Buy your very own Say Anything song! Written for you, about you, by Max!

In an effort to minimize the gap between music listeners and performers, take up time on warped tour, and find some solution for the fact that anyone can download any of his gosh-darn albums for free, Max came up with a predictably crazy idea in a haze of sleeping medication. Max has decided to open the door for a limited time to Say Anything fans to submit ONE to TWO paragraphs about an issue they are having, a serious problem they are going through, or even something they just felt should be written about. Max will take two to three days to deliver an acoustic, full length actual Say Anything song based on your experiences and what you submitted! Each song is 100 percent written by Max for YOU, the buyer. No two songs will be the same. It will also be named after you. Songs can also be written for special situations like anniversaries, engagements or the death of your dog. Get involved and change how music works! Click Here!
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I got my song last night and I absolutely love it.
This is really something different and something special that most other musicians couldn't pull off. And even if they could, I'd safely bet that most wouldn't want to.

I can't believe I missed this! This idea is freakin ingenious.
I really can't wait till Max does this again.
Once again, Max Bemis and Say Anything never fail to raise the bar.

my heart literally skipped a beat when i read about this crazy idea. i would be stupidly ecstatic if max wrote a song for me. i cannot wait!!!
*I still know how to fuck your eyes crossed...*

idea. i love it. i dont really know what else to say :]
you guys give me goosebumps