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Athlete Biography
Date of Birth: 11 SEP 1983 Height(m/ftin): 1.60 m / 5'3"
Gender: Female Weight(kg/lbs): 59 kg / 130 lbs
Place of Birth: Pittsburgh, PA(United States)
Residence: Miami, FL(United States)
Sport: Athletics
Event(s): Women's 4 x 100m Relay | Women's 200m | Women's 100m
Historical Results
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Olympic Games
2100m2004Athens, GRE10.96
4 x 100m Relay2004Athens, GREDSQ
World Championships
14 x 100m Relay2007Osaka, JPN41.98
1100m2005Helsinki, FIN10.93
14 x 100m Relay2005Helsinki, FIN41.78
2100m2007Osaka, JPN11.01
24 x 100m Relay2003Paris Saint-Denis, FRAdid not participate in final
Golden League
1200m2007Berlin, GER22.95
2100m2007Berlin, GER11.24
2100m2005Zurich, SUI10.88
2100m2005Oslo, NOR11.16
3100m2007Paris Saint-Denis, FRA11.25
3100m2005Paris Saint-Denis, FRA11.16
3100m2004Brussels, BEL11.16
4100m2005Berlin, GER11.17
5100m2005Rome, ITA11.26
5100m2004Zurich, SUI11.12
6100m2006Zurich, SUI11.40
6100m2006Paris Saint-Denis, FRA11.23
7100m2007Brussels, BEL11.34
7100m2007Zurich, SUI11.34
Super Grand Prix
1100m2008Stockholm, SWE11.10
2100m2006Doha, QAT11.18
2100m2005Lausanne, SUI10.91
2200m2005Sheffield, GBR22.91
3100m2006Lausanne, SUI11.13
4100m2007Doha, QAT11.39
5100m2007Monaco, MON11.27
5100m2006Athens, GRE11.39
8100m2007Lausanne, SUI11.37
Grand Prix
1200m2007Rieti, ITA22.76
1100m2005Eugene, OR, USA11.16
14 x 100m Relay2005Helsinki, FIN42.65
2100m2007Osaka, JPN11.44
2200m2007Madrid, ESP23.14
World Athletics Final
3100m2005Monaco, MON11.04
3100m2004Monaco, MON11.21
5100m2007Stuttgart, GER11.31

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