GMTC - MPG Facts & Figures

Established in 1924

Land area
Approximately 4,000 acres
Resident Divisions/Staffs
Number of Buildings
Number of Employees
Serves more than 1,000 meals per day
Three Lakes on Property
Sloan, Mott and Pickett
Road System Information:
Test Roads
equivalent to over 132 miles of two-lane highway
Miles Driven Annually
1 billion miles driven September, 1994
Gasoline Used Annually
Gallons of Road Striping Paint Used
4,200 of white and yellow paint
35,000 lbs. Of reflecting beads
Vehicle Dynamics Test Area
67 acres
Nicknamed "Black Lake"
Approximately the equivalent of 59 football fields
Oval Test Track
3.8 miles
Circular Test Track
4.5 miles
North/South Straightaway
6.225 miles (including loops)
2.558 northbound (level)
2.617 southbound (level)
East/West Straightaway
3.104 miles (including loops)
1.204 miles each way (level)
Safety Research and Development Laboratory Information:
Full Scale Barrier Tests
Hyge Sled Tests
450 per year
1,250 per year