LiveStats 6 Reports User guide: Table of Contents

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Introducing LiveStats: Web Intelligence Server

What is LiveStats?

About this guide

Getting Help

Creating LiveStats Reports

Logging in to LiveStats Reports

The LiveStats Reports screen

Choosing a date range

Generating a report

Customizing a report

Filtering a report

Printing a report

Exporting a report

LiveStats Reports

Who’s On

Executive Summary

Site Activity

Visits report

Page Views Report

Total Hits

Hits per Visit

Page Views per Visit

Time Spent per Visit


Detailed Bandwidth

Bandwidth per Visit

Repeat Visitors

Page Reports

Most Viewed Pages

Least Viewed Pages

Bad Requests


Least Downloads

Common Entry Points

Common Exit Points

Pages Viewed Once

Time Spent per Page

Most Used Site Paths

Site by Visits

Site by Hits

Site by Page Views

Site by Bandwidth

Directory Breakdown

Hits by File Type

Bandwidth by File Type

Referrals Reports

Referring Sites

Bandwidth by Referring Site

New Referring URL

Referrers by URL

Referrers by Entry Point

Search Engine Traffic

Search Engine Keywords

Search Engine by Keyword

Bandwidth by Search Engine

Hits by Search Engine

Browser Reports

Browser Types

Browser Operating Systems

Phones and Mini Browsers

Top Browsers by Tag

New Browsers by Tag

Browsers by Language

Geographic Reports

Visits by Company or ISP

By Continent

By U.S. State

By Canadian Province

By North American Country

By South American Country

By European Country

By Oceanic Country

By Asian Country

By African Country

By Machine Name or RDNS


List of terms

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