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Athlon 64 Computer System
Fast 64-bit computer with malleable options!
Thursday, July 5


+$24.00 shipping

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There's nothing quite like owning a new computer.

Surely you know the feeling of opening up the cardboard and breathing in that intoxicating aluminium aroma?  The feeling of trying to plug the PC's cables in correctly, despite your fingers jittering with anticipation?  The feeling of pushing that "ON" button for the very first time with a nervous excitement that's only paralleled by the feeling of total joy at seeing your new baby load for its virgin run.  There's nothing like it.

There's nothing like KNOWING that your computer isn't going to take forty-five minutes to load Internet Explorer; there's nothing like KNOWING that your computer isn't going to throw BIOS errors every time you flick the switch and there's nothing like KNOWING that your computer is choc-full of parts that have been specifically chosen and installed perfectly, ready to meet YOUR needs.

Even these words don't do the feeling justice.  It's an inexplicable feeling of complete safety, it's a feeling of complete security, it's a feeling of complete warmth - and it's a feeling that can be all yours today, from just $429.00 plus shipping.

We're taking on the big boys today.  You can forget your Dells, your Hewlett Packards and your Gateways - it's another Zazz Complete Computer Solution: a total PC system backed by some of the biggest manufacturers in the world and delivered to you at a price that many say is impossible.


Handy Front USB and Audio Panel


Let's start at the heart of today's deal: the processor.  In today's "Athlon 64 Computer System" you'll find, not so surprisingly, an Athlon 64 processor.  Not just any Athlon 64 processor though, an Athlon 64 3500+!  How can I explain this to the non-nerdy?  Hmmm...well, she ain't the youngest girl at the dance, but she'll sweep you off your feet come Tango time.  The Athlon 64 3500+ is a 2.2Ghz processor, ideal for any new operating system, easily fast enough for gaming, video and image software and perfect for hardcore Internet usage.  It's 64-bit too, so it's future proof for the next 5,4,3,2,1 seconds  - and we're gone!  Seriously though, it's a good, solid, workhorse of a processor.

Also thrown into today's magnum computer deal is 1Gb of Transcend 533Mhz RAM, making your computer lightning out of the box; a Samsung 250Gb SATA II hard drive, retaining your computer's lightning speed in the years to come and a Samsung WriteMaster Dual Layer DVD Burner, so you can watch "Grease Lightning" over and over and over again.  We're getting all that, shoving it onto an awesome Gigabyte motherboard (which in itself has on-board GeForce 6100 graphics, 6xUSB2.0, LAN etc.) and slamming it into a sexy red and black X-Sonic 7022 ATX case.  This is a serious computer, folks.

Now, here's the exciting part: in the past we've given you the option of either having Windows installed for you in-house or no operating system installed at all.  However, today we're switching the options up to something my fellow nerdy friends have been asking for, for a long long time: Ubuntu Linux.  That's right folks, today we'll be installing and testing either your very own copy of Windows XP Home at the amazing price of $120 OR we'll be installing and testing your very own copy of one of the fastest growing operating systems in the world, Ubuntu Linux, for zero dollars and zero cents.  And my old man said nothing in life was free!  Of course, many of you will still want to install either your own copy of Windows or, if you're feeling adventurous, maybe even your own copy of Vista, but I assure you switching from Ubuntu back to Windows is as simple as putting the CD in the drive as the computer loads.

In addition to this great option, we're also giving you guys the option of adding a Chimei 22" Widescreen LCD Monitor and Logitech Deluxe 250 Keyboard and Mouse set for just $379.  The Chimei features a 1680x1050 display resolution, super-fast 5ms response time and 800:1 contrast ratio, whilst the Logitech offers a comfortable, conservative design with drain holes for spill-resistance and overlay-ready F-row keys.  Elsewhere, these two juggernauts will cost you around $450 and $40 respectively - but they can be bundled with your new computer system today for just $379 more!

Our final option is an incredible United two year on-site warranty.  At the moment, each computer comes with a twelve month warranty from Zazz as standard including total return to base cover for any hardware fault.  However, for just $95 more, we'll throw in coverage twice that length from United which also includes COMPLETE on-site pickup for the entirity of the two years.  Definitely something to consider if you're as clumsy as I am...

Well, that's all she wrote, folks.  Time to boil some coffee, get the calculator out and try come to terms with what might be the best sub-$500 computer on the market.

Grab yours today - they won't be here tomorrow!

Product Specs

Base Features/Specifications:

  • Case: X-Sonic 7022 ATX
    Xsonic 7022 is a reliable and aesthetic pleasing case. It features a Prescott ready structure, 120mm front and rear fans construction, an expansion bay cover and a glowing dial at the front.

  • Processor: Athlon 64 3500 (2.2Ghz)
    Get powerful performance for your unique digital experience. It’s not just about email, Web browsing and word processing anymore. The AMD Athlon™ 64 processor gives you leading performance to go wherever your digital world takes you.
  • Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-M61SME-S2 with onboard graphics (GeForce 6100), PCI-E, 6xUSB2.0 (two at front, four at rear), LAN, Audio etc.
    GIGABYTE Technology latest S series motherboards for AMD socket AM2 platform, featuring with two innovative features- Safe and Smart Technologies. The new S series motherboards GA-M61VME-S2; supporting AMD new generation AM2 processor with dual channel DDR2 800MHz high frequency memories, providing reliable and user friendly computing and reaching the maximum system performance easily via personalized software settings. GIGABYTE S series motherboards, the champion's choice for AMD Socket AM2 platform!
  • Hard Drive: Samsung HD250HJ 250GB SATA with 8Mb Buffer
    Silent and Speedy, S Series!  Enhanced performance meets all your needs.
  • Optical Drive: Samsung WriteMaster 18x Dual Layer DVD+-RW Burner
    WriteMaster™ Technology is a word for Samsung's cutting edge technologies which are adopted to make Samsung DVD Writer to perfom more reliable, fast and silent and sustain it.  Enjoy playing with WriteMaster™ Technology adopted Samsung WriteMaster™!
  • RAM: Transcend 1GB DDR2 533Mhz

Please Note: As is, this system does not come with a monitor, keyboard or mouse.


The Back Panel includes 4xUSB2.0 as well as full audio and LAN capabilites


Operating System Options:

  • Ubuntu Linux - FREE!
    Ubuntu is a community developed, linux-based operating system that is perfect for laptops, desktops and servers. It contains all the applications you need - a web browser, presentation, document and spreadsheet software, instant messaging and much more.
  • Windows XP Home - $120 more
    Windows XP Home Edition offers dozens of new features for consumers: an elegant user interface, drag-and-drop CD burning, and powerful ways to view and manage digital photos and music, among other features.


Other Options:

  • Complete System Bundle - for $379 more we'll complete your system with these two amazing add-ons
    • Chimei 22 inch Widescreen LCD
      They're capable of a truly ridiculous 1680x1050 display resolution, they boast an amazing 16:10 widescreen aspect ratio, they've got a hugely versatile viewing range and they weigh much MUCH less than the competition (around 4.5kg).  And they're black.
    • Logitech DK250 Corded Keyboard & Mouse
      The Logitech® Deluxe 250 USB Keyboard offers a comfortable, conservative design with drain holes for spill-resistance and overlay-ready F-row keys.  It's an extremely comfortable keyboard that will enhance any PC.


Warranty Options:

  • 12 Months from Zazz - FREE!
    Zazz's warranty covers any hardware issues for the first twelve months on a return to base basis.
  • 2 year on-site warranty - $95 more
    For just ninety-five dollars more, you can have a total hardware warranty from United Electrical which is both two years from the date of purchase AND on-site for the entire length of the warranty!

Limit Per Member: 4


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