • Get a byline. Are you a marketing or PR major? Write for the local Girl Scout online newsletter or craft articles on Girl Scout activities for the local paper.
  • Share your smarts. Help tutor others on campus. Organize a health fair for teens.
  • Flex your managerial skills. Are you a business major? Serve on a task group or committee that deals with an issue you care about.
  • Raise money. Thinking of majoring in fund development or grant writing? Practice your skills now and have some successful efforts to add to your resume.
  • Change a life. Try mentoring a girl who needs a positive role model in her life.

Whatever you do and however you contribute, you help girls grow strong!

Who Is Eligible to Join?

If you are enrolled in a college, junior college, university, vocational, or technical school, you are eligible.

How Much Time Is Involved?

You decide on a level of involvement that works for you. College students have many other commitments and their level of involvement may vary from semester to semester and from student to student. Some students may have time for monthly commitments, while others may be able to participate once a semester.

How Do I Start a Campus Girl Scout Group?

If you are a student, you can follow these steps:

  1. Check the Campus Girl Scout Directory to make sure that a group doesn't already exist at your school.
  2. If your school is not listed, go to the Girl Scout Council Finder to get contact information for the council that covers the area where your school is located.
  3. Contact the council to express interest in starting a group and fill out and submit the Campus Girl Scout Certification Form and Commitment Statement (PDF, 83KB).

If you are an instructor or school administrator, contact the local Girl Scout council to form a campus group.

If you are part of a Girl Scout council, you can contact the school administration, an interested faculty member who can serve as the advisor, or students at institutions of higher learning in your area.

For more information, check our Campus Girl Scout FAQs or contact:

Campus Girl Scouts
Girl Scouts of the USA
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New York, NY 10018
Phone: (800) GSUSA 4 U
Fax: (212) 852-6515

Campus Girl Scout Certification Form and Commitment Statement (PDF, 83KB)

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