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city top tens

The staff at the City museum are often asked questions by visitors on stadium tours. Below is a list of ten of the most popular and interesting things we get asked. If you have any questions or anything you'd like to know, email the museum direct at

1. What are the exact dimensions of City's pitch?

A. City's pitch is 105 metres long and 68 metres wide. The total pitch area is 7140 square metres and the whole grass area is 9430 metres square.

2. Why is it called a "Pitch"?

A. In the olden days, before a pitch was called a pitch - it was called a park. But for drainage purposes pellets of "pitch" were inserted into the grass and therefore it became known as a football PITCH.

3. How many sprinklers work on the pitch and how come you can never see them?

A. There are 35 sprinklers in total - 15 on the pitch and 20 round the edges. The sprinklers are located half an inch below the surface and "pop up" as and when they are needed.

4. On the City badge, what does the Eagle represent?

A. The Eagle comes from the official badge of the City of Manchester dating from 1957.

5. What do the three stars represent on the crest?

A. The stars have no significance and are purely decorative.

6. How many turnstiles are there in total?

A. There are 86 turnstiles in total.

7. What do the three stripes on the City badge represent?

A. The three diagonal stripes signify the three rivers of Manchester - the Medlock, Irwell and the Irk.

8. What music is played before the teams run out?

A. Although this changes from time to time, often before the teams run out, "Live for City" by Manchester band Doves is played. This is a special recording which is not available to buy and can only be heard at the stadium. "Nightmare" by Brainbug is also often played. This is available on a number of dance/rave compilations. The new version of "Boys in Blue" by Manchester band Supra is also sometimes played. "Boys In Blue" was originally released in the 1970s and features the voices of many of the players of that period.

9. What wattage are the floodlights?

A. There are approximately 218 floodlights in the stadium each using 2000 watts. In total they produce 436,000 watts then they are all on - roughly the amount produced by 130 kettles being on at the same time!

10. When did Moonchester first come to City?

A. Moonchester first beamed down to Maine Road in 1995 when he appeared in the match programme, he now appears at every home game with Moonbeam who joined him in 2002.

If you have a question about City or the Stadium you would like answering, please click here to get in touch with us.

top ten appearances

Player League FAC LC Europe FMC CS Total
Alan Oakes 561(3) 41 46(1) 17   3 668(4)
Joe Corrigan 476 37 52 27   3 595
Mike Doyle 441(7) 44 43 23   4 555(7)
Bert Trautmann 508 33 4       545
Colin Bell 393(1) 33(1) 40 23(1)   4 493(3)
Eric Brook 450 41       2 493*
Tommy Booth 380(2) 27 44(2) 26   3 480(4)
Mike Summerbee 355(2) 34 36 16   4 445(2)
Paul Power 358(7) 28 37(1) 7(1) 6   436(9)
Willie Donnachie 347(4) 21 40 13(1)   2 423(5)
brackets = sub apps              

Note: These stats do not include the three league matches during the 1939-40 season as these were later expunged from the records. Eric Brook played in all three games. Also excluded are ties played in the Anglo-Scottish Cup, Tennent Caledonian Cup, Anglo-Italian Cup, Texaco Cup and similar tournaments.
Test matches and play offs have been included as these are clearly vital fixtures, with games in the Full Members' Cup also included as this was officially regarded as a top class competition. The Auto-Windscreen Trophy would be included here if any players had appeared in that competition.

top ten goalscorers

Player League FAC LC Europe Other CS Total
Eric Brook 158 19         177
Tommy Johnson 158 8         166
Colin Bell 117 9 18 8   1 153
Joe Hayes 142 9 1       152
Billy Meredith 145 5     1   151
Francis Lee 112 7 14 10   3 146
Tommy Browell 122 17         139
Billy Gillespie 126 6         132
Fred Tilson 110 22         132
Frank Roberts 116 14         130

Note: These stats do not include the goal scored by Eric Brook in the expunged League matches of 1939-40. The list would include Full Members' Cup had any of the above played in the competition. 'Other' relates to Meredith's goal in the Test match.

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