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Megan Gale proves she's a real wonder woman

Article from: The Courier-Mail

August 01, 2008 12:00am

HER big star vehicle Justice League Of America may be stalled but Megan Gale can take comfort the film's director is loudly singing her praises.

Aussie Dr George Miller, who picked up an Oscar  for Happy Feet in 2006, has confided  the retired Aussie supermodel "blitzed her opposition" when she read for the part of Wonder Woman in the sci-fi film, which has stalled because of the  US actors' strike.

"She got the job because she blitzed her screen test. I mean, I had no idea she was so good. She was brilliant," Miller said.

"She walked into our office in Sydney and read the part. She has done some Italian movies but I didn't think she would be as good as she was.

"But once she read we all looked around at each other said, 'well, there's no question'."

Miller said  Gale had only a few hours of acting training with famed NIDA acting coach Nico Lathouras before her audition. "I told him to spend a couple of days with her but he  spent three hours with her and  came to me and said, 'look, she is a natural'.

"It's one of those things - some people can run fast without any training and acting is the same. And Megan is one of those people who can just act."

After  such  glowing praise, Gale will no doubt be crossing her manicured fingers that the troubled film does finally get off the ground.

 Miller said  the flick's production, initially planned for Oz, has been moved offshore, with a plan to resume filming next year.

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