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.:. Sport & Tourism

Dmitriy GORSHKOV, Dovletmurad ORAZKULIEV, Photo by Hasan MAGADOV

To carry the flag of the Motherland

The solemn ceremony of opening the XXIX Olympic Games will be held on August 8. The strongest, most titled sportsmen will carry the national flags of more than 200 countries taking part in the competitions. Then the many-coloured flags will be hoisted upwards to the sky of Beijing they will be streaming on the flagpoles announcing to the whole world that the most peaceful combats the sports competitions are taking place in China. A judoka Guvanch Nurmuhamedov will have the honour to carry the green flag of independent neutral Turkmenistan.

For the first time G. Nurmuhamedov competed in the Judo Championship of Turkmenistan in 1994. The young Master of Sport ranked the first and joined the national team, which represented Turkmenistan at the International Tournament in Tehran, the Islamic Republic of Iran. The Turkmen judoka competed with the sportsman from Azerbaijan but lost and ranked the second. It was the first medal our sportsman had veer won in the international tournaments. Then there were many tournaments and victories. There were defeats as well. Of the two sportsmen, who will perform in the forthcoming Olympic Games in the same weight category, Guvanch has competed three times. This is an Iranian judoka, twofold world champion Arash Mirismaili. The second sportsmen, who will perform in the same weight category, is Masato Uchishiba from Japan. Thus, the standard-bearer of the Olympic national team and his comrades as well are to take a serious exam. Good luck, Olympic contenders!
.:. Theme of the day
26.07.2008 • The constitutional reform a call of the times and the peoples will ›››

.:. Official news
10.08.2008 13:10 • President of Turkmenistan congratulated the people of Turkmenistan on Turkmen Melon Day ›››

10.08.2008 13:05 • President of Turkmenistan and Huawei CEO considered the opportunities of expanding co-operation ›››

10.08.2008 10:51 • President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov had a meeting with Chairman of the Peoples Republic of China Hu Jintao ›››

10.08.2008 10:35 • President of Turkmenistan receive the CEO of the LENOVO Company one of the general sponsors of the 2008 Olympic Games ›››

09.08.2008 13:07 • President of Turkmenistan and Chairman of the China National Petroleum Corporation discussed the issues of co-operation, particularly the Turkmenistan-China gas pipeline project ›››

.:. Cooperation
07.08.2008 • Turkmen Renaissance is the article opening the July issue of America and the World Magazine published in the United States ›››

05.08.2008 • The Ministry of Culture and TV and Radio Broadcasting, the Ministry of Education of Turkmenistan and the UN Childrens Fund (UNICEF) organized the childrens forum in Ashgabat ›››

02.08.2008 • Turkmenistan-UN: co-operation in childrens interests ›››

19.07.2008 • Improvement of the election system of Turkmenistan was a focus of the roundtable organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan, the Turkmen National Institute for Democracy and Human Rights under President of Turkmenistan and the UN Development Programme ›››

.:. Economy
10.08.2008 • Turkmenagro-2008 International Exhibition and Conference closed in Ashgabat ›››

09.08.2008 • The key trends in the development of Turkmenistans agricultural sector and the prospects of mutually advantageous agricultural co-operation were the focus of Turkmenagro-2008 International Conference ›››

08.08.2008 • Ashgabat hosts Turkmenagro-2008 International Exhibition and Conference ›››

06.08.2008 • In a few days PAZ 32054 small city buses will run along the roads throughout Turkmenistan ›››

.:. People & Health
05.08.2008 • The biometric passport for entry into and exit from the country was introduced in Turkmenistan ›››

04.08.2008 • The complex of childrens health-improving centres is the prospective projects in the conception on Avazas development ›››

01.08.2008 • The World Breastfeeding Week is launched on August 1 ›››

31.07.2008 • Housing programme: the new trends of the urban planning policy ›››

.:. Culture & Heritage
09.08.2008 • The Childrens Art Festival finished in Ahsgabat ›››

06.08.2008 • The Festival whirligig is revving up: for the Festival participants the sixth day began with a journey to the World of Turkmen Fairy Tales ›››

04.08.2008 • The programme of the International Childrens Festival includes a variety of events ›››

02.08.2008 • The International Childrens Art Festival has taken a running start brightening up the atmosphere in the capital welcoming the envoys from different countries with the energy of buoyant holiday ›››

.:. Science & Education
05.08.2008 • A rush season has began for the higher educational establishments throughout Turkmenistan. Traditionally, the higher schools of art are the first to finish the campaign of admitting university entrants ›››

29.07.2008 • The Turkmen schoolchildren crowned their participation in the international intellectual contests, which were held in India and Spain on these summer days with the bronze victories ›››

26.07.2008 • A nomad in the desert thus the people often call scarab. Though, the desert is not the only home for this eternal wanderer. By the way, no less than 1,326 species of this insect inhabit Badkhyz ›››

17.07.2008 • Over the years the vast woodland parks have spread around the capital, other towns and settlements throughout the country. The work in this field is carried on through applying scientific advances ›››

.:. Sport & Tourism
07.08.2008 • Olympic contenders from Turkmenistan are looking forward to participating in the global sporting event ›››

04.08.2008 • 10 Turkmen sportsmen will contest with the worlds best athletes in the XXIX Summer Olympic Games ›››

02.08.2008 • The national flag of Turkmenistan is streaming in Beijings Olympic village ›››

30.07.2008 • The solemn ceremony of opening the XXIX Olympic Games will be held on August 8. A judoka Guvanch Nurmuhamedov will have the honour to carry the flag of independent neutral Turkmenistan ›››

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