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Michele Bachmann for Congress

Michele Bachmann was elected to represent Minnesota's Sixth Congressional District in 2006, making her the first Republican woman to represent Minnesota in the House of Representatives. Strong grassroots support and an agenda of tax relief, responsible government, and Minnesota values propelled Michele to an 8-point victory despite being outspent by Washington special interests 2 to 1.

Experienced Legislator

A former federal tax attorney, Michele knows how complicated and unfair the Tax Code has become. And, as a State Senator for 6 years before her election to Congress, Michele was the author of the Taxpayers Bill of Rights.

Simplifying the Tax Code and reducing taxes for overburdened families and businesses are important priorities for her in Congress. Her strong record of supporting tax relief for Minnesotans has earned her praise from the:

and other advocates for pro-growth economic policies and responsible government budgets.

Michele is a member of the House Financial Services Committee, with jurisdiction over housing and real estate issues and banking and the financial services industry, giving her a perfect platform for her commonsense, fiscal conservative agenda.

Independent Reformer

Michele Bachmann went to Washington with one mission: Reform government to make it work for you. It's time to end business as usual and put taxpayers back in control.

Instead of the go-along-to-get-along attitude that has prevailed for too long, Michele has demonstrated her independence on such key issues as education and illegal immigration. In fact, Michele is one of the leading opponents of No Child Left Behind, the federal education policy that took authority away from local teachers and parents and put it in the hands of Washington bureaucrats. And, she refuses to compromise our border security.

And, reforming government means putting an end to the pork barrel politics of the past. Michele is one of a growing bipartisan coalition of Members of Congress who are refusing earmarks and seeking real reform to federal budgeting this year.

Rooted in Minnesota

Michele grew up in Anoka, graduating from Anoka public high school in 1974. She and her husband, Marcus, successfully started a small business and own and operate two mental health clinics, employing about 40 area residents.

Michele graduated from Winona State University and later received her law degree from the Coburn School of Law and a degree in tax law from the College of William and Mary's Marshall-Wythe School of Law.

Michele and Marcus are raising their family of five children in Stillwater. In addition, they have opened their home to 23 foster children over the years. The family attends Salem Lutheran Church in Stillwater.

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