Indian embassy in Afghanistan reopens for business

Updated July 14, 2008 08:02:17

India's embassy in Afghanistan has begun issuing visas again, a week after a massive bombing at its front gate killed 58 people.

Afghan officials have blamed Pakistan's intelligence service for the blast, a charge Pakistan officials have denied.

India's Ambassador Jayant Prasad says the embassy was attacked because of projects India is carrying out in Afghanistan.

India has spent $US750 million in aid since 2001.

An Afghan foreign ministry spokesman, Sultan Ahmad Bahin, says one of the key projects is the building of a road in the southwest of the country that will give the country access to ports in Iran, bypassing Pakistani ports.

"The international community and the government of the region should not only fight the symptoms of the terrorism in Afghanistan, which is important also, but the most important is that they should fight the root of terrorism in the region," he said.


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