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BMW Motorrad presents authority motorcycles at GPEC in Munich

BMW Motorrad presents new authority motorcycles at GPEC in Munich

The 5th international General Police Equipment Exhibition & Conference (GPEC) took place from 3-5 June in Munich's new exhibition centre and BMW was among over 500 exhibitors from 26 countries that presented products at the specialist trade fair.

The BMW display at the 5th international
General Police Equipment Exhibition
& Conference in Munich

GPEC is hosted annually exclusively for companies whose business is in providing police equipment, security technology and services. It is central Europe's leading exhibition for police and special equipment as well as an interdepartmental platform for internal and external security.

Although closed to the general public, it is visited by key decision-makers in the authorities industry, including executives, procurement officers, technicians, instructors and end users from police, border guard, immigration and prison services, customs and government intelligence, security services, special task forces, infantry units and other government departments using police technologies and equipment. Members of parliament responsible for security tasks or budget matters are also admitted.

This year at GPEC more than 6,000 professionals from 48 international authorities visited the event. The exhibitors focused on armoured limousines, trucks and buses, patrol cars, police motorcycles, electronics for traffic safety and supervision, weapons, munitions, unmanned aerial vehicle systems (Camecopters), apparatus for mobile pass control and DNA-testing.

BMW Motorrad displayed a selection of products including a 'Fire brigade' specification F 650 GS painted in red; an R 1200 RT with migration resolution (two radios - digital and analogue - in one radio box, allowing for switching between the different systems), an R 900 RT 'Authorities'; various rider clothing, equipment and accessories; Police suit 5; Air Flow suit Police, Air Flow suit 'Tropen' (with extra reflective stripes) in black; boots and gloves from the civil collection; System 5 helmet in white with intercom, System 5 helmet in orange (Belgian version); and the BMW Motorrad Neck Brace system.

The BMW group presented a civilian 550 i Security model as well as a 3 Series patrol car with the latest special signal system. This LED system is mounted on the roof of police cars and incorporates strong blue lights and additional multi-directional lights that can be electrically operated by the driver for searching areas where visibility is poor. There are also extra LED displays which can be programmed with 15 different commands, such as "stop", "follow me", "accident" etc.

the Bavarian minister for interior
(second from left) visited
the BMW Motorrad presentation

The Bavarian minister for interior visited the BMW Motorrad presentation and informed himself about the new generation of R 1200 RT machine that comes with migration solution (digital and analogue radio) and will soon be used by the Bavarian Police.

BMW Motorrad has been operating for over 80 years in the authorities business, starting at the end of the 1920s. The first motorcycle prepared for authority use was an R 24 with 12 hp, sold in 1928. Since 1970, more than 100,000 authorities motorcycles have been supplied in over 150 countries, with France, Germany, Spain and Great Britain being the biggest customers. In 2007 BMW Motorrad sold 4,284 authorities units worldwide.