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AVwebFlash Complete Issue: Volume 14, Number 31e

August 1, 2008

By The AVweb Editorial Staff
KFD 840
The KFD 840 integrated Primary Flight Display (PFD) offers a best-in-class combination of technology, size, affordability and full functionality unique in general aviation. Sized for easy installation in existing Part 23 piston-engine aircraft, the KFD 840 will replace all the analog instruments in the steam gauge "six pack" with minimal down-time. It will interface with most existing flight directors, autopilots and navigation radios and is designed to support your avionics needs well into the future. For more information, go online.

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Top News: Turbine Singles the Next Big Thing? back to top 

Mooney, Rolls Royce Look At Turbine Single

If Rolls-Royce has its way, a turboprop single may soon roll out of the Kerrville, Texas, home of the Mooney Airplane Company. Wednesday at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2008, the two companies inked a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on what they bill as a "joint engineering project" designed to explore development of a turbine-powered Mooney M20 airframe. The project is slated to use the Rolls-Royce RR500 TP engine, which the company officially launched earlier this week at AirVenture 2008. Rolls-Royce's development plans for the RR500 TP include FAA certification during the fourth quarter of 2010, followed in 2011 by production engine deliveries.

Signing the MOU were Mooney CEO Dennis Ferguson and Ken Roberts, president of Rolls-Royce's helicopter division. Described as a joint "marketing investigation" and "exploration project," both parties to the MOU were non-committal on its future or its milestones. For example, no date has been set for the first flight of a turbine-powered Mooney and a development program schedule won't be set "for a couple of months," according to Roberts. Further, and at least initially, the first RR500 TP-powered Mooney won't be pressurized, although Ferguson, referring to the M22 model, admitted the basic M20 airframe has been pressurized in the past. Few other details of the two companies' plans for a turbine Mooney were available, lending credence to the project's tentative nature. For his part, Rolls-Royce's Roberts said, "Mooney is recognized for producing high peformance, feature-laden aircraft and we think the RR500 TP is ideally suited to the Mooney product range." Ferguson agreed, saying, "The RR500 turbine introduced this week by Rolls-Royce represents the next step in our exploration of alternative fuel power for personal aircraft."

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Quotes reprinted with permission: Professional Pilot, 2007 Headset Preference Survey, 12/07; Aviation Consumer, 8/07.

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Sturgell's First "Meet the Admin" Outing at Oshkosh back to top 

EAA'ers Meet FAA Chief Bobby Sturgell

"Meet the FAA Administrator" sessions here at EAA AirVenture have often been contentious in the past -- providing a venue for the angry, the frustrated, the determined voices of GA to vent their concerns to the person at the top. But this Thursday, as Acting Administrator Bobby Sturgell made his debut appearance at Oshkosh, the crowd was unusually sparse and somewhat subdued. He encouraged the pilots in the audience to "stay focused" when operating on the airport surface and help to improve runway safety. And he drew warm applause from the crowd when he noted that the backlog of FAA medical waivers is now down to almost zero, and most are processed within 15 days. Sturgell encouraged the crowd to participate in the rulemaking process by sending in comments, and said, "We are trying to be responsive." He said he was prepared to discuss the recently released changes to the LSA rules and the new policy on interpreting the 51-percent rule. But although that 51-percent rule was the topic of a contentious debate at an EAA/FAA forum earlier in the week, the matter wasn't even raised during Sturgell's Q&A session.

When asked why the FAA won't reopen negotiations with the air traffic controllers union, he said those issues are "complex," and added that controllers -- even new trainees -- are well-paid and he appreciates their work. "It would cost a billion dollars to give NATCA what they want," he said. Regarding user fees, he said it is likely to be another year or more before the FAA funding issue is settled, with a change in administration due to take place in January.

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News Briefs from EAA AirVenture back to top 

Continental Looks At Alternative Fuels

Ordinary automotive gasoline won't cut it as a leadless replacement for avgas according to the CEO of TCM Continental Motors. Rhett Ross told reporters at a news conference Thursday that the use of ethanol and the host of other additives that go into auto fuel to compensate for temperature and other conditions make it unpredictable in aircraft engines. "There has to be an aviation spec," he said. Ross said the company is working on alternative fuel engines, including a mogas option for the re-engineered (25 lbs. lighter) 0200 that's targeting the Light Sport Aircraft market. The diesel engine is under development but he didn't go into detail. FADEC is a major push at TMC and there will soon be three engines available with the electronic controls.

The feature has been available on the 0240 for some time and is now on the normally aspirated 550. Coming soon is certification on the turbo 550. An STC for FADEC in Cirrus SR22s is now available. Ross said the Aerosance FADEC division is being moved from Connecticut to TCM headquarters in Mobile to "get the sparkies and gearheads in the same room."

Two Killed In Lancair Crash At Oshkosh; Seven Lost In Minnesota Jet Accident

A Lancair Legacy II crashed on approach to Wittman Field at Oshkosh about 9:30 Thursday morning, and two men on board were killed, said EAA spokesman Dick Knapinski. He identified the two as Roger Buck, 62, of Carnegie, Penn., and John F. Linden, 56, of Washington, Penn. According to early reports, the airplane was on approach to Runway 27, but didn't make it, and came to rest inverted in the grass. No further details were available. Also on Thursday morning, about 10 a.m., a BAE 125 business jet operated by East Coast Jets crashed while on approach to Owatonna Degneer Regional Airport in Minnesota. Eight people on board were killed, and one more may be unaccounted for. The jet reportedly crashed in a cornfield northwest of the airport during a light rain. The NTSB is investigating.

The British Aerospace 125 line was sold to Raytheon Corp. in 1993 and is now marketed as the Hawker 800.

And Yet Another Announcement! The Zulu Is Now Available with Panel Power
Lightspeed has raised the bar in performance, comfort and crystal-clear audio quality, with more total noise cancellation than any other headset ... and no batteries needed! The Zulu: P uses the same LEMO plug that you may already have installed. And it comes with built-in Bluetooth. No one else offers this much in a total headset package. To learn more, go online.

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Looking to the (Near) Future for A700, Symphony back to top 

A700 Certification Target 2010

AAI Acquisition Inc., the Russian-backed company that bought the assets of Adam Aircraft, is aiming for certification of the A700 very light jet in the first quarter of 2010. The company has hired former Sino Swearingen, Rockwell and Beech executive Jack Braly to guide the process, which resumed recently with two structure tests performed for the FAA. Braly told a news conference at EAA AirVenture that the FAA is accepting all the test data submitted by Adam before its bankruptcy earlier this year and that gives the new company a major boost in gaining full certification. "We've only been at it for about a month and a half and we're already halfway there," he said. Many former Adam employees, including the test pilots, have stayed with the company, Braly said, and he expects the workforce to grow from the current 150 to 500 by the end of next year. There has been a casualty in the rebirth of the A700 program, however.

Braly said the A500 push/pull twin piston program has been shelved indefinitely because that segment of the industry is moribund. He also said the program could be revived if that market comes back. Test flights of the A700 have resumed in a limited way and Braly said all the aircraft systems are being re-evaluated. The only major design change that's been set is a steerable nosewheel.

Symphony Aircraft Plans For Production In 2009

The principals behind the revival of Symphony Aircraft claim that production of the two-seat high wing will resume in June of 2009. Trois Rivieres, Quebec, will remain its home for manufacturing. An initial production of 15 planes is the target for the end of next year, with annual volumes increasing to between 50 and 80 aircraft by 2012. In addition to a VFR version that will be aimed at schools, a basic IFR option will also be available as will an all-glass edition equipped with a 200-hp Lycoming IO-390 powerplant. "We've already put 3,000 hours into cost reduction redesigns," said Mirko Zgela, President of Aviatech Technical Services Inc. which is heading up the engineering of the aircraft.

As an example of the production filtering that has taken place, Zgela points out that "a fuselage shell that used to take four days will now take three hours to produce." Fuel capacity for the aircraft (which will also get a new name) will be increased to 45 gallons, while a composite landing gear and wing are in the design pipeline and should appear about two years down the road from production's resumption. Speed kits, airbags, and BRS chutes will also feature as optional add-ons. Pricing for the three iterations of the aircraft will range from the basic's $140,000 up to $220,000 for the advanced option-rich model which will have an anticipated cruise speed of 148 kts.

Avidyne's Color Lightning System Provides Truly Tactical Weather Detection
Avidyne's TWX670 Tactical Lightning Detection System provides highly-accurate depiction of lightning from 0nm-200nm and features TWxCell™ and Color Strike modes on compatible displays, including Avidyne's EX500, EX5000 and MHD300. In addition, the TWX670 provides alternate interface protocols for compatibility with other leading manufacturers' displays. Click here for more information.

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Hardware and Software back to top 

Austro Engine Debuts at AirVenture

Stung by the bankruptcy of Thielert Aircraft Engines in Germany, Diamond Aircraft is aggressively pushing the Austro diesel engine as a replacement for its DA42 and DA40 line and to prove it, they brought one to AirVenture. A number of Diamond diesel aircraft were stranded AOG when Thielert went under in April of this year. Although Thielert is struggling to recover and the bankruptcy court reports that 24 bidders are interested, Diamond is moving rapidly forward with the Austro engine. The mock-up on display here at OSH is a 2.0 liter variant of a Mercedes developed 170 horsepower automobile engine. It’s turbocharged and has the direct injection typically found in modern European diesel engines.

The most eye-opening development is the gearbox, which is stouter than that used on the Thielert and which uses a torque coupling rather than an automotive-type clutch to isolate the prop from crankshaft power pulses. Diamond hopes the Austro will be certified in Europe before the end of 2008 and in the U.S. sometime next year. If that happens, the engine could find its way into Thielert-equipped DA42 Twin Stars within months. Diamond says it’s exploring favoring engine purchase terms with owners currently flying the Centurion 1.7 and 2.0 Thielert models. For more on the Austro, tune into this exclusive AVweb AirVenture podcast.

New Online -- A "Wikipedia" For Aviation

Pilots want to know about airplanes -- and share what they know -- and a new Web site that was unveiled this week aims to provide a space for that to happen. "It's kind of like the Wikipedia for aviation," HowItFlies.com webmaster Keith West told AVweb, here at EAA AirVenture. Pilots can share information, opinions, photos, videos, specs, and history. "The goal is to give pilots not only the numbers, but information from other pilots on what it's like to actually fly a particular aircraft," says the site. Pages are provided for general aviation aircraft of all kinds, as well as military and commercial aircraft.

"Whether researching an airplane or hangar flying on a rainy day, it's a fun resource for pilots and enthusiasts alike," said West. The site is free for users and doesn't require registration. Pilots, manufacturers, distributors and others all are welcome to contribute information.

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EAA AirVenture Photographs back to top 

AVweb's AirVenture 2008 Galleries: Day Five

EAA AirVenture 2008 is in full swing, and we're having a blast. Take a few moments to wander the show grounds with us in this virtual walkaround.

Click here to view photos.

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AVweb's AirVenture 2008 Podcast #14: How Diamond is Solving Its Diesel Problem

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When Thielert Aircraft Engines tanked last spring, many of Diamond Aircraft Company's customers found themselves AOG with no parts support. Diamond President Peter Maurer explains what the company is doing about it in this podcast.

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AVweb's AirVenture 2008 Podcast #15: Austro Engine Shows at OSH

File Size 9.0 MB / Running Time 9:47

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Diamond says it means business with the new Austro diesel engine — and to prove it, it's showing a mock-up in its outdoor booth here at OSH. This podcast with the Diamond President Peter Maurer describes the details.

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Maurer talks about the fallout from Thielert's bankruptcy in Part One of our conversation

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AVweb's AirVenture 2008 Podcast #16: Kitplanes Asks Velocity's Scott Baker About the FAA's New Homebuilt Rules

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Kitplanes Editor-in-Chief Marc Cook and Velocity Aircraft's Scott Baker try to make sense of the FAA's new rules for homebuilt airplanes (and maybe figure out just what constitutes 51% these days).

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Click here to listen. (4.9 MB, 5:24)

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XM WX Satellite Weather has quickly become the leading way to fly for pilots across the country. And now, with Aviator Pro, the brand-new weather data package from XM WX, pilots have an even better reason to fly with the datalink weather leader — inflight and every flight. See the new suite of weather data at AirVenture 2008, or click here to learn more about XM WX and Aviator Pro.

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AVweb's AirVenture 2008 Video #9: Terrafugia Roadable Aircraft ('Flying Car') at Oshkosh

Original, Exclusive Videos from AVweb | Reader-Submitted & Viral Videos

Terrafugia answers realistic questions about their roadable aircraft concept vehicle for AVweb's Mary Grady and Glenn Pew.

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AVweb's AirVenture 2008 Video #10: Inside EcoFlyer, the "Live-In" LSA

Original, Exclusive Videos from AVweb | Reader-Submitted & Viral Videos

AVweb's Mary Grady and Glenn Pew go inside the EcoFlyer Light Sport Aircraft from ExplorerAero — and there's plenty of room for them, their tour guide, and one more besides. The 130mph flying camper with 1,000 feet/minute climb and a 6-hour endurance may be an LSA, but it's no tiny one-seater.

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