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July 29, 2008

Video: Earthquake hits 'Big Brother' house

"What do I do?"

"The ground is moving!"

Here's video footage of the Los Angeles-area earthquake hitting the "Big Brother" set.

The housemates act pretty much how you'd expect -- plenty of "ohmigod" exclamations, aimless scurrying and somebody taking off his shirt.

Also: After the jump, disorder in the court as Judge Judy flees the bench during the quake. Her verdict: You're on your own!


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Run reality stars! Run!

And the point of taking of your shirt was...

The Obama Generation...

God help us.

I love the guy who no matter what, grabs the drink...less we get thirsty during the big one.

Yes, run outside to where all the tall poles that are holding up the cameras watching you are. Maybe one will fall and end this show completely.

Big Brother, it's an 8.0 on the lame scale

Earthquake or end of the world, if the shirt didn't come off, the ratings would go down once gay men stopped watching this show. There is obviously no OTHER reason to watch it.
The video of Judge Judy dashing off her bench during filming of her show at CBS was funnier than this.

That clip of Big Brother just forever validated my belief that it is a show by, for and of morons. I'm so glad I've never allowed my roommate to talk me into watching it.

"Dude, the ground, it was like, shaking..." Uh, that's why they call it an earthquake, ya dipsh!t. Oh, never mind, just take off your shirt and flex'll feel much better.

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