Get Behind Community Radio

8 Apr 2008

Today, I want to give a big tick in favour of Cumberland Community Radio – 2CCR 90.5FM – which is located within the Shire at Balcombe Heights Estate.

An estimated three per cent of Australians listen to community radio, and I urge all our communities to get involved with 2CCR. It is a non-profit community organisation with 160 members and some 90 volunteers who perform on air.

2CCR’s footprint reaches The Hills, Parramatta and Holroyd, so that is a potential  audience is in excess of 400,000!

You can join 2CCR for $22 (pensioners and students $11) and membership can give you a say in programming and even real live experience as a broadcaster if you want a career in radio.

2CCR has Council’s full support and we were extremely pleased when they broadcast live from our reception centre on Australia Day in January.

Go to 2CCR’s web site – – for program details. There are language programs, juke box, rock ‘n’ roll, jazz, and Donna Boyd and Helen Kay play country music.

Yours truly, as Mayor of Baulkham Hills, is interviewed each fortnight at 9am Friday by the charming Charles Aguis (next  interview Friday, 11 April).

2CCR is a credit to its chairman, David Bunt, and executive members like Scott Lloyd, Steve and Sue Boyd, and Peter Grullemans, who have led a strong emphasis on community involvement in a station re-vamp over the past 18 months.

You also get an hourly news service by the independent Community Broadcast Association of Australia.

So, readers, tune in on 90.5FM and support 2CCR help our local communities.