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 Radio mix pulls a crowd 

Radio mix pulls a crowd

8/01/2008 9:07:26 AM
They re only 21 years old, but Jarrod Lorch and Brian Stone are already on the way to potential radio stardom.

The friends, who attended Gilroy College in Castle Hill together, are the hosts of Awesome Inc, broadcast on 90.5-FM at 4pm on Thursdays.

Mr Lorch said they were often surprised at how many people listen to their show, with many tuning in from Sutherland and the Blue Mountains.

"We've been in the city and friends of our friends have commented on how much they like the show," he said.

Awesome Inc has a focus on electro and non-mainstream music but also has quizzes, celebrity news, guest interviews and general banter.

"Our aim is to produce good radio people like listening to," Mr Lorch said. "If we're having fun and people like to listen to us, then they're having a good time, too."

Mr Stone said that they wanted to share with others the music they liked.

It's not the first time they have teamed up on a creative project: in 2005 they were the joint hosts of the HYPE youth festival and the Excellence in Youth awards, as well as of several trivia nights and school productions.

The show, which has been on air for nine months, is their longest-running project.

"It's like our baby," Mr Stone said. "It's been in the making and now we can watch it grow."

They marked their first six months on air with a six-hour show from 12.30am, which was filled with quizzes, jokes and their favourite music.

"It was like a wild party. We got the chance to stay up all night, on air." Mr Lorch said. They have also broadcast an unplanned show and are open to suggestions for future, themed shows.

"We work well together because we have a similar sense of humour," Mr Lorch said. "We can read when each other is going off on a tangent and working towards a punchline."

Mr Stone said: "And that happens pretty often."

Mr Stone and Mr Lorch hope the show can be podcast in future and are aiming to increase the level of interaction with their listeners.

2CCR's studios and tower are in Balcombe Heights Estate in Baulkham Hills and broadcast to Parramatta, Holroyd and throughout The Hills.

Awesome Inc wants sponsors to help in broadcasts of their show. For details, please go to inc905

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Have you heard? Jarrod Lorch and Brian Stone hope to stay on air for as long as possible. Picture: Alana Landsberry
Have you heard? Jarrod Lorch and Brian Stone hope to stay on air for as long as possible. Picture: Alana Landsberry

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