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So you thought you've pirated everything huh?

Step 1


Using the wooden strips, make a box around the glass plate. Seal off the edges using the window cement. Make sure everything is air tight.

Step 2


Place your record inside the box making sure that the portion to be copied is facing upward. Squeeze in some window cement to mark where the hole in the record is.

Step 3


Mix the silicone (Smooth On OOMOO 30 or OOMOO 25) for about 3 minutes before pouring in to the mold.

Step 4


Pour in the mixture. Start from one corner and let it fill-up the mold to about half a centimeter. Make sure it's even. Let it dry for 6 hours.

Step 5


Peel off the silicone from the cast. Cut off the excess using a cutter.

Step 6


Pour the liquid plastic (Smooth On Task #4) on top of the silicone cast.

Step 7


Make sure that nothing spills over the round form. You can also brush off any air bubbles that might occur.

Step 8


Carefully loosen the plate from the silicone form. Using a drill press, bore a hole through the center of the plate. You can use the silicone form as a template to make more copies.

There you have it. Your very own pirated record.

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   by confuzizzled (Unregistered) - 2006-05-14


   by t33n1ckXIII (Unregistered) - 2006-05-14
 » OMFG!!!!

lol too funny i jumped it up just cause of pure hilarity

   by Ragarnok - 2006-05-14
 » .

The RIAA is so going to sue everyone over this, "illegal possesion of silicone" :p

   by captainX (Unregistered) - 2006-05-14
 » WOW

Not much else to say. Good work dude, this is a great day for pirates everwhere

   by twelve - 2006-05-14
 » qj change in policy

i was pretty certain that qj had a strict anti-piracy policy. Has this changed recently? I doubt it

Can I ask where to get roms from now?
Can I ask how to use iso loaders now?
Can I post links to pirate sites now?
Can I tell people how to break copy protection on CDs and DVDs?

Didn't think so.

Lets all just think for a minute. This Anna S. has been payed to break the rules that people in the forums get banned for. One rule for one person and another rule for the general members. Seems fair to me....not

   by Jake D. - 2006-05-14

Twelve, I really hope you're kidding. I'd hate to find out that you're one of those folks who will waste their time trying to find anything to whine, complain, and point fingers about.

Besides, this "piracy" requires you to own the original - so its really a backup. ;)


   by jefro (Unregistered) - 2006-05-14
 » Use legal or not

In fact you can't get real LP's anymore. I have a stack that I am afraid to use. If I could safely copy it and run the copy to keep the master that would not be against a fair use law.

   by comedy - 2006-05-14
 » isn't this a joke?

ok, great, but isn't this slightly tongue in cheek?

next i would like you to show me how to pirate 'cassetes' please...

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   by monkey bob (Unregistered) - 2006-05-14
 » h to the core


   by twelve - 2006-05-14

@jake/malum: I am deadly serious. Piracy is piracy no matter what way you look at it. I would've thought that you would know that as forum admin.

Its irrelevant if its a backup or not. Unless you have express permission to make a copy then it is illegal.

Either its all against the rules to discuss or its all ok to discuss. Its what's always been said in the forums.

I don't spend all my time looking for things to whine and complain about but I will point out that I PM'd you (and brain stew) a few days back about someone using a dupe account on the forums and clicked notify mod on every post that was made and the guy didnt get banned or even told that dupe accounts aren't allowed.

(rant over)

@jefro: Are you aware that vinyl is still mass produced and sold in all music stores in the UK. What do you think DJ's use for mixing and scratching?

   by Lyph3 (Unregistered) - 2006-05-14
 » Twelve is a moron.

"Unless you have express permission to make a copy then it is illegal."

Look up fair use and stop being a smacktard.

   by @ Jefro (Unregistered) - 2006-05-14
 » You can buy real LP's still!


You can actually still buy real LP's and I do it all the time for playing on my turntable & vacuum tube amp. I buy mine from I hope this helps. Keep vinyl alive. No DRM, No Digital clipping, just pure joy.

   by mike (Unregistered) - 2006-05-14
 » you are an idiot

whoever made comment #8, are you serious? just take a blank cassete and dupe it over with another cassete in a dual deck machine...

there is no way of duping vinyl before this, not a joke... tard

   by Lyph3 (Unregistered) - 2006-05-14
 » To #13

Actually, there is. Using the output from the turntable to the input on a tape deck or computer. That's how a lot of people back up their vinyl to their computer.

   by Polymira (Unregistered) - 2006-05-14
 » Piracy...

Umm .. yeah ... digital piracy is under a whole different set of laws then analog ... this is perfectly legal, just like recording FM radio on a tape

   by syntrikz (Unregistered) - 2006-05-14
 » ....

but this is the first time to back up vinyl to vinyl! sweet idea! im trying it out in about 20 minutes!

   by wtf? (Unregistered) - 2006-05-14
 » piracy?

i thought qj net did'nt support piracy??? lol

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   by mike (Unregistered) - 2006-05-14
 » it IS legal

This is legal. Those of you who are saying it's illegal, even as a backup copy don't have knowledge of the two conflicting laws. It is legal to have a personal back up of your DVDs, however, at the same time, the DMCA says it's illegal to circumvent copy protection. Many are frustrated by this conflict.

Now in this particular example, with an LP, there is no DRM, that is no copy protection that you are circumventing, therefore, you just have the fact that it is legal to make a backup.

   by Drew (Unregistered) - 2006-05-14
 » It's not piracy...

You have every right to make a copy of music that you've legally purchased. This isn't "piracy" it's "fair use." Although "How to Fair Use A Vinyl Record" would have been a less eye-catching title.

   by Travelsonic (Unregistered) - 2006-05-14
 » nope

"i thought qj net did'nt support piracy??? lol "

Well, making a copy of a vynl record you own for your own use would fall under fair use, no?

   by Matt (Unregistered) - 2006-05-14
 » This Is Cool, And twelve is a smactard

this is really cool. A great way to back up finals, so you don't scratch your originals(which could be worth tonnes in the future). Twelve, stop being an idiot. More music is being sold now then ever. And there is tonnes of piracy to. piracy isn't decreasing music sales at all!

   by evan (Unregistered) - 2006-05-14
 » That was great.

I got quite a laugh from this article, I'm almost tempted to try it, if anything just to say I did.

   by hamburgler - 2006-05-14
 » $$$

how much does it cost to get everything you need to do this?

   Re: Daniel Jacobson (Unregistered) - 2006-10-24
 » Equipment needed

Hi I was wondering if you have got a list of everything you need and how much it will cost yet?
Please email me back on
Thankyou :)
   by dewdude (Unregistered) - 2006-05-14
 » what are you people, stupid?

here's something you don't realize.

the reason it's called a vinyl, and they're made from vinyl is a reason. the vinyl used for making LP's, which, yes, they still make and you can obtain, has to to have just the right properties to maintain minimal surface noise.

the plastic used with these silicone molding kits, i'm pretty sure it doesn't have that property...therefore, any copy of an LP you make using this method will possibly ruin your needle and sound like complete crap.

not having done this procedure myself, i can't say what the results are, the plastic might yield decent tonal quality and you'll wind up with a copy that has less static noise...i doubt this tho.

however, the silicone long as it's done right, would yield a usable positive copy.

   by angrydroid (Unregistered) - 2006-05-14
 » FYI: those djs...

...are generally using acetate records and not vinyl... they are one-offs and only last for a few plays before they are garbage. Oh and bear in mind the riffs and beats on those one-offs are generally... oh dear... pirated!

   by pspupdates reader (Unregistered) - 2006-05-14
 » Yea

So this blog network finally made it to the digg front page. It's about time.

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   by gregr - 2006-05-14
 » materials and quantities

a materials list and suppliers would be useful as would an rough idea of how much of each to mix - just saves a lot of trial and error

   by twelve - 2006-05-14
 » im a smacktard. O rly?

you can all suck my ***** for all i care. piracy is piracy anyway you want to look at it. and copy protection has been around since the days of vinyl. it protects the artists that made the records in the first place. I'm sure that they would love to know that the records they made are being freely copied, whats to stop you selling them on. Is that then alright to do. If its alright to make the copies it must be alright to do what you want with them.

You all need to grow up. I happen to remember when vinyl was still around in a big way. Maybe if you all grew up to puberty you would understand the way the world works.

Your all so big to call me names but you can't work out where the register button is. Maybe when you find your *****s you'll man up and register and stop posting under any name you fancy for the day.

   by zeroangelmk1 (Unregistered) - 2006-05-14
 » ^ Calm down

Why don't you lighten up and get a life. Nobody cares about your opinion especially when all it is, is whining and complaining.


   by Walkingstick (Unregistered) - 2006-05-14
 » Vinyl duplication...

yea, this technique for duplicating a record is not very good...if you really wanted to make a pirated copy, you could jus digitally record it and then have a dubplate (acetate) cut...this thing with silicone looks like some kind of arts n crafts project, and most likely would sound terrible...if anyone is familiar with the actual process of vinyl production then you know that it is an intricate one that goes through many processes...and yes, as many of you have said, vinyl is still widely available, even most top 40 rubbish still is also sold on vinyl in addition to all of the more underground releases...