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JJulie of the Wolves book coverulie of the Wolves is a novel written by Jean Craighead George and first published in 1972. It is an extraordinary story of a 12 year old Eskimo girl lost in the wilds of Alaska. It was awarded the Newbery Medal for excellence in children's literature.

The music you can download from this page was composed for a motion picture treatment we were working on some time ago. This screenplay option has long since expired and many screenplays have come and gone over the years. Now another option with a different company has been signed and with a "veteran" producer, with experience and a track record of great films in similar environmental genres. Jean is very happy with this screenplay and has signed a new option. I can not say more than this about the film at this time.

Julie Of The Wolves (the musical), already a decade in the works, has witnessed many readings, workshops, and last year, a remarkable dance workshop at the Kaufman Theatre - Museum Of Natural History in New York, where, Fay Simpson choreographed the turning of wolves to men and back again. The journey of Julie Of The Wolves (the musical) continues as the writer Barbara Dana, prepares yet another rewrite.

Julie of the Wolves artwork © Wendell Minor;
all rights reserved

From "Julie of the Wolves":

  1. Opening Sequence
    (RT: 2:27)
    Opening Sequence from 'Julie of the Wolves' 
  2. Julie's Lost Song
    (RT: 2:51)
    Julie's Lost Song from 'Julie of the Wolves' 
    MP3 : 2688K
  3. After The Plane
    (RT: :57)
    After The Plane from 'Julie of the Wolves' 
    MP3: 900K
  4. Paglan-Welcome
    (vocal: Matthew Arkin)
    (RT: 2:30)
    Paglan-Welcome from 'Julie of the Wolves' 
    MP3 : 2348K
  5. Yackity-Yak
    (vocal: Sloan Wainwright)
    (RT: 1:55)
    Yackity-Yak from 'Julie of the Wolves' 
    MP3: 1814K
  6. Winter Is Coming (Tornait)
    (vocal: Briana Sakamoto)
    (RT: :57)
    Winter Is Coming (Tornait) from 'Julie of the Wolves' 
    MP3 : 3646K
  7. This Is My Home
    (vocals: Briana Sakamoto, Matthew Arkin, Andrew Stevens, Sloan Wainright, Bonnie Kelly-Young, Silvia Sierra, Jena Necrason, Liam Torres, Chris Kubie)
    (RT: 2:13)
    This Is My Home from 'Julie of the Wolves' 
    MP3 : 2096K

    All music © Chris Kubie, all lyrics © Jean Craighead George; all rights reserved


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