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Server issues: July 23rd

This morning, the hard disk array on this server was nearing capacity and as a result, services like SQL and FTP were automatically shut down causing the site to go offline.  From that point on, access to the site was intermittent.

The host has gone in and removed a large amount of unneeded files from the server, which has freed up about 12% of space on the root filesystem.  Although the site is functioning normally at this time I would say it's not safe to assume that this has been resolved completely yet.

At this point it isn't known whether or not this is the culprit behind our intermittent downtime over the past couple of weeks, but at the time I would say that this was most likely an isolated issue.

Posted by musicman2059 on Wednesday, 23-Jul-2008 10:05 AM

Server issues: May 23rd Just so that everyone is on the same page about this, there are some host issues today. (May 23rd)

Early this morning the host's data center lost power, and in the switchover from conventional power to their UPS and backup generator there was a brief power spike that caught a few of the servers. For the most part TAC's shared server seems to be unaffected by all this but is experiencing hiccups every here and there as a result of the switchover to backup power. Although I can't tell you whether or not the outage is over, the host is working on getting all their affected servers back online, at which point the site loading issues that we see over here should eventually dissipate.

At this point it seems that there's still a ways to go before everything is resolved. The host's forum (which I can barely get to even now) is still getting a crapton of threads containing servers that are still down. Just hang on tight and I would think that this should all be done by the end of the day.

I'm just glad I don't have a techie job right now.

This news item can be discussed on the forum.

Posted by musicman2059 on Friday, 23-May-2008 14:17 PM

Re-introducing: The Ancient Cave After nearly ten months of being in "unmanaged mode" and missing its fifth birthday last November, allow me to welcome everyone back to TAC.

UGS turned out to possibly be the biggest mistake I ever made; I was too preoccupied with other stuff *coughvideogamescough* in order to make any headway and never really came up with a general idea to come up. So, last week, I started to come back to my roots and brought UGS' forum back over here, making it the new (old) TACF, and bringing the site back to live action!

As of right now, all of the focus has been rebuilding the community from the ground up. It wasn't very long after the changeover that a couple of old members started filing back in, and for those that have come back I thank you for making an early contribution.

I opened up forum staff applications to see what our returning members and staff members would be interested in, so far I got a somewhat expected response; two applications that I've somewhat anticipated in a sense. Aside from applications I already have offers from our lovely designer of the site's v4 layout to create a v5 layout, something that's always much appreciated because my artistic ability in... graphic arts is next to none, and god forbid I try to code a layout with my rusty HTML skills for now.

Along with upgrading the forums to IP.Board 2.3.5, the site's backend has been upgraded to Etomite 1.0 as well. However, the plan is to eventually migrate the site over to MODx, which is based off of the Etomite backend but with a few extra features that could prove helpful in future development; Although it may require me to go back and play some Lufia for a bit. (I've already got Crisis Core, The World Ends With You, and Mabinogi to worry about!)

I have been trying to get back in contact with some of our old members as well, and would also encourage those that know other old TACFers to do the same. Let's restore our community, and our site, to what it once was!

Posted by musicman2059 on Saturday, 03-May-2008 00:44 AM

Sudden Emergency Hey guys.

I won't go into any details but a family emergency has kind of popped up out east. There's a very good chance that I will be headed out to Winnipeg (or more specifically Morden, an hour south of Winnipeg) as early as tomorrow or as late as sometime late next week. Depending on when I go and how I end up going it could be anywhere from a few days to a week and a half or so. (All I know is that I really can't afford to fly there.) If/when I do leave, I will NOT be contactable until I return.

As I have not made the call to restaff the forum yet, unless I don't leave tomorrow and start to make some ground on rebuilding the community, you guys will most likely be on your own until I get back. However, I know you guys will be... well-behaved, or else my warn finger will be getting a workout. :P

Posted by musicman2059 on Friday, 02-May-2008 14:21 PM

Alert: Recent attacks against host This really only concerns those that are browsing the site during the late night in North America; If you don't have a habit of staying up late like I do, you can ignore this.

As of recent, TAC's host, Surpass Hosting, has been having problems with frequent Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks on their servers, including the one that we are hosted on. This is causing small spurts of downtime that have been happening mainly between midnight and 1:00 AM Pacific time (3-4 AM Eastern) while the support team attempts to split the rogue traffic from the legitimate traffic. Although the reason for the downtime each time cannot be confirmed by myself, a DDoS attack has been confirmed on at least one occasion. (And another as the result of an update to the server.)

If you are trying to access the site at the times noted and aren't getting through, it would be best advised to wait a few minutes and try again. If any other information becomes available regarding these attacks and the host's progress on squelching it, I will post it here.

Posted by musicman2059 on Friday, 02-May-2008 01:35 AM


You know, UGS is a bomb.  I just don't have the will to start up another site.  I really don't think I thought it through when I said I was gonna start up a general gaming site that's community oriented. I've wasted quite a bit of money trying to get that all started up, but now I just think it isn't worth going through with.

In the process of thinking of ways to get UGS off the ground, I completely shafted TAC.  This was a site that was the heart and soul of many users; A lot of people have put work into this site.  Lesley was the resident genius when it came to Lufia games, Ash made this awesome layout all by herself, and has an amazing talent for graphical work especially for someone declared legally blind, and the content this site put out was gradually improved from the rush job that I put together some five and a half years ago.  Forums were created, converted, restarted, and a lot of stuff went on.  Behind this site was a huge community, and when UGS came, and I wanted to use IPB with this and closed the forum down on the consensus of some other users, the community disappeared.  All that this site was is gone.

Honestly, I truly regret the whole decision to try to get something going with UGS.  In the end I figure out for my own skill level that it would be impossible for me to create the site I wanted to make unless I stole Chris' half-finished GamingMoz code. (As if that would've done me any good.)  Just today I was thinking to myself, "screw UGS; I want to move my whole forum back to TAC, reconfigure it, and try to restore the community I loved and cherished so much for four and a half years."  Unfortunately, though, I don't know if that's still possible.  The move away to UGS killed the community as we already are, and now a lot of our old members are in different stages of their life.

Even despite those facts, I'm seriously thinking of just forgetting about UGS, move the forum, (without any data loss) and just continue with TAC.  As much as the series is dead, there's always some sort of hope there and a fanbase that is always trying to stay together.  I honestly don't know what the status is of other fansites of its kind, such as Lufia World and Forfeit Island.  (Those two sites plus TAC are the only sites still listed on the series' Wikipedia articles)

I honestly don't know what I'm going to do at this point, but right now I'm really banked on just moving everything back to TAC.  Whatever decision I make I can only hope that whomever remains of this community is willing to back me up.

Posted by musicman2059 on Friday, 25-Apr-2008 01:14 AM

Gallery Back Online

Sorry it took so long to get the gallery back online.

There was a problem with the upgrade which I had tried to do via fantastico.  As TAC isn't my first priority and that the amount of visitors went down I decided to leave it.  However, it is now fixed and the gallery is accessible yet again.

Do note that if you linked to anything before, you may need to grab the URL for it again because the main problem had to do with Friendly URLs and how they were being handled, and so I had to disable it.

Posted by musicman2059 on Friday, 05-Oct-2007 14:37 PM

A small glimpse of hope

Though for some the Lufia series may be long dead, it seems that there is still some consideration regarding the future of the series.

Cubed3 (http://www.cubed3.com) conducted an interview with Natsume where one of the topics brought up were as follows:


C3: Also, after the Lufia team has finished working on Rune Factory, are there any plans to resurrect the Lufia series, perhaps on DS or Wii?

GM: Nothing has been discussed. Neverland, the company that developed Lufia is also the same company that developed CIMA: The Enemy. Hopefully the next project we work on is a follow up to that series. 


It's a bit hard for me to translate what exactly this means, but what it seems to me is that right now there are no plans for Lufia.  However, Natsume wants to get Neverland Company to hopefully follow up on either CIMA or Lufia on their next project.  I would assume for now that this would me more of a CIMA thing, but it might work out for Lufia fans in the long run.

To view the full article, check out http://www.cubed3.com/news/7305/1/Natsume_Talks_Harvest_Moon_Anniversary_Plans,_Wii_Support_&_Much_More... 

Posted by musicman2059 on Sunday, 15-Apr-2007 00:41 AM

TACs Overhaul in detail

Aite, so now that the gallery has been migrated over to Gallery from CPG, (and also note that CPG has been completely removed) I can go about going into "detail" about this overhaul.

The only problem is... I'm not 100% sure about what exactly is going to be everything that I do to the site, though I'm sure about some of the changes that are going to take place:


1. A new layout
And this time I won't be asking for any help, because it'll be a more simple, less-graphical layout.  (And I'm fairly confident in my HTML skills to create a good-looking layout.)  I'm thinking a bit more similar to the updated v2 layout over at Symphonic heaven, to a degree.  (I'm not really someone who likes to steal layouts but I need my inspiration from somewhere as well.)  The only graphical portions of the site should be the banner and maybe a couple of icons here and there.  Otherwise I'll be using my semi-leet HTML skills.  (That and I need to teach myself some more advanced tricks and try out div layers as well. :P)

2. A new backend
...again.  I currently have the site as it is today ported over to MODx, a CMS system that was based off of Etomite.  My main reason for this decision was because MODx offers a lot more flexibility and would allow me to possibly add some extras in the future.  Shawn has already offered is help, allowing me to dive into SH's many snippets as well. :P  That being said, some of the features and little tidbits you might notice are available on both ends.

3. New content
One of the big things, and this is something I've been wanting to do for a while, are two things:  Add more detailed content, and update the current content.  Although the site has been running for four and a half years, the content hasn't changed all that often, and so this site looks like something that was designed professionally, but that's about it...  I don't know exactly what I'm gonna here, and I'll probably launch v5 before I start on the content, as I can do it as an ongoing thing, but if I don't sit myself down and do it, I won't get around it, so I'd have to be able to dedicate some time to it.

That's what I'm planning for now, but more things might come along.  I probably won't post about it so you'll just have to see when it's finished. :P 

Posted by musicman2059 on Monday, 02-Apr-2007 15:17 PM

New Gallery Launched

I have finally gotten all the images ported over and such, and the new gallery is ready for everyone to see and use.

Uploading anything new to the gallery should be simple.  I should have configured all the galleries except the User Galleries to be uploadable by everyone.  All you should have to do is go into the gallery you want to upload to, and use the Add Items option to do so.  If not, I'll keep finding ways to allow people to upload.  (Also, remember that you must register before you can upload.)  Do note that uploading anything objectionable (porn, nudity, etc...) or anything copyrighted that isn't yours, will result in being banned from the gallery.

And, as I've mentioned before, this gallery is NOT integreated with the  forum, and thus will require separate registration for each.

I won't be touching the default template for now until the planned overhaul is complete.  As for the details on the site overhaul so far, I shall make a post about that soon.  Right now I'm too spaced out to say anything about it. 

Posted by musicman2059 on Sunday, 01-Apr-2007 15:26 PM

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