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Published: May 08, 2008 12:30 AM
Modified: May 09, 2008 10:45 AM

Pro wrestler takes his licks in bar fight

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SMITHFIELD - Police have charged a Selma man with taking a swing at a World Wrestling Entertainment superstar during a pool game at a Smithfield bar.

Police charged Dustin Curtis Narron, 29, of 253 Live Oak Church Road in Selma, with assault and battery after "a little disturbance" early Tuesday, according to Smithfield Police Lt. Keith Powell. Police have accused Narron of balling up his fist and striking the face of Gregory Shane Helms, 33, of Smithfield.

Wrestling fans know Helms as "The Hurricane," one of the longest-reigning Cruiserweight champions in history, according to the WWE Web site. The pro wrestler's bio on the WWE Web site lists his hometown as Raleigh.

WWE spokesman Adam Hopkins said Wednesday that Helms is inactive for now because of an injury.

"He's been out awhile," Hopkins said. "He had surgery for a neck injury."

Helms' character was once a mild-mannered reporter who doubled as a sports entertainment superhero fighting for truth, justice and the WWE way, but in later years he cared for no one but himself, according to WWE's Web site.

The wrestler's former persona must have kicked in during the sports bar scuffle Tuesday morning.

"Mr. Helms did not strike back," Powell said

The unsanctioned skirmish took place inside the N&N; Sports Bar at 150-G South Equity Drive, police reported.

Powell said an argument broke out between Helms and another man during a pool game. Narron, a friend of the man Helms was arguing with, hit the professional wrestler in the face, according to police.

"A scuffle ensued, but people got in between the two before anything else could happen," Powell said.

Narron also was charged with vandalism after police accused him of breaking a wooden ledge off a shelf during the scuffle, Powell said.

Smithfield police took Narron to the Johnston County jail, where he was released after posting $500 bail, a jail spokesman said Wednesday.

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