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First House

First House, Tangara Dr, American River, SA

Photographs: None
List: Register of the National Estate
Class: Historic
Legal Status: Removed from Register or IL
Place ID: 7416
Place File No: 3/09/070/0002
Statement of Significance: Not Available
Official Values: Not Available
This house was built by John Buick a professional boat builder, who built (as far as it is known), the first boat in the Colony from native pine. The pine was then plentiful in the district, but now only a small stand survives near the house. The house is built of local stone, pug and sput timber. John Buick came from Scotland and was reported by Inspector Tolmer to be living in American River in September 1844 .
History: Not Available
Condition and Integrity:
The stone part of the building has been demolished. Completely demoloshed in 1985.
Tangara Drive, American River, near the shore between Buicks Point and the township of American River.
Bibliography: Not Available

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