There were indications of letters being prepared by concerned citizens to Department of Education however we
  have no direct knowledge or connection with people enough to know whether letters were in fact signed and submitted.
  Numerous individuals expressed concerns regarding this matter because none of us wanted to see anybody unemployed
  for their radical views. And we, here at agree therefore we agreed not to pursue copies of the
  letters or to do a follow up here.

  DBC has not requested us to remove any of our evidences or comments. It was many of you who asked us
  to seek healthy dialogue and seek a way for closure so that we all are able to rise out of the ashes.
  We here at agreed. We've taken the first step to help and seek a closure.

  We have re-posted some of the very basic information here for vlogs and a blog from former DBC core group members
  who were brushed away or booted out without due process.

  The very best of luck to each one of us as we all seek to reunite and work for the best interest of deaf babies.

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