HAC Profile

Hokkaido Air System Co., Ltd. (HAC) was established in September 1997 and started operations in March 1998. Now it serves six airports, all in Hokkaido.
Aiming at more convenient air transportation for local customers, HAC has served more than 1.4 million travelers in Hokkaido. HAC looks forward to serving you on its six routes: New-Chitose/Kushiro, Okadama/Kushiro, Okadama/Hakodate, Hakodate/Asahikawa, Hakodate/Kushiro and Hakodate/Okushiri. HAC will continue to offer safe, comfortable flights as part of the JAL Group.


The SAAB 340B is a twin-engine turboprop aircraft developed and produced by Saab-Scania AB (Sweden). A typical commuter aircraft designed for frequent short- to medium-range flights, it is used by many airlines worldwide. The model employed by HAC is an improved version called the SAAB340B Plus or the SAAB340BWT. It usually carries a crew of two pilots and one flight attendant.
19.73 m length
22.75 m wingspan
6.97 m height
7620 m(25,000ft)max. operating altitude
463 km/h(250kt)cruising speed (of air speed)
1,417 km range
13,155 kg max. at takeoff(29,000lbs)
Aircrafts owned: