Everything's Not Lost: Coldplay's SPIN Archives

Browse our archival Coldplay coverage, from their first inclusion in December 2000 through this month's cover story.

October 2002: Look at the Stars: Coldplay interview

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Quick links to Coldplay through the years:

>> December 2000: The New Nice Rock? Sensitive indie rockers Coldplay are Britain's brightest hope in a post-Britpop world
>> January 2001: Top 20 Albums of 2000: Parachutes, No. 19
>> May 2001: Live Review: Seattle
>> July 2001: The Empire Strikes Back: A New Generation of Britpop
>> September 2002: Review: A Rush of Blood to the Head
>> October 2002: Look at the Stars: Coldplay interview
>> May 2003: Live Review: Denver
>> January 2005: Coldplay: 2004's Band of the Year
>> October 2005: Live Review: Hartford, CT


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