May 26th, 2008

The sun shone for us in Salt Lake City, and we were surrounded on all sides by mountains. As the days progressed, we could see the snow melting from the peaks as the skiing season came to an end. It was great to stay in one place for a few days and we packed and relaxed. There was a wonderful outdoor mall downtown and we indulged in some window shopping here, just window shopping, as we have to pack our suitcases to go home soon.

The Kingsbury Hall saw wonderful crowds every night, and we enjoyed the theatre ambience. Apparently families in Salt Lake City have a family night once a week, where are family members are home on this evening, which is a really nice idea.

From here, we had a long journey to San Francisco, but it was well worth it as we arrived in the morning and this tourist friendly city had already kicked into action  with the trolleys stuffed with people made their way up the steep hills.

We performed in the beautiful Orpheum on Market Street, to great crowds each night. There was so much to see and do that everyone sort of lost each other for the few days here, but every evening before the show, it was fun to catch up and compare stories of the day’s adventures whether it was Alcatraz, or Fisherman’s wharf, or cycling over the Golden Gate Bridge.  Although we were sad to leave, we were very excited about our destination, Sacramento, as this was where Michael Buble was performing a concert. We went straight from our show to his concert, and it was a wonderful treat to see someone else perform, and not only that, we got to meet him and his band afterwards and swap stories of the road. What a night!

Luckily we had a day off to recover and then we performed downtown in the Memorial Auditorium, where we had performed last year, and we had a Meet and Greet here, with almost all the same people as last year. Déjà vu!

From here to San Diego and we went to another concert. This time Alicia Keys and it was a stunning concert too. We performed in Chula Vista, in the Cricket Wireless Amphitheatre. There was a touch of what the locals call May Grey, and the sun wasn’t splitting the stones, but it was our first outdoor show of the Summer, and nothing says Summer like an outdoor show.

The following day saw us performing twice in the McCallum Theatre in the heart of Palm Desert, in the blistering heat, though of course we were indoor. It was more heat for us then as we meandered into Arizona with shows in Phoenix and Tucson, in the Dodge Theatre and Centennial Hall respectively with very effusive audiences both evenings.

It was back to California then for the remainder of the tour, and we had a day off in Bakersfield. It was a lounge by the pool day as everyone splashed in for a while to cool down from the sunshine. It was into the home strait then, as we hovered around the Los Angeles area, playing Long Beach Terrace Theatre, followed by Santa Barbara in the magnificent amphitheatre the Santa Barbara bowl, and we finished up in a favourite of ours, the Greek amphitheatre in the Los Angeles area. As usual, the end of a tour is a bittersweet experience, on one hand, everyone is happy to get home, but on the other hand, there is sadness at saying goodbye to everyone who has been your family for the past few months. Of course we will all stay in touch and we will be reunited before long. And we hope to see all our fans again soon, and thank you so much to everyone who came to our shows on the Spring tour 2008, and making it the enjoyable experience it was.

May 1st, 2008


Easter was fast approaching and we had some days off to recover after our exciting trip to New York. We played two arena’s in a row. Wilkes Barre and Manchester New Hampshire and the crowds were really exceptional, and gave us a fantastic reception.  We returned again to Wallingford  for a matinee and evening show. Double the fun. When onstage it’s always dark, but we got a fright after the matinee to walk outside and see that it  was still bright! We had our final show before Easter in Wallingford that evening and then settled down with Easter eggs for a few well-earned days off.

Our Easter break saw us doing some shopping and eating well. We headed then to Rochester MN, for our first show back. Its amazing that even after so few days off, it still feels strange to step on stage, but soundcheck  got us back into the swing of things, and we left here to go to Rockford Illinois, where we stayed in charming Olde Worlde inn, and felt like we had stepped back in time to another era. We then performed in the Ultra Modern and extremely well equipped Metrocentre. It was like we had fast forwarded in time by stepping out on stage.

It was onto the Gateway to the West then. We performed in the beautiful Fox theatre in St Louis , in the shadow of the great Arch. We always enjoy playing in the Fox theatres  all over the country. It feels like you are seeped in Musical history, and you can almost sense in  the atmosphere that many American Icon’s played here before.

It was onto another ultra-modern arena then, as we arrived in Kansas City, and made our way into the Sprint Centre. So New that it wasn’t even there the last time we played here. It was a super venue with a beautiful dressing room and giant backstage.  We joked that instead of us touring, the rest of the country could come to us, and we could just play here for the rest of the time. Only Joking!  Where would be the fun in that.

The sun started to shine in Louisville, Kentucky for us on our day off. We performed in an older venue, the Palace theatre. Similar to the Fox, and beautifully ornate. We had meet and Greets in a beautiful bar area off the lobby. It is rare for us to see the House and when  we do, it is wonderful that it is as spectacular as this one.

Onto another great venue, called the Auditorium in the windy city of Chicago, situated on the Magnificent Mile.. It was here that the High Kings joined us and they will be here for the rest of the tour. Chicago was whirlwind of shopping, dinners and shows, as some of us had the wonderful opportunity to see Wicked and jersey boys. Due to our schedule, it is always hard to get to see a show, so when we get the rare chance, we seize it with gusto. Despite really making the most of this city, we left feeling there was still more to see.

April 4th, 2008

We were fortunate enough to have 3 nights in Providence PAC, a favourite venue of ours. While it is good to see new places, sometimes its enjoyable to visit old favourites. Providence appeals to all us Irish, it has a rich heritage and the people are beyond friendly. The famed Brown University is not too far away, and of course, right downtown is the Providence Place Mall, and you’re never too far away from a Starbucks.

The shows here were a wonderful success and we enjoyed performing for our Rhode Island friends. We met some wonderful people and were delighted to share stories with them. As sad as we were to leave Providence, we had a hectic trip to New York, where we performed at an event organized by Hotelier John Fitzpatrick that was attended by Former President Bill Clinton. We were fortunate  enough to have the opportunity to meet the charismatic President, and what an honour it was. We didn’t go alone however, as most of our crew traveled with us to facilitate this mini-show. The organizers couldn’t have been better and it was another great experience for Celtic Woman.

From the Big Apple, we traveled to Mohegan Sun Arena which is a beautiful venue that we always  enjoy performing at. The crowds are always fantastic and the venue staff are amazing.  You might laugh at this, but we left here and went back to NYC, as it was now approaching St Patricks weekend, which means of course, Radio City. That’s right, we still have our long standing engagement with Radio City, although this time it was the weekend before St Patricks Day.

Well, whats a girl to do in New York, except hit Barney’s and other institutions. After all, al work and no play….. We were joined both nights by the High Kings who opened for us and received a great response. Irish people have a special affinity for New York, as it holds a generations old connection. Both evenings were very well received and it remains a venue very dear to us.

The honour of a St Patrick’s Day show fell to Pittsburgh, where the coffee shops were selling Green Bagels. What a crowd! We looked into the audience and saw a sea of Green everywhere and you could hear a pin drop during our songs, but we were greeted with thunderous applause afterwards.  We had a special Meet and Greet afterwards, met the lovely competition winners and all our St Patricks day crowd.

Following this, we had a couple of days rest and recuperation, from the exciting events of the last week, before we embarked on our next destination.

Late March, 2008

Savannah Georgia treated us to some gorgeous weather for a day off. We had a superb time wandering around the Riverfront and the historic downtown. As it was a weekend, it was jam-packed with tourists and people enjoying the scenery. There were many market stalls selling jewellery and art aplenty. There was some Kettle corn to be had and everything else you associate with a good time.

We  had a great show in Savannah, in the Johnny Mercer Theatre, and from here we traveled to Tallahassee, where we were still blessed by Great weather. This was an opportunity to relax by the pool, and soak up the sun. We performed in the Leon County Civic Centre, where we had been around the same time last year, so it is nice to return to old venues. It is refreshing to arrive at a venue and know exactly where we are going, as we frequently get lost on way to the stage.

Jacksonville, in the same state of Florida was our next port of call. We performed this time in the Veteran’s Memorial Arena. This was situated just outside of town, beside the Jail, so we were all on our best behaviour!  We had a wonderful show here, and a great, and very large crowd.

Norfolk was our next port. Literally. We were close to the water here and it was a lovely downtown area, with, again, a wonderful mall. We were hoping to see some Naval Officers, but sadly not. We enjoyed a pleasant day off here, hit some shops and enjoyed some lovely food. We played in the lovely Chrysler Hall theatre here, where we had played a year or two ago. It was as pleasant as it had been before, with a lovely audience.

We traveled next to Baltimore, always a favourite. We only had one day here sadly, but had the new experience of playing at the 1st Mariner Arena. A giant and very well-equipped arena downtown. What a large crowd we had here, we looked out and it was a sea of people! And very appreciative they were too.

Even though we would have loved a couple more days in Baltimore, we were very excited to be going to Providence, Rhode Island for a record 4 days, including a day off. Predictably, there was a mall beside where we stayed (it’s making it impossible for us to pack lightly!) but apart from this, Providence is a beautiful, historic city with wonderful restaurants and no shortage of coffee shops. Thus settled, we eased into relaxation mode for a few days, and it turned out that we needed some rest time, as a very exciting event

Early March, 2008

We started our “Song for every City” game with Tulsa OK, singing the
famed 24 hours from Tulsa. From here we moved onto Birmingham AL. We
were fortunate enough to be right beside the Galleria Mall with lovely
stores and of course our favourite Coffee shop. We had a lovely day
of relaxing followed by a great seafood and steak meal.

Our show in the Jefferson Civic Center, and we had the opportunity to
meet so many of our lovely Fans in a Meet and Greet here. It was onto
Sunny Pensacola from here and we were performing beside the beach in
the Pensacola Civic Center. Here we had the chance to meet some fans
and Alex signed her first Celtic Woman photograph. It was a momentous

Augusta, Georgia was our next port of Call. It was a very pretty
city, as all of Georgia seems to be, and we were right on the
riverfront beside the Marina. It was a sleepy Sunday outside and the
perfect day to sleep in and watch TV. We had an enjoyable show and we
all departed to our next destination of Greensboro, North Carolina.

Greensboro is a quaint little city. Its downtown is home to small
stores that are family run and bookshops and lots of Glass artwork.
It was a great place to stroll around with coffee in hand. The
Coliseum was a large venue, especially as we had played a smaller
theatre the previous show day, so it was back into arena mode for us,
and very pleasant it was too.

Music City USA was our next destination and we performed in the
Sommet centre downtown, where the country music awards are always
held. It’s a beautiful venue and were visited by lots of local well-
wishers and most of our crew, being Nashville natives had the chance
to visit their family and friends. As usual with a tour, it is
sometimes sad to leave a place that you want to spend longer in, but
leave we must, and thankfully our next destination was one that is
always very dear to us. Memphis Tennessee. We were at a different
venue than we had been on previous shows and we played at the Fed-Ex
Forum downtown.  The Memphis crowd have always been very kind to us,
and this show was no exception, and we met a lovely old friend with
all his family  after the show.

We were sorry to see the rain in Knoxville, but of course into every
tour….Knoxville was as good a crowd  as the rest of Tennessee. After
this Marathon run of 4 in a row, we were ready to depart and enjoy a
day off in Savannah, GA.

Feb., 2008

It is, as always hard to leave family and loved ones but once we were all re-united, it felt like being back in a different sort of family. We all got to catch up and share stories of what we did over Christmas. It feels a bit strange without Lisa, but we have been in touch and telling her about the shows and hearing all her news.  Not long to go until we are aunties again! It is great to have Alex on board and she has settled in like she was always here.

We opened in Grand Prairie, Texas, and of the course the first few days were a whirlwind of rehearsals and run through and when we dusted the cobwebs off, we discovered that every move and every line of every song came back straight away so we could then concentrate on helping Alex get used to the stage. It was amazing how quickly she adjusted to the lights and stage.

We opened on February 13th and it was as exciting as ever to sing for our opening night audience. The Texan crowd was so appreciative of us, and everything went so well. What a relief! The following night was St Valentine’s night, and we could spot all the couples in the audience enjoying the music.

After this concert, we made our first trip in our home from home- our tour bus. We soon got into our old familiar bunks and un packed and made it cosy, as this is where we are going to be spending the next couple of months, and of course we stocked up on plenty of goodies from home to stave off the cravings for Irish food.

We arrived to Bossier City, Louisiana, where Valentines weekend was still n full swing. We enjoyed a day off here and got to spend some time shopping at the River walk area of town, but don’t worry, all the stores had sales, so not too much damage was done. It was great to relax and enjoy being back on tour and visiting different cities again.

The Bossier Crowd was just as welcoming and we really felt privileged to be performing in front of such a great crowd. Alex, who is just starting to get familiar with our audience, has been overwhelmed by the encouraging response she and the rest of us have received.  Even though we have become accustomed to the support of all our fans, it is still something that we are amazed by from city to city.

It was back to Texas then, to Houston’s Jones’s Hall, a wonderful venue. It is so good to mix between arenas and Theatres. It’s a real treat for the voice. Following Houston, we arrived in Austin Texas. We have by now become well versed in America’s Rich music tradition, but we were all very surprised at how much Austin was synonymous with live music. In the interests of research, we had to check out 6th street and were amazed that every venue had a live band, and so much variety. It’s too bad we weren’t here for longer, so now we are looking into playing the South by Southwest Festival! So look out for us rocking Austin again soon.

Of course the Austin crowd, being a music appreciation town were a very respectful audience. With music ringing in our ears, we boarded the bus again, to make our way to Tulsa, Oklahoma.


We were lucky enough to get home for a couple of days to unpack and sort through our wardrobe before we packed up again to head East to Tokyo. As Japan is nine hours ahead, we arrived early the morning after we had left and tried to adjust to the time difference by staying up. As luck would have it, there was a Starbucks right beside the hotel, so we perked up very soon.  We browsed the trendy stores of the shopping mecca of Shibuya, where everyone is dressed like they are about to strut down a catwalk.
 Like any busy city,  Tokyo is a bustling metropolis with people rushing everywhere, very reminiscent of London or New York.  It was easier to find our way around this time, as we had been here before so it wasn’t as strange as it had been previous times. We managed to find beautiful traditional Japanese restaurants to eat in and as we all enjoy sushi we were treated to obviously the best sushi in the world.
We performed in the Orchard Hall in Shibuya for three nights to a full house and what a wonderful crowd they were. Japanese audiences have a reputation for being reserved, but we received a wonderful reception, with the crowd clapping along for most of the second act. We almost had to strain to hear the music over the applause.
It was delightful to have three nights in Tokyo, but we had a show in Osaka the next night, so we departed Tokyo by bullet train, or Shinkansen. These amazing trains, can reach speeds of up to 300 kilometres per hour, and most importantly, are never late, and wait for no one. We had to race to make the prompt departure, but make it we did, with seconds to spare.
The Osaka crowd were no less welcoming, and we enjoyed one show here in Koseinenkin. Osaka is another huge city and looking out our window’s we couldn’t see an end to it.
We traveled from here to Nagoya, for our final full show. This was a bittersweet show, as, we were looking forward to going home for Christmas, but also sad that this was Lisa’s  last Celtic Woman show for a while. It was an emotional show, and we were all a little teary by the end of it. The Nagoya audience were so encouraging to us. I’m sure they knew that the next show would be different.
All that was left for us to do was to travel to the beautiful city of Kyoto and record a performance for a Christmas special for NTV. This was the perfect thing to put us in the mood for Christmas  and putting up our trees and enjoying the Christmas Spirit. We look forward to seeing you all in the New Year and wish you all a Wonderful  Christmas

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Our last week in the US was a hectic one, as we had 5 shows back to back before going home. We had a day off in Rock Island before our show in Moline. Rock Island is part of what is locally called the Quad Cities, where 4 city borders are right beside each other. This was our last day to get our last presents before going home. If we didn’t like the wares in one of the 4 cities, we still had 3 more to choose from.
Moline was eventful for us, as we held a baby shower for Lisa. Our bus was awash with lots of neutral, pastel colours and we oohed and ahhhed through each dainty present, leaving Lisa with lots more luggage to carry home than she had intended and a full wardrobe for her new arrival.
Our next stop was the Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines, Iowa. We were not the only show in town however as Avenue Q was performing just a few blocks away. Sadly, our show times clashed so we did not get to see their show, nor they ours. Maybe next time.
Our show the following night was only a very short bus ride away, and staying in the Mid-West we arrived in Omaha, Nebraska, to perform in the Civic Auditorium. The Mid-West crowd was wonderful and gave us a really enthusiastic response. Thanks to the crowd’s response each night, we were re-juvenated and drew energy from their applause. Weeks like this can sometimes be a blur, with all the travel; so it’s nice to know that we have fans urging us on to do our best.
St Paul saw us play in the superb Xcel Energy Center, a giant arena that looked spotless and brand new, and even better, our bus dropped us right to the stage almost. We like walking as much as the next person, but coming to the end of the tour, it was important to conserve our energy for use on the show. What a fantastic crowd, we looked out and saw a sea of people, which was great to see on our penultimate US performance.
We all had expectation of what Fargo would be like, thanks to the Coen Brother’s dark movie of the same name. Although it was cold, it never quite reached the snowy depths of the film, and mercifully, there was not a wood chipper in sight!
Delighted to say, the Fargo audience was fantastic, it was as if they sensed our anticipation of going home and more than appreciated our performance. It was with renewed vigour we sang our hearts out, knowing that in 2 days time we would be back at home, to see family and friends briefly before we departed again for Japan.

Horses for Courses.

 Date: 23/11/2007

We were as good as our word and spent the day window, and actual shopping in the circle center mall, where we bumped into the entire cast and crew who had the same excellent idea. That evening we ate a colossal sized meal in the famed Bucca di Beppo, where the portion sizes are humongous. Luckily we’re good at sharing, so we all enjoyed the same share.
Our show the following night was in a different venue than we had been in previously. This April, we appeared in the Murat theatre, but this time round we performed in the Conseco Fieldhouse, a beautiful sports arena. Once again, the Indy crowd were wonderful, and it turned out that night at the Meet and Greet, that many had been to the Murat theater earlier this year. Good to see them back.
We had a short hop, skip and a jump to our next venue, Fort Wayne, the Allen County Memorial, so only a short bus journey, which meant an early night for all of us (plus we were still full from the previous evening’s meal ) This was a lovely theater, very modern in décor. It’s always nice to have a mix between Theatre’s and Arena’s. We like to mix it up a bit.
We had a wonderful treat the following day, for our day off we were invited to the Coolmore Stud Farm, owned by famous Irish Horse Magnate, John Magner. What a delight it was to go out into the countryside and view the wonderful conditions that these horses are maintained in. It certainly gave us an insight into a different world.
Our show the following evening was in the Rupp arena. It was an excellent crowd, but then we did hear that Lexington is heavily populated by a large Irish contingent.
We were singing the Simpson’s theme tune all day Saturday, as we woke up and found ourselves in Springfield, IL. Springfield, is of course the home of the animated family and one of the most common town names in the US.  We’re delighted to report that Springfield is in fact a lovely town, not populated with shady clowns, mayors or police chiefs.
Our last show before our next day off was in Madison, WI. Sadly we did not get to taste the famed Cheese, although, we do prefer chocolate.  We performed in the Alliant Energy Center, so therefore did not head downtown to the student area, but our wallets could take no more abuse after Indianapolis. It was a wonderful with, once again a great audience. We have been blessed this tour with such kind appreciative audiences.
We then went to Rock Island for our last day off of this US Fall tour, and got ready for our last week in the US in  2007.


Date: 10/11/2007
We went from Charlotte to perform at "Skate for the Heart”, a skating spectacular aimed at raising awareness of Heart Disease. This was a television show, due to be aired next year, that was taped at Mohegan Sun. We had a fantastic time meeting all these fabulous athletes and performing in a very different set up than we are used to. All the skaters that performed (some of them to our songs) had unfortunately had Heart disease affect friends or family members, so of course it was a real honour for us to sing for this worthy cause.
Following this, we traveled to University Park in Pennsylvania. What a difference it was to step off our buses and breathe in the fall air. Unlike Florida and North Carolina, it was evident that fall was in full swing here. The leaves that weren’t already strewn on the ground had turned golden brown. There was a fresh chill in the air and we had to plunge into the bottom of our cases to find our winter attire. We had the most beautiful dressing room in The Bryce Jordan Centre. With our luxurious furniture and large hot tub, we were able to de-stress and wind down after the show.
From here we went to Huntington West Virginia. What a fantastic audience. It was all we could talk about on our bus ride. Although it was a little early for Halloween, we did some trick or treating in the venue, finding candy in every Dressing Room. Its hard to turn down sweets when you have a Sweet Tooth. We also made a local friend and ate some of the best burgers we have ever eaten. It’s fair to say we treated ourselves
Reading PA saw us with a night off, so we celebrated with a Halloween party, costumes were optional, though there were some great ensembles to give everyone a laugh.  It was a relaxing evening and a chance to let our hair down. The following day we performed in the Sovereign Theatre. It was a pleasure to perform in this historic town.
We changed direction then, and started to move into the MidWest. Akron, Ohio was our first Midwestern venue. We played a beautiful theatre, in the University of Akron. There wasn’t time to hang around as we boarded the bus to go to Grand Rapids, Michigan. We donned our scarves and hats and went for a walk, enjoying the brisk air, and a superb lunch.  The Van Andel arena was very kind to us and we really enjoyed this performance. With this thought, we traveled again to our last destination in this run, and arrived in Saginaw, Michigan. It felt like a typical Sunday, easygoing and it was a pleasant show. We drove to Indianapolis, and readied ourselves for a day of retail therapy in the Circle Center Mall and looked forward to good food, from one of the surrounding restaurants.


Wouldn’t you know it! No Sooner do we arrive in Miami when it starts to rain. How typical that we bring a little piece of Ireland even when we come to a popular holiday destination. We didn’t let it dampen our spirits, however, and we set off in search of a Starbucks to fuel our caffeine craving.

Warm rain is a very different thing to the Irish cold rain, and we had a good stroll. That evening we ventured down to Lincoln Avenue as the streets came alive with diners   and revelers. We were spoilt for choice as restaurant after restaurant came into view. We ate extremely well that evening.

The next day, the rain returned, so we didn’t get to lie by the beach as we had hoped. We were playing in the American Airlines Arena in downtown Miami. A beautiful Arena where the basketball team Miami Heat play.  Sadly they were not in training. We checked! The crowd was really great and showed us a wonderful welcome.

Our next stop was West Palm Beach, still in Florida, and still in the rain, sadly. We were visited by members from the Celtic Woman Forum, who were very appreciative of our performance.

Tampa was our next stop, back to where we started ‘A New Journey’ tour in February of this year. We crammed in two shows into the one day. We were delighted to see all the early risers coming to the matinee performance. After a swift dinner, we were back on stage again to greet the later attendees, who were no less enthusiastic.

That evening we left, with the rain hitting the side of the bus as we traveled to Charlotte, North Carolina for a few days’ stint. It was a great opportunity to get some retail therapy, and the South Park mall found itself being inundated with Celtic Woman members, stocking up on those items that were left behind, or just new things for the fun of it.

We had the rare experience of spending 3 nights in Charlotte, usually we are on the move straight away, so we could actually unpack, and make our hotel rooms like home. Bliss! We performed again in the Oven’s Auditorium, where we had been earlier this year. How nice it is of Charlotte to welcome us back again, and for such a long run.


Date: 05/12/2007

We found ourselves in Minneapolis for a couple of days and were able to bask in the unusually warm weather of Minnesota. We performed in the Orpheum Theater in Minneapolis' Theatre district and it looked like Minneapolis is fond of the arts, as there were many venues around. We weren't the only Irish act around that week however as The Frames were also playing a club nearby, so we were well represented. Sadly our schedules conflicted so we did not get to support them.

From this intimate venue we travelled to the civic centre arena in Peoria. That is the great thing about Celtic Woman shows, and traveling. Each venue we play is different in some way, so it helps keep us on our toes as we amass a lot of experience on the way, going fro arena to theatre and back again. It challenges us as performers and the crew who build the set everyday.

The Rosemont Theatre was host to Celtic Woman for two nights after this. We had wonderful crowds that night, and also had a signing in Michigan Avenue where we got to meet fans from the Windy City, and taste some of that famous stuffed pizza, not too much though, as our corset dresses are tight enough!

What a shock we got when we arrived in the Fox Theatre in St Louis. It was practically identical to the Fox theatre we had played previously in Detroit. It wasn't just deja vu that you experience when you play a few shows back to back, but we instinctively knew where to go to find our dressing rooms. What happened in this venue, as well as Detroit, is that each touring company that plays here puts up their original artwork, and each company member signs around it, so Celtic Woman has left their mark on many different venues around the country.

Our next port of call was Kansas City, and we were joined there by the Jamie Foxx tour. We have noticed in our travels that in a lot of venues we play, this show is playing there a couple of days afterwards, so we finally got to meet a bunch of the crew and swap stories about life on the road. Our show in Kansas went extremely well in the Art Deco Music Hall downtown , and we also had a wonderful day of outdoor shopping in the not too far away Plaza, an outdoor shopping centre, not unlike Dublin's all outdoor shopping areas. Retail therapy is always a popular pastime, but what can you expect with a group full of girls! With shopping bags in tow, we boarded the bus for our next destination.


Date: 04/12/2007

What a surprise we have gotten traveling south. It appears that Summer has come already. Out with the winter clothes we wearing just a few short weeks ago in Boston and New York, and in with sandals and sunglasses. We had a really warm welcome in the Country Music Capital of America. The Tennessee treated us so well for our weekend there, even though there wasn't a Cowboy hat or spur in sight on stage. It was a great experience to play in a city where so many musical legends have played before us. All the Nashville people we met were very warm and hospitable and treated us with charm and grace.

We arrived in Atlanta and set about getting rid of our winter pallor. It was fantastic so see so much sunshine, for all those hayfever sufferers, the pollen was a bit of a pest. Luckily there was indoor sanctuary to be found in the fabulous Aquarium the largest in the United States, and an afternoon was spent relaxing with the many variety of fish.

We headed then to Raleigh, North Carolina, for a day off, followed by two shows. We had the pleasure of being invited to Tir Na nOg for a lively evening of food and drinks. We left Raleigh and the South with the beginnings of a light tan.


Date: 07/11/2007

We made our way then to the Official State Capital of New York, Albany. In Ireland, New York City was always considered the major city in the state, but of course the Government buildings are not housed there. It would be fair to say that this would be less the city that never sleeps, and more the city that goes to bed fairly early, This suited us fine, after all the running around we did in Boston we were more than happy to conform to the Status Quo.

Buffalo New York saw the first real heated debate in the dressing room. It was over a very important issue, and it's fair to say, we all got involved. We just couldn't agree on where to get the best Buffalo wings! From asking locals as well, it appeared that there was some discord over the most authentic location for wings also. In the end common sense prevailed and we took a democratic approach, and put it to a vote. It was close but in the end we are found a place that we all agreed on, and they were indeed very good.

This saw us to the border as we headed to Toronto for our first Canadian date of the year. We changed our dollars to Loonies and toonies as we headed to Bloor Street to peruse the shops. The Hummingbird Theatre was where we performed and again, it was a lovely surprise to catch up with some familiar faces.

From here we went to Montreal. Though we had heard that the Quebec residents are quite vehement about speaking, and being spoken to, in French, it was another thing to see it in action. There are small pockets around Ireland that still speak Irish fluently as a first language, called a Gaeltacht. But this is a little different, as it is like a principality within another larger country. It is a beautiful city with it's own unique vibe.

Ottawa was our next destination, the capital city of Canada, and quite regal it was too, it had much of the pomp and circumstance required where one is home to houses of parliament. Ottawa was very kind to us and we were delighted to take a trip down memory lane as the backstage area was filled with pictures of artists who had performed there many years in the past. Lots of scary hairstyles to be seen. From here it was time to take a longer route to cross the border back to Portland ME, for a bit of a rest.


Date: 07/10/2007

As you know, we were thwarted in our attempt to play Red Rocks on 23rd May. Being from Ireland, you would think we are all used to a little rain, but sadly the heavy showers that fell all day meant our lighting and sound equipment were not in place even as show time arrived, so with heavy hearts we left Red Rocks that evening, resolving to come back for not one but two nights in June.

We had a brief sabbatical then, a chance to re-charge the batteries to re-visit some of our favourite cities. We re-visited Memphis and Atlanta, and the crowds were just as wonderful, if not better than they had been on our first visit there.

We visited Orlando then, our first visit there though we had been in Florida earlier in the year. We were beginning to enjoy the sunshine we were experiencing then after our break. Had we had more time we would have enjoyed visiting the theme parks, but we will have to wait till next time. Probably just as well, we couldn't decide whether we would go to Universal or Disneyworld, so we should make up our minds before we are in the area again.

We then went to the smaller town of Chattanooga, TN, home of the famous choo choo, which was not too far from the Memorial Auditorium where we performed, we had a fabulous audience here, and a wonderful Meet and Greet where we met the Mayor who presented us with wonderful gifts. Very considerate.

Richmond greeted us with wonderful heat, and the audience gave us a wonderful reception and we had a chance to meet some of them at the PBS Meet and Greet that night. The following day saw us at the Ntelos Pavillion in Portsmouth VA, an unusual structure that looked like the Big Top in a circus. It was beautifully situated just on the water, though during the show, we did have to contend with the blowing of ships horns on the water. We�re not sure our Musical Director will incorporate this element onto our future shows, but it was certainly good for a change.

We travelled from there back to Boston, where we were going to stay for a few days, an unusual occurrence for us, and so there was time to explore Boston Common and see the sights in more agreeable weather than we had experienced in March. It was time too for us to let our hair down and celebrate Chloe and David's birthdays with wonderful cakes and some helium balloons, another feature that David was reluctant to incorporate into the show, but it did add another dimension to the songs!

After the birthday celebrations, we still had 2 days in Boston to explore and play a game of spot the Irish people, and snag some bargains in Filene's Basement before it was time to leave again.


Date: 23/07/2007

Portland Maine was a fantastic place to re-charge batteries and it was a shame we hadn�'t longer to spend there, but what a pleasure it was to visit. Portland is a quaint seaside town, kind of like Kinsale in County Cork. It's a town that encourages doing nothing but wandering around and eating ice-cream, watching the seagulls dip and dive for their prey on the Waterfront. A long walk or short drive away from the town is the sandy beach, where we went to dip our feet in the crystal clear water, and listen to the Atlantic lapping against the pebbles.

The town's port is peppered with seafood restaurants, with lobster being synonymous with Maine, and we sat breaking lobster claws in the declining light of the evening listening to the boats nudge each other in the gentle waves.

The following day we performed in the Cumberland County Civic Centre, and we received such a warm welcome, we were even interviewed by the local TV station, prior to the show, so we hope you managed to catch that on your local channel.

We travelled next Bridgeport CT and then to Springfield MA, our last indoors shows of the tour. Thanks to everyone who turned up for the PBS Meet and Greet here. It was so good to meet you all.

It was back to Philadelphia then, but we were not even near the previous venue, as we were in the outskirts in the Mann Centre, a wonderful wooden venue, that had a wooden roof but open-air sides. It's very refreshing, especially in pleasant weather to perform with a gentle breeze around to cool you down. It can get quite warm with stage lights and heavy dresses.

Vienna, Virginia, or Wolftrap was a similar structure, and was very well attended. As well as having regular seats in the auditorium, there were also lawn seats available where audience could bring a picnic and enjoy the show. What was so great about this venue was that we could see the fireflies buzz around after it got dark. A little bit of a distraction, but a pleasant one nonetheless.

It was with trepidation we arrived at Red Rocks, CO, with our fingers firmly crossed. The weather couldn't have been nicer to us, and we successfully completed 2 shows in this magnificent venue. As delighted as we were to be going home, we were also grateful for all the support we received on this US tour, and a little sad at leaving what had become our home for the last few months. We really hope to be back soon, and see more of you.


Date: 14/06/2007

It was back to the West Coast for us after our brief sojourn in Idaho. We went to the very picturesque Portland. A vibrant city, which, although large in size has the laidback feel of a smaller town. We played at the Rose Garden Arena just outside the main drag of the city, but there was a more than adequate public transport system to ferry us around this city with a very European feel.

We went then to Seattle, home of our favourite beverage! It seemed everywhere we went we were teased with the aroma of a freshly roasted cup of Joe. Our venue was the Washington Mutual Center. A large building to get around, but rather than tire out our legs, we were lucky enough to be driven around in our very own golf cart. We were sorry to leave here, as we were just starting to get used to it. But we weren't the only attraction in town, as there was both a soccer and baseball game in the arena, so there was something for everyone.

It seemed to us when we arrived in Spokane, that this is a town that strives to keep people young. We performed there on a Sunday, and that afternoon, there were many families walking in the park next door to the Opera House where we played. In the park there was a fabulous Carousel, a steam train to run people around the park if they were out of breath, and also a pond with ducks, which looked like they were very well fed, as there was a mountain of bread heading their way. We were glad to see our audience had come in from enjoying the outdoors to watch our show, and gave us a very enthusiastic welcome, and were kind enough to wave us off.

We headed to the Californian State Capital of Sacramento then, and despite our best efforts, did not meet the Governor. We looked out for him during the show, but we could not spot him. Ah well, we'll be back. We had a marvelous Meet and Greet after our performance here and met some lovely people there.

Our next shows were still in California, in San Jose and San Rafael. These cities were different to what we are used to, as they are more sprawled and less concentrated than Irish cities. It was clear that one would definitely need a car to get around. We at least have our luxurious buses to get us around! A little bit bigger than the SUV's that is the norm around here.

Even nearer to San Francisco, we played Oakland, beside the Bay Bridge. We're not quite sure, but we reckon we saw some of the legendary Hell's Angel's at our performance here. It's great that even tough bikers like rousing numbers like 'You raise me up' and 'Nella Fantasia'. Our music is made for everyone and we hope everyone enjoys it as much as we do.


Date: 20/05/2007

We travelled a bit further south then and we found ourselves in the home of the former president Bill Clinton, in Little Rock. Little Rock showed their appreciation of us at the PBS Meet and Greet and we got to meet so many of you there so thank you all for coming.

We were lucky enough to have a day off in Memphis Tennessee, so while some of us visited Graceland, the rest of us were happy to peruse the gift shops and blues bars of Beale street and try some barbecue ribs. We discussed briefly the possibility of getting new costumes in the style of Elvis's famous karate suits, but we soon abandoned the idea. Like Nashville we were delighted by the response of the crowd in this city drenched with musical history, and we are so delighted to be coming back to Memphis in June when the barbecues will be really flaming.

Baton Rouge Louisiana was our next port of call and we were stationed right on the water in the River Center Auditorium. That was definitely a day for sunscreen, as our fair Irish skins got a small bit red as we explored the river park and boats.

We better prepared for the dryer heat of Albuquerque, and although we performed in the downtown Kiva Auditorium, we managed to steal some time in the artsy and very picturesque neighbourhood of Nob Hill which had a mountainous backdrop with many restaurants and bars and Mexican inspired jewelry and artifacts, and some Indian turquoise. Not quite diamonds, but jewelry is always a girl�s best friend.

We then headed to Tempe Arizona, a very trendy college town with people enjoying the summer heat. We performed in the Frank Lloyd Wright designed Gammage Auditorium a round orange building which sat in well with the adobe style buildings of Tempe. We had two performances here with fantastic audiences each night.

While the rest of us boarded the bus to California for our next show, Meav waved us off, as she was heading homeward. Not to worry we will see her again in June and we looked forward to meeting up with Hayley in Palm Desert for our May performances.


Date: 06/05/2007

So we started our californication in Palm Desert. A town that was so honoured with luminaries that it named a street after Frank Sinatra. Backstage in the McCallum was autographed with many American Icons of stage and Screen, and we got to look up signatures of Frank and Jerry Lewis.

This was our first taste of West Coast cool and we marveled at all the Palm trees. Hayley joined us here again as she re-visited the venue that she had played many years before when she was very young.

We went from here to the Hollywood Hills where we played the wonderful Greek Theatre. Thankfully the weather stayed warm for all of the audience who came to see us perform in this venue as all the seats were out in the open. We were treated backstage with pictures of all the previous acts who had played there and there were legends like David Bowie, Led Zeppelin and Aretha Franklin, so what an honour it was to perform there and we got to meet some old friends and catch up which was an added bonus.

We had some relaxation time in San Diego and of course we celebrated Lisa's birthday in style with all the well wishes from the cast and crew and of course from the fans. There was also time for beach and of course San Diego zoo.

We had a wonderful show and lovely Meet and Greet and also we all shared some Birthday cake. A happy ending to an already great day.

Long Beach was our next stop and we performed in the Terrace Theatre, right beside the legendary ship the Queen Mary, now a popular tourist attraction. Despite the oppressive heat the audience was lively and fun.

One of the discoveries we made in California was In 'n' Out burger, a fabulous burger joint where all the ingredients are fresh and made on the spot. Burgers are not an Irish Staple, but we still recognize a good burger when we taste it.

We will be returning to California in a few days but we're now headed inland to Boise Idaho, home of the spud, a definite Irish staple.


Date: 03/05/2007

Greetings to all of you on our website. We're now 3 weeks into our US tour, and are in Wallingford, Connecticut. We arrived here from Wilkes Barre Pennsylvania and had a wonderful reception in the pretty venue of the Kirby Centre. There's a lot of Irish people in this area, and it was good to meet so many people with an interest in Irish heritage. Our meet and greet here was the largest we have experienced so far. Its so wonderful to connect with all of you and hear your stories, however brief.

As you know from checking out our tour dates, we travel a lot and spend a lot of time on our tour buses. These are no ordinary buses however. These buses are like our little home. We have a kitchen, a lounge area, cable tv and even our own little bunks for when we want to take a nap. After a show, it is so good to be able to unwind, watch a movie eat some popcorn, just like being at home, except that, instead of being in a hotel room or the living room of a house, we are in fact whizzing across the country on our ultra comfortable tour buses.

When you spend so much time on the road, its good to have your creature comforts, and we even have our Barry's tea and we do our best to keep a stock of Irish chocolate! We were fortunate enough in Philadelphia to have an Irish bar beside the Academy of Music where we performed, so some of the gang were able to get an Irish breakfast.

From here we travel to Providence Rhode Island for a much needed day off. We are hoping for a day at the spa to recharge those batteries for our two performances in the Performing Arts Centre.

Check in with us next week for more news.


Date: 27/04/2007

We were lucky enough to have a break over the Easter Holidays, so while some of us went sightseeing, some of us went home, and relaxed and caught up with family. Oh, and ate some lovely Easter eggs of course.

When we were all refreshed we started our tour again in the Murat Theatre in Indianapolis, and Egyptian themed theatre downtown, and Meav joined us again on the tour, so there was much catching up to do between holidays and time at home. As good as it is to have a break, it was wonderful to get back to performing again and seeing all the smiling faces in the audience.

From Indy we went to South Bend, home of the Chocolate Caf�, who was kind enough to treat us to some goodies. They know us so well! We were extra sweet for that show. Maybe the crowd were extra good there because it was home of the Fightin� Irish from Notre Dame university.

From here we travelled to picturesque Louisville for 2 nights in the Palace Theatre. We had a wonderful Meet and Greet in the Foyer of this beautiful theatre on both evenings so we got to meet lots of you in the PBS reception here, and got many tips for the next Kentucky Derby.

From here to Milwaukee, home of beer brewing. Of course we didn�t indulge as we left that very evening after the show where we had a Sunday evening show, and lucky us, the sun re-appeared and the Spring weather that we had experienced earlier on in the tour looked set to continue.


Date: 13/04/2007

It was a busy week for Celtic Woman as we travelled to Ohio, and more specifically to Cincinnati for a day off. We arrived to a carnival atmosphere, as the sun was shining and the whole city was preparing for the start of Baseball season. All of Cincinnati was decked out in festive red as we spent a day off admiring the zeal at which baseball fans pursue their sport. Not having baseball in Ireland, it is still a relatively foreign sport, but of course Gaelic fans in Ireland support their teams with as much vigour as baseball fans.

Our show day coincided with the opening game and the street parade was a sight to see, with face painters and balloons aplenty to mark the ceremony. The end result was that the home team won, and we're sure we saw many red jerseys in the audience that night.

We travelled that night to Detroit to the wonderful Fox Theatre, another beautifully ornate venue, with a freestanding balcony and decorated awning. We were lucky enough to have a Meet and Greet here in the house, so we could see the venue close up, along with the lovely people who came to see us.

Unfortunately, the beginnings of our tans faded when we arrived in Cleveland, as the weather took a turn for the worst and we experienced snow again. The city renowned for the Rock 'n' Roll hall of fame showed its love for live music, and came out in force.

We then travelled to Columbus Ohio, very close to Dublin Ohio, co-incidentally. We had a wonderful Meet and Greet in Columbus where we got to meet a very young fan with his mum and dad; it wasn't too late for him to stay up.

After this 4 day stint, we were lucky enough to enjoy a few days Easter break and tuck into our Irish chocolate Easter eggs. Yum.


Date: 23/03/2007

We are back on tour again, after a few days rest in the Big Apple. We certainly needed some downtime after the whirlwind that was New York. Our visit started with a performance on the Martha Stewart Show, which was a lot of fun.

On the 16th of March, the day before St Patrick's Day, we had the immense honour of performing a pre-lunch show for President Bush and guests in the White house. We were all present and correct including David and Ray Fean, who played Bodhran. We performed 4 numbers for the President and guests, and while we are no strangers to shows and performing, this was just a little nerve wracking. Everything went smoothly, thankfully, and it was really a wonderful experience, and an honour we never thought we would have.

Rather than resting on our laurels, we had to negotiate a way back to New York through the snow and an airport that had cancelled flights. Airforce 1 was mentioned a few times but, in the end, thankfully, we made it back to Radio City in time for sound check and our first night without the use of the Presidential jet It was such a wonderful venue and we had so many friends and family over to see us, that we felt like we were at home.

The following morning, we were up again, to open the St Patrick's Day parade on 5th Avenue, another great honour. Thank fully the snow had cleared up, and it was as nice a day as we could have wished for. It was great to see so many Irish flags waving at us, and of course, all the leprechaun outfits.

From there we headed to Barnes and Noble for our signing which was as busy and full as ever, so a big thanks to everyone who dragged themselves from the Parade to see us there. We had our final show in Radio City on St Patrick's Day and afterwards toasted all the wonderful people who had come to see us, and made plans to sleep in the next day.


Date: 14/03/2007
We have just left the wonderfully ornate venue of The Wang Center in Boston. The front of house lobby was all crafted in marble, and the auditorium had gold gilded pillars and beautiful wall and ceiling murals, that was quite dizzying when you concentrated on it.

The weather was good to us and improved on our second day, so we didn't experience too much of the wind chill factor that we did in Providence. Even so, Boston was quite a hectic experience for all of us.

As many of you know, Meav and Hayley will be alternating on the tour, and while Meav left to spend time with family, Hayley joined the team and had her first American performance with Celtic Woman., doing a fantastic job, and of course Meav will be back with us again soon.

We were honoured with a visit from our friend Lord Henry Mount Charles. Lord Henry was kind enough to allow us shoot our last DVD 'A New Journey' on the grounds of his castle in Slane. I'm sure you're familiar with the results. On our second performance in Boston, Lord Henry even said a few words before the show. We had such a wonderful time in Boston that we are returning again in June, so please check our website for details on this.

We had a wonderful signing in nearby Amherst, in a Wal-Mart store, and we�re delighted to say that many of our wonderful fans turned up to greet us and get albums signed. But albums weren't the only thing we signed! We had a first in signing a gentleman's head, definitely a new experience for us.

We are just getting ready for our first show in Pittsburgh, which will be followed by a whirlwind trip to NYC, where, as well as performing 2 shows in Radio City, we will be appearing on the Martha Stewart Show, opening the St Patrick's Day Parade and signing in Barnes and Noble, so you can't miss us!
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