Some will have you believe that faith is a "private" thing, but it is not. Yes, there must be a closenes and intimacy in your personal relationship with God through his son Jesus Christ, but believers are also called to publicly and visibly unite themselves with the Body of Christ so that we might share together in the worship of God and encouragement of one another.

Anyone who believes in Jesus should therefore add their name to the membership roll of a local church and make every effort to attend worship regularly and to become involved in whatever study programmes or volunteer ministries that church runs.

You can join Scots' Church in one of two ways.


If you are already a member of another Christian church, regardless of what denomination it is, you can get from that church a certificate or letter confirming your membership and then send it to our Session Clerk, Miss Rae Anstee, c/- the church office at 99 Russell St, Melbourne 3000, along with your own letter asking to be admitted as a member of Scots' Church.

At its next meeting, the Kirk Session (body of elders) will then consider your application and all being well will confirm your membership by a formal motion.

Sometime later, usually the week before the next communion service, we will invite you, together with all other new members, to be acknowledged publicly in front of the congregation and welcomed into membership by the elders.

Profession of Faith

If you are not already a members elsewhere, then we will invite you to make a public declaration of your faith in Jesus Christ and your commitment to the worship, work and ministry of the church. Other denominations sometimes call this, "confirmation".

From time to time the ministers run Membership Classes, to provide people with the opportunity to think through what faith in Jesus is and what membership of the church involves. Normally we would expect you to attend these classes before being admitted into membership; but whether or not you come to the classes, one of our ministers will meet with you to talk about your application and he will then take a recommendation to the Kirk Session.

Once the Kirk Session has approved your application, we will then arrange a suitable time for you to take your vows. This will always be done during one of our regular services of worship and your name will be added to the membership list afterwards.


You must have been baptised by water in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, before we can admit you into membership of the church by either of the methods mentioned above.

If you have not been baptised before, then we will do so.