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BVE Train Simulator

Posted in public transit, technology, transit links by Simon Tonekham on June 1st, 2008

Six years ago, I stumbled upon a train simulator program from Japan called “BVE”, which is short for Boso View Express. This particular program is basically a freeware version counterpart of Microsoft’s Train Simulator. I really trains a lot so I give this program a spin.  The interface and the controls is quite confusing at first, so I have to do a google search on how to control the trains in the simulator (example: how to stop the train, how to start up a train and so on).

It’s a very fun program to play with - even if you are quite bored and need some time to kill (but don’t do this while you in the middle at work or your boss will do something to you!). Anyways, many railfans even create their own customized routes from mass transit systems worldwide such as Japan, Hong Kong, the United States and even some in Canada! There was once a very popular and “centralized” website for downloading BVE trainsim routes called, but that site has since no longer focusing on their updates due to the fact that they suffered a critical loss of data and lack of effort on maintaining such things. The site is still up although.

There are a lots of BVE trainsim routes to search on apart from the site that I had mentioned. All you have to do is do a Google search. I’m leaving you a video on how BVE works.

How BVE works:

References: (no longer updated)

BVE Trainsim website (Japanese only, while some text in English)

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