Get set America!! It's TIME to COME ON DOWN!!

Watch the Intro!

Watch the updated intro used toward the end of the run!


From Studio 33 in Hollywood, home of America's favorite games and the world's most fabulous prizes, it's the NEW Price is Right!

Here's the host of the new Price is Right, Doug Davidson!

The "New" Price is Right starring Doug Davidson aired in syndication Weeknights, September 1994 - February 1995. The show was a vast departure from the traditional Price is Right that we've all grown to love, which perhaps is why this version was so short lived. The list of changes is almost too numerous to mention, BUT I'll do my best to mention most of them :).

By far the most drastic change was the set. The set was completely revamped to reflect a very modern look. Black floors, a video wall in place of the turntable, etc. Here's a few pictures...

Full shot of the studio

One of the 3 big doors

The infamous video wall

Other interesting tidbits:

Sometimes for the Showcase Showdown they would play The Price WAS Right. More on this particular version of the showdown below.

Other times they would spin the familiar wheel. Although on "TNPiR", the contestant that won the most spun FIRST instead of last.

On The Price Was Right, contestants were shown a commercial from the 50's or 60's, and they would have to bid on how much the item cost then.

Here the contestants are bidding on a Buick Special from 1967. They need to guess the price of the car in 1967. Can YOU guess who the winner is? :)

The "ultimate" range finder :)

Wow! She lost a $59,000+ showcase.

Watch the big win!