ASTRA 5A is located at 31.5° East, ASTRA's new position for Europe, Western Russia and the Middle East. The satellite provides capacity suitable for direct-to-home broadcasting, cable and DTT feeds. ASTRA 5A provides DTH coverage for multiple markets on the pan-European beam. Coverage suitable for small DTH dish reception continues from Italy and central Western Europe all the way to Moscow and the Ural mountains. The mediterranean coverage starts off the coast of Spain and continues through Israel and the Middle East including Turkey, the Black sea, the Caspian sea and Iraq, providing an excellent option to serve markets in Central and Eastern Europe and beyond. The satellite offers 13 transponders on the pan-European beam and 13 transponders on the CEE beam.

Satellite Facts

Satellite launch information

Launch date: 12-NOV-1997 at 00:31:00 UTC

Satellite orbital information

Orbital location: 31.5° East
Type: Spacebus 3000, 3 axis stabilized
Mass in orbit: 1240 kg (2730 lb)
Dimensions Body: 1.8 x 2.3 x 2.86 m, Span 27.3 m

Satellite transponder information

Frequency band: 11.7-12.5 GHz (BSS)
Transponder bandwidth: 33 MHz (BSS)
Polarization: Linear (horizontal and vertical)


Pan European beam


Central Eastern European beam