Terror Toons
Year: 2002
Directed by: Joe Castro
Cast: Matt Falletta (Jack Frost 2)
Bevery Lynne (Hell's Highway)
Lizzie Borden
Fernando Gasca
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Candy (Lizzie Borden) has bought the new Terror Toons dvd and
can't wait to watch it, but as soon as she starts to play it
a mad doctor and his deranged monkey companion are released.
Candy and her sister Cindy are home alone and the two horrifying
toons start killing Cindy's friends off and anyone else who enters
the house.

When the names of the lead persons are Cindy and Candy you can't go
wrong right? This movie really has it all, black humor, gore, a devil,
superwoman oh and did I mention gore? It opens up with Candy sitting in
her bath and singing Rubber ducky, when she gets out of the bath, her
two giant silicon tits pop up... hmmm, I really never understood
what age Candy was supposed to be? Especially as Cindy, her bigger
sister, seems to be playing 16 or 17. Another thing that bothered me
about the family is that the mother is played by a man dressed as
a woman?

The movie goes along nicely and actually has one creepy scene that
freaked me out, although, I always think it's scary when someones
voice changes rapidly. In most movies, bad acting is a bad thing, but
in this movie, the bad acting just helps the movie, if the actors
would be dead serious, this wouldn't be enjoyable at all. The cartoon
backgrounds are pretty bad so it's a good thing we don't get a lot
of that, most of it takes place in the house with the two madmen and
the teens.

Another good thing is that it succeeds to look like a proper children's
program, just with plenty of gore in it. A hot looking cast doesn't
exactly ruin the movie either, or the fact that they play strip poker
during most of the movie. This movie isn't for everyone, but if
you're a hardcore horror fan, rent it, you'll be in for a gorefilled surprise.

We get PLENTY of guts, a gory brain-tickling sequence, a guy slashed
to pieces with a pizza slizer, a person cut in half with a chainsaw,
oh this list could go on forever, this is one hell of a gory movie!

Oh this is just the best thing in the movie! The movie opens with
the coolest cartoon track ever (which we hear now and then through
all of the movie) and some cool 80's disco is mixed in aswell.
The soundtrack is just perfect for this movie, it's a wierd thing the
one who made the music wasn't listed in the end credits?

Gore fans buy this now! This is an awesome horrorcomedy which makes
you giggle until you get stomach pains, if not only for the black
humor but also for the gore that makes it turn in your stomach.
This movie is not to be taken seriously, remember that, watch this
with an open mind.

Review By: AnthroFred