TUG can do this. TUG can do that.

Fast Delivery

The TUG is an affordable, automated courier system for the delivery and tracking of hospital goods and supplies. This autonomous mobile robot requires no extra infrastructure investment, is simple to install and can be applied across a variety of applications. Many hospitals have deployed multiple TUGs which have saved them hundreds of thousands of dollars.

What can TUG do?

TUG can deliver supplies, meals, meds and much more:

  • Central Supply — delivery of medical supplies
  • Dietary — delivery of late meals, removal of trays and handling of room service
  • Pharmacy — delivery of meds on a schedule that matches patient care needs
  • Laboratory — pickup of specimens
  • Medical Records — delivery of charts
  • Nursing — errands to lab, blood bank, medical records, admissions and more
  • Linens — delivery of used laundry and linens

Currently, the TUG delivery system is being used in hospitals across 35 sites.  Visit our Case Studies to learn how TUG has helped hospitals save time and money, while increasing staff and patient satisfaction.

Learn more about the benefits of TUG:

  • 24/7/365 – TUG never takes a coffee break, and is happy to work late or on weekends.
  • A Better Bottom line – TUG can travel five miles a day delivering carts.  That saves you money.
  • Faster Acceptance – We'll have your TUG up and running in no time.
  • Custom Solutions – We listen to your needs and then develop the right solution for you.
  • More for Nurses – Let the TUG do your running around for you.