Unrivalled flexibility for optimized line configurations

The A-Series is a solution for medium and large batch production, also in high product mix environments. Three compatible machines (AX-201, AX-301 and AX-501) place complex and odd-form components with high accuracy. Line performance offers single-digit defects per million at placement rates of between 11k and 165k components per hour.

The A-Series has many outstanding features to increase performance and minimize cost at line level. The high placement rates that can be achieved in combination with the machine’s scalability help maximize the Value of Ownership.

Main benefits 

  • Three fully compatible machines
  • Placement rates between 11k and 165k components per hour
  • Scalable performance without adding or removing machines
  • Very wide component range (including complex and odd-form)
  • High placement accuracy repeatability (between 20 and 40 micron)
  • Typical line performance for board quality level exceeds 99.999%

You can seamlessly integrate the machines into your factory automation infrastructure, and scale their performance to meet your precise manufacturing needs through the Assembléon Manufacturing Suite (AMS).