JR and Babe: Together Again?

Love endures, or so they say. Never is that more evident than with JR Chandler and Babe Carey (Jacob Young and Amanda Baker) on "All My Children." The two -- who are like daytime's version of Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson (minus the sex tape and tattoos, but the year ain't over yet) -- have basically broken every vow, and committed multiple crimes, during their three marriages. Yet the connection between the two maintains. Which is very romantic, but also slightly insane.

Anyway, JR and Babe have been dancing around each other for awhile now. Looks like Babe's going to move back into the Chandler mansion -- partly in response to the Richie threat (too little too late; he's already kidnapped her!) ... but, most obviously, because she and JR are just so damn into each other.

Need we remind these kids why their past three marriages have failed?

Marriage #1: Well, technically, their first marriage was not really a marriage. Y'see, when JR met Babe on a pier in San Diego, she was already married to sleazy Paul Cramer (yep, Dorian's now-dead nephew from "One Life to Live"). When JR found out, he was pretty ticked -- but he ultimately married her to give him legal legs to stand on in a custody battle for their child (and it wasn't even their kid! Babe stole her!).

Marriage #2: The whole "I kidnapped a baby, pretended it was yours, then went on the run with our real son" thing caught up with Babe -- so she and JR split, this time officially, in 2005.

Marriage #3: Babe snared JR in an attempt to get more access to her (real, not kidnapped) child, but the two ended up falling for each other (again). The marriage crumbled -- he DID try to murder her, and she had (another) affair -- and was eventually terminated when Babe was almost killed by a serial killer and realized it was time to start over.

Complicated, huh?

Do you think Babe and JR should give it another go?
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Thu, Jul 17, 02:51 PM
yes, jr and babe should be together and so should adam and crystal. tad needs to find someone for himself.
Mon, Jul 7, 08:30 PM
Yes I think they should get back together. Plus I agree, they need to bring back the old Babe.
Sun, Jul 6, 02:34 PM
Yes they should be back together!!! BRING BACK OLD BABE!!! sorry new babe!! but love that face of the old one, she was awesome!! ALSO BRING BACK THE AMC MARATHON ON THE WEEKENED!!! why are we only getting 3 hours worth and replacing it with MVP and movies or relative madness?? Terrible!!!! I am a very upset soap fan who wants her marathons back!!!!!
Fri, Jul 4, 08:48 PM
Yes,they should get back together.For them and there son Little Adam
Tue, Jul 1, 12:03 AM
True love is just that and no matter how you fight it or what happens its always there. Yes they should get back together