Rapleaf started as a portable reputation platform and a tool to find information about one’s self and others on the social web.  Like many great companies, we’ve evolved over the last two years.   Now we’re embarking on the next evolution that will benefit the greater community while guarding people’s privacy.

Starting today, only you will be able to search your information on Rapleaf.com.  Also, information about consumers will be more secure and only authorized developers/companies will be able to access information about consumers.   We are making these changes in order to better protect consumers.   We strive to: (i) help companies better understand their users in order to provide a better consumer experience, (ii) help consumers find and manage publicly available information about themselves.

Our mission is to enable new services and applications by supplying trusted vendors and businesses with access to data about their consumers that they already have a relationship and interact with.  And we empower consumers by providing them a view into their public online identity, enabling them to manage access to their information.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts and comments.